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Rona Borre is Motivating the Chicago Community

The has become well known nationally for being a woman-owned business that is consistently bringing in revenue making strides a leading company in the Chicago area. CEO and Founder of Instant Alliance, Rona Borre, has an influential piece to the puzzle as a recognized woman in business. Her passion to work in the human capital industry has brought on honors from the The Business Ledger and the National Association of Women Business Owners.

CEO and Founder of Instant Alliance, Rona Borre, has an influential piece to the puzzle

Receiving a BS in business from the University of Arizona, Borre is pairing companies with the highest potential talented individuals to create a higher ceiling for business owners. Rona’s philosophy is to bring passionate leaders with initiative and entrepreneurial spirit to help build assets in the growing market. At Instant Alliance, Borre and her colleagues create a path for unique excellence to prevail.

Borre and Instant Alliance take their process beyond a typical resume and interview. They are engaged in the connections that happen on a day-to-day basis in the workday. The nurturing culture Instant Alliance has created makes an inspired culture for their affiliates to drive impact upwards in the business culture. With her successes at Instant Alliance, Borre has achieved roles on the board of the Economic Club of Chicago as well as the Young Presidents Organization in the community. Her passion to help companies achieve their goals is inspiring and motivating.

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Helane Morrison Set to Leave SEC at the End of the Month

Helane Morrison, a long-serving director of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)office in San Francisco is set to step down at the end of the month and take up a new job in a privately owned investment company. Morrison is set to join the Hall Capital Partners Firm in San Francisco as the general counsel and chief compliance officer. In a recent interview, she revealed that she is expected to join the firm after thanksgiving.



Morrison’s Time at the SEC



As the top official of SEC in Pacific Northwest and Northern California, she has caused several civil cases to be filed against some big corporations in this region for allegedly violating securities laws. Some of these cases involved Brocade Communications Systems (San Jose) executives for backdating stock options, a company purchased by McKesson Corp. (San Francisco pharmaceutical wholesaler) whose officials engaged in financial fraud and Franklin Resources (San Mateo mutual fund corporation) for improper trading. Helane Morrison stated that as she was starting on her job, a person had told her that SEC was known for instituting cases against unknown companies. Morrison in reply stated that nowadays they also bring in the big and significant cases too. Helane summed up by stating that she had enjoyed the time she spent at SEC and wanted to embark on a new challenge. {Read More}



About Helane Morrison



Helane Morrison is the current managing director, CCO and general counsel at Hall Capital Partners LLC and a member of the executive committee of the firm. Before she joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007, she was heading the SEC office based in San Francisco (1999 – 2007). She had started off as the district administrator before becoming the regional director. Morrison was in charge of securities litigation, enforcement and regulation in Northern California and a further five states in the Northwest. She headed the enforcement division of SEC office in San Francisco from 1996 up to 1999. She used to represent SEC in financial, business and legal communities as well as with news media and various government agencies.



Prior to her stint at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, she used to practice law at a San Francisco-based law firm (Howard & Rabkin Advocates) from 1986 to 1996. Morrison made partner of the firm in 1991. Her legal practice focused on SEC matters, business litigation and private securities actions defense. She was also involved in conducting investigations on internal corporate matters. She holds a B.S. in Journalism (Northwestern University) and went on to receive a J.D. from the Berkeley School of Law, University of California.




Billy McFarland, CEO of Spling and Magnises, Appeals to Millenials Desire for an Active Social Life

Billy McFarland, the CEO of Spling and Magnises, is an American entrepreneur originally from the New York City area. McFarland is best known as the founder of Magnises, an innovative social club designed to appeal to professional millennials, with lavish parties and an assortment of perks. The centerpiece of the Magnises concept is the black, metal membership card linked to the user’s banking or credit information, which the member can then use at a variety of New York City establishments, especially hip restaurants and nightclubs.

The Magnises card is being touted as the “Amex for millenials.” The perks the club promotes emphasize the millenial focus on an active social life and the generational trend of delaying marriage and long-term relationship commitments. Billy McFarland himself notes that the concept came to him after a spirited conversation with a group of friends. They realized that while American Express was extremely successful at marketing its credit card as a status symbol, the extra perks that came with an AMEX were simply irrelevant to the twenty-something demographic. Founded in 2013, the club currently boasts more than 50 partnerships, from upscale gyms to private transportation services, which provide special discounts and personalized service to members. The application fee is $250, and admission to the club is selective.

The Magnises headquarters is located at the luxurious Hotel on Rivington on the Lower East Side, a neighborhood synonymous with gentrification and the new generation of Manhattan professionals. The Magnises penthouse also serves as a clubhouse, where members can work or hold private events during the day. At night, the penthouse hosts a number of spectacular events, from parties to networking meetings to lectures.

The club has raised more than $3 million in funding since its launch in 2014 and is already self-sufficient from fees. McFarland says that he seeks out members who have business and social connections that can enrich the overall club experience in the form of new partnerships. The young entrepreneur left Bucknell University as a freshman to found the Internet startup Spling, a social media venture which focuses on making content more targeted and relevant.

US Money Reserve’s Philip Diehl on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

The current U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl has been on a series of interviews with the media. Recently, he was on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio discussing the U.S. Money Reserve’s strong customer service, future of the gold market and his leadership background. You read more: US Money Reserve – YouTube

The EPN’s show acts as a platform for small business owners, entrepreneurs, top executives and other interested persons to share and listen about creations, products, services strategies and experiences in the business world.

Diehl is a former U.S. Mint Director and is seen as one of the most accomplished U.S. Mint Directors in history. He brought up the 50 States Quarter program and the minting of the first ever U.S. government-issued platinum coin. Diehl is proud of transforming the old agency to a more entrepreneurial one. Diehl has made a six-year commitment to improving the customer service. Learn more about US Money Reserve:: and

Philip Diehl was advocating for the abolishment of the coins when he was the director of the U.S. Mint. He noted that a penny costs more to make than it’s worth. He said that the U.S. Mint loses millions of dollars producing pennies each year.

U.S. Money Reserve has become one of the United States largest distributors of government-issued precious metal bullion, bars, coins. This year, 2016, U.S. Money Reserve started an individual precious metal IRA program where customers can secure their wealth by holding physical gold as a retirement program.

U.S. Money Reserve advocates for U.S. minted gold, silver, and platinum coins since the government offers a guarantee to its content, weight and purity. The U.S. government also backs the coins as legal tenders. The price of gold is expected to increase in future as central banks of the Eastern countries are stockpiling gold to secure their currency.

The U.S. Money Reserve is the nation’s largest private distributors of U.S. government-issued precious metals. Many clients across the country have relied on U.S. Money Reserve to acquire precious metals as a way of increasing their assets.

The U.S. Money Reserve provides superior customer service, and this has established an excellent long-term relationship with its clients. The U.S. Money Reserve is located in Austin, Texas and is active in the community.

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Handy Has Many Professional Workers To Complete Many Home Services

Although there are many services that clean homes, services that go beyond just cleaning a home are ones that are in high demand, such as Homejoy Inc. Even though Homejoy Inc. knew the type of business they were getting into and expected it to be successful, they lost out because they are now filing for bankruptcy, despite getting $38 million in funding for their startup. Homejoy Inc. announced in the recent past that they would be closing their business, but filing for bankruptcy has finalized everything. Unfortunately, Homejoy Inc. suffered from some of the rules and regulations in the countries that they established their business, which required them to consider their workers as employees. Although Homejoy Inc. has gone under, businesses like Handy have thrived.

The reason why Handy has become so successful compared to Homejoy Inc. is because of the fact that they do many different services, other than cleaning. Persons who need their homes painted, furniture assembled, vacuuming, cleaning, and repair services can call Handy and schedule the services to be completed as soon as the very next day. With on-demand services that are located in many different cities, it’s no wonder why Handy is doing so well. Handy also works with only the best and most professional workers, meaning that the customers will benefit knowing that they have someone who is certified to do the work they are paid for.

It’s possible to do a consultation before having any work performed in the home, and all the person needs to do is go to the Handy’s Facebook to get additional information. Once the work is scheduled, then the person scheduling the work will know when the workers are coming, what kind of work will be done, and how much the work will cost. Those who choose to work with Handy will get the best possible services as well as the best workers, so they’ll know that everything they want to have completed will be done to the best of the workers’ ability. With competitive prices and excellent service, Handy is pushing forward as one of the best home service companies out there today.

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