Adam Goldenberg Revolutionizes Fashion Industry

Adam Goldenberg is an American entrepreneur. Goldenberg is the co-founder of JustFab. He is the kind of person who can spot a trend in the fashion industry, grow it into a business and consequently, make it a leading brand. His entrepreneurial skills became evident by the age of 14. It was in this year that he founded a gaming company called Gamers Alliance. Three years later, Gamers Alliance was sold to Intermix Media in 1999. By the age of 20, he got promoted to Chief Operating Officer at Intermix. This was his breakthrough in his career. Adam became the youngest COO of a publicly traded company. It was in this group where he met Don. Their friendship grew very fast and in 2002, they formed their business.

They came up with a fashion industry that targeted women. After consultation and extensive research, they found out that for fashion to remain relevant in the social media platform, it had to be fun and engaging. They named the company Intelligent Beauty. This company operates and incubates businesses in beauty and fashion spaces. The company grows it businesses by employing technology. Technology helps in marketing and also in the building of the brand.

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Later, as they sought to expand, it became paramount that for fashion to get acceptance in the market, it needed a combination of several characteristics. For instance, they realized that a mix of a fun product and one that trended online was necessary for growth. To build this affordable and attractive model, they hired the services of style consultants and designers. As a result, JustFab was formed. This company aimed at providing ladies accessories, handbags, and shoes at a subscription fee of 39 dollars per month. Their intention is to inspire women, help them in changing or improving their wardrobes. They also provide styling tips to their customers. The company has grown under the theme of sharing. Adam says that sharing fashion evokes a response in the market. If the style is right, the response is registered in high consumption.

Of late, JustFab has changed its name to Tech Style fashion group. The renaming of the company was intended to emphasize on the company’s roots in technology. Adam Goldenberg, the Chief Executive Officer, said despite the change of names, the company stays true to its vision. He stated that the name captures what JustFab has become. He said that today, fashion has merged with technology and hence the name.

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Eric Pulier: Unsung Hero

In today’s day and time, celebrities such as entertainers and professional athletes are idolized for their achievements. Though this is great in it’s own right, many of these individuals never seem to get around to helping those in need. On the other hand, some of the most intelligent people who’ve made an impact in society never receive the credit that they deserve and Eric Pulier is no exception. Pulier can be considered “a brilliant mind” to many people, but his strong ambition is what really sets him apart from other beings.

This guy has seen it all and done it all in a wide array of industries. He’s raised funds for start-up companies, invested in new ideas, and has constructed some of the most advanced technological concepts in present day. Eric Pulier has a resume of excellence that seems to be a mile long. Check out some of his accomplishments below:

  • C0-Founder of ServiceMesh Inc.
  • Managing Partner/Founder of FLY
  • Innovation Board Member of XPRIZE
  • (CEO) Founder of Akana Software
  • Chairman/Co-Founder of US Interactive, Inc
  • Founder of Digital Evolutior

From his beginnings in Teaneck, New Jersey he was always a creative individual. He programmed a computer while in elementary school and created a computer database company while in high school. Yes, he’s that intelligent and then some. This genius attended the prestigious Harvard University in 1984 and at this time he was taken extra classes at (MIT). Pulier always seem to be on the go unlike other young men his age, but it’s this ambition that shaped his successful future. Eric Pulier also created a unique private social media network for chronically ill children named Starbright World. This gave the children a means to communicate and to share their experiences with one another.

Eric Pulier seems to have a hand in many projects whether it’s technology, education, or government. Though he may not be a household name, Eric Pulier has done more for society than any entertainer/athlete in current times.

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WEN By Chaz For A More Healthy Hair

Chaz Dean created WEN over 16 years ago with the aim of providing hair care products for a shinier, stronger, manageable, and healthy looking hair. The WEN hair conditioners and shampoos are sulfate-free, an ingredient found in most shampoos. WEN has a five-in-one hair cleansing conditioner that takes the place of a shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. The WEN hair cleansing conditioner is available in different fragrances including sweet almond mint, fig, tea tree, pomegranate, cucumber aloe, and lavender.

How to use the cleansing conditioner

While cleaning the hair, use 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 pumps for medium length, and 34-32 for long hair. Apply to the scalp and hair while splashing some water to distribute the cleansing conditioner to all parts of the hair. Massage the cleansing conditioner on to the scalp leaving it for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing. Washing the hair using WEN products leaves the hair shinier, fuller, and softer.

Positive review from a user:

One user attested to the great results on the hair on an article published at Bustle. Emily McClure learned about WEN by Chaz Dean ( and decided to try out the fig version of the hair cleansing conditioner. Her thin hair experienced significant changes after one day of use. During use, she noted that very few strands of hair fell during the shower in addition to the improvement of the hair thickness.

After continued use of the products for a week, she realized that the hair was more shiny and bouncy. It was also easier to develop long-lasting waves in a very short period. She, however, noted that her strands became a bit more oily and unmanageable if she skipped washing her hair. Therefore, it is advisable to use the WEN cleansing conditioner on a daily basis to avoid extremely oily hair. Her friends also noted a general improvement on the shine on the hair.

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Gooee LED Lighting Is A Great Choice

Making your home look great is part of owning one. There are many ways to spruce up your surroundings, and one of them is with the lighting that you put in each room. Gooee LED Lighting is an excellent choice for lighting throughout your home. It will make your home look modern and stylish.


What Makes Gooee LED Lighting Such A Good Choice?


The Gooee LED Lighting will save you money on your electric bill. It is also made to the highest standards and quality levels. You will be happy with the product that you receive with Gooee LED Lighting.


How Much Does Gooee LED Lighting Cost?


Gooee LED Lighting prices will vary. It will depend on what size and style you decide to get for your home. The prices are reasonable, and you can always take advantage of any sales or promotions that are being offered at any given time. It is also important to remember that you will be saving money on your electric bill every month with the Gooee LED Lighting.


After you purchase your Gooee LED Lighting, you will need to install them. You should also pay attention to how you have to clean your Gooee LED Lighting so that you can keep it looking nice for a long time to come. There are instructions included with your purchase that will explain how to clean the Gooee LED Lighting. Make sure that you read over them so that you know what to do.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes a Move Back to Texas

People in Austin, TX that are patients of Dr. Jennifer Walden may be glad that she decided to move back to Texas. Her former patients in New York, by contrast, are probably sad that she decided to move back to Texas because this meant that she was leaving New York. Her desire to return home was largely based on her family. As a single mother she wanted the support system from family.


Dr. Jennifer Walden spent a large amount of her time building her practice. She did not have any desire to get married in her early thirties because she was focused on her career. As time passed she did have the desire to become a mother. It was during this time that she would make a decision to try in-vitro fertilization. This would be successful for her, but it would prove to be quite challenging as a single mom in a big city like New York. That is why she made the decision to make the move to her hometown of Austin. She knew that she could depend on her parents and family members in Austin to help her build a better environment for caring for her kids.


She is enjoying Austin, and this has been quite vocal about different procedures when she appears on local television. There is a lot of buzz about vaginal rejuvenation, and she has spoken on this. Dr. Walden has also talked about hair loss and the treatments that are entailed for restoring hair. Her ability to perform plastic surgery makes her one of the most highly regarded doctors in Austin, TX.


Her time in Manhattan was enjoyed, but Dr. Jennifer Walden has referenced the birth of her twins as a game changing moment that had to be addressed. She knew that she needed to provide them with a secure environment of family and friends that could help her out. She had to gain the trust of new clients and build her name in Austin. It was a challenge to start a new business all over again from the ground up, but she was determined.


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Bob Reina: He Wants The Best Future For Talk Fusion Customers

When it comes to Talk Fusion, Bob Reina only wants what is best for its customers, its employees, and everyone that has either heard about or talked about it. He has been quoted as saying that with great power comes great responsibility. He means that. That is not just saying something to look good. People learn very quickly that Bob Reina is an autentic and organic individual. He is not the type of person to say things just for the sake of saying them. When he sees them, he means them from the bottom of his heart.


A lot of people might be afraid of all of that responsibility or they might run away from it, but that is not Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. He knows what he signed up for when he started the company back in 2007 and he is going to embrace it to the fullest without any fears and without any regrets. When there is a chance to give a record shattering donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, he is going to do that. He is a hardcore animal lover and he knows they are sometimes put in hopeless situations. However, if he can do something to make it better, he is going to go the distance.


People have responded to that in regards to Talk Fusion as well, the video communication systems. It works for video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. If someone has ever wanted to start a business and work from home, now is clearly the time with all of this tech at their hands. They can run their own business and Talk Fusion can be downloaded from the iTunes store or the Google Play store. A lot of people these days are using it in order to work from home and have a fantastic life that they love.


They want to get the most that life has to offer and that includes having a vision and seeing it through and spending more time with people they love. That is the dream of a lot of folks out there.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is making Huge Strides in the Development of Sleep Apnea Solutions

Researchers have discovered an association between sleep apnea and medical complications such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, chronic heart failure, and cardiovascular disease. With these findings, there is a need to focus on developing a reliable treatment for this sleep disorder. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has spearheaded the fight against sleep-related disorders for several years. He has proceeded to establish Dental Sleep Masters, which has been introducing new treatment plans and technology since its inception in 2014.

Approximately 90 percent of individuals suffering from sleep apnea are still undiagnosed. Therefore, apart from pioneering the development of unique diagnostic and treatment procedures, Dr. Avi has been sensitizing people about sleep apnea. Dentists and physicians at Dental Sleep Master have also played a key role in educating the masses concerning this disturbing complication.


Dental Sleep Masters’ unique strategies for fighting sleep complications


The company has formed an innovative model comprised of secondary and primary care professionals. It also includes licensed sleep physicians and their sleep labs. This model improves service delivery and avails more employment opportunities within the healthcare industry. Sleep physicians and dentists are teaming up to develop effective treatment plans that suit the unique requirements of each patient.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel


Dr. Avi has offered revolutionary cosmetic dentistry solutions to East Brunswick’s patients for more than 16 years. His expertise revolves around the fields of dental fears, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry. He is the owner and founder of Old Bridge Dental Care, a dental practice that offers remarkable and genuine care to every client. It has a team of trained dentists, dental assistants, and hygienists who strive to make sure that each patient is comfortable and happy.


Dr. Avi’s passion for treating people with obstructive sleep conditions led him to co-establish the South Orange, New Jersey-based Dental Sleep Masters. The company started operating in April 2014 and, since then; it has handled thousands of patients with disruptive sleep apnea. The firm’s dentists give patients oral applicators, which are more effective than other traditional medications used in the treatment of sleep apnea. Dr. Avi comes up with the firm’s long-term investment plans and oversees their implementation.


Becoming the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy

Alexei Beltyukov started in the field of medicine before redirecting his focus on business, and in 1997 acquired an MBA at INSEAD Business School. He is now one of Russia’s most successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Endemic Capital. He has also founded several companies, including A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies, and in 2015 became the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy. is an online educational system that helps students with different kinds of math problems, including graphs, word problems, and equations. It has also been one of the most successful startups in the field. As a proponent of education and a board member of Interactive Educational Services, Alexei Beltyukov had unique insight into what was required to make this venture a success.

The software recently made its debut at EdSurge’s tech conference in LA, where Solvy revealed its potential to educational professionals.

Alexei Beltyukov hopes that this new platform will become a household name, helping students improve their math skills, an area in which American students have consistently under-performed.

Solvy is unique in that it allows students to follow a customized approach to studying mathematics. There are no multiple-choice answers provided. Each solution must contain the steps students have taken to arrive at their conclusion.

Solvy also provides the context of real world situations to enhance the relevance of the mathematical problems in question. With the introduction of various hints and constructive feedback, the online system allows teacher to track an individual student’s progress as they learn.

Norka Martinez Luque: Her Journey to Success

Norka Martinez Luque has a new air of positivity that pushes her to pursue her dreams. She has an inspirational story full of motivation. According to her background, the word impossible is dead. The dreamer from Venezuela discovered her love for music at a tender age. She has always been clear towards her passion in life. She wants to bring hope to the people through her music. For this reason, she has developed a robust base in music.


When Norka was a child, she received her parent’s unconditional support. She began by training music at various music schools while still a child. While still pursuing her education, her parents afforded to pay for music training in piano, flamenco, ballet, and vocals.


Norka went to France to study Business Administration after graduating from high school. She was awarded an Arts degree in Fashion and Marketing. While in the country, she kept an active connection towards achieving her dream. Music was everything that came up to his mind every time she was alone. This is the reason why she is a singer. She kept connecting to her passion tough participating in music. She decided to join a local band in France. Bad Moon Rising was the band that gave her power as a soloist.


When she came back to the United States, Norka met with the legendary producer Emilio Estefan. This was the best time of her life. For four years, she never had a chance to meet with him. She was so excited and decided to approach him. She showed him her piece. Estefan extended an invitation to the studio with her the coming Sunday. The essence of working out in the studio was to develop a discipline that she needed to succeed in the competitive market. Estefan trained her vocals to perfection. He then brought together a team of producers led by Archie Pela to work on the first album Miracle.


Norka feels so blessed for this lifetime opportunity to work with a well-renowned producer. Norka believed that her life was a miracle. She kept on learning new things practicing with Estefan. One of the major songs by Norka became a hit in the United States and Venezuela. The song is a mixture of reggae, Caribbean sounds, and pop sounds mixed with a powerful message. Norka believes that it is the responsibility of artists to choose to deliver the best creation to her audience. Because of this, their audience values their opinion on every matter.

Get Your Home Spotless and in Good Order Today!

Handy, initially known as Handybook, is a start-up that lets clients book amazing home cleaning services online. This start-up was established in 2012 with an aim to provide customers with quick home booking services such as cleaners and handymen at reasonable and relatively low prices. Handy hires and vets the cleaners and handymen and dispatches them to client’s homes through its application. This application allows customers book pre-approved cleaners and handymen at their own convenient time. The online application process only takes a couple of minutes and thus a reliable way to book for household services.

Services We Provide

Handy provides a wide variety of services ranging from plumbing, TV mounting, home cleaning and interior painting among others. Our professionals are experienced, background checked, insured and friendly and aim at ensuring all client’s needs and specifications are well met. When booking for the services, clients are only required to state their location, the type of service they need and the convenient time to get the clean-up. Our main focus is on quality of cleaning services for customers who demand the best. Being in the industry for over four years, we have the necessary experience, knowledge and understanding within all cleaning aspects.

Our mission at Handy is to ensure our clients get maximum satisfaction. All clients are treated with constant attention and immediate responsiveness thus serving them in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally, the prices we charge are favorable and non-comparable to those of other start-ups in New York. Handy is a bonded, licensed and insured start-up and also has the workers compensation for all employees.

Achievements of Handy

Handy is an active home cleaning service provider of over 18 cities in New York. This start-up recently managed to raise approximately $ 64 million with an aim to launch Handy Delivery, an assembly and delivery service. With a humble beginning in 2012, Handy has grown to successful online platform with over $ 1 million in bookings every week. Additionally, the run rates have increased from about $3 million to $52 million and this is a clear indication of good progress. According to, in 2015, Handy raised $ 15 million in funding and this amount was used to hire a new and experienced chief technology officer to help grow the Handy platform. One of the factors that has contributed to the success of this start-up is its ability to make its services accessible to clients on mobile and web.