The Folks at MUMC Embrace the High Standards of Compassionate CEO Maggie Gill:

Maggie Gill is an inspiration to all at the Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) in Savannah, Georgia. Maggie, in her corresponding roles of CEO and President of MUMC, leads all of the health care provider’s V.P.s, Senior V.P.s and physicians, engaged in leadership responsibilities. She does so with precision and with a great deal of compassion. She, further, directs physician relations, governmental relations, audits—based internally, the physicians, the Neuroscience and Orthopedic programs, the workings of the Heart and Vascular Institute, all perioperative services, corporate communications, financial assistance, and trauma services. Her leadership style is coupled with compassion and a sincere desire to assure all areas work in cooperation; in the spirit of attaining the greatest levels of patient care and ongoing healthcare success.

Maggie Gill joined the MUMC team as its Vice President of Finance and Managed Care in 2004. She acquired the position of the healthcare provider’s COO in 2005. Maggie was named President and CEO of Memorial Health in 2011.


Maggie spent 5 years as the CFO of the Tenet South Florida Health System. In her role at Tenet, she attained the award of Tenet Outstanding CFO on three separate occasions. While she worked for Tenet, Gill performed her duties at Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, Florida, the North Shore Medical Center, in Miami, Florida, and the Coral Gables Hospital, in Coral Gables, Florida.


It is obvious from Maggie’s career profile that she has always set high standards for herself and the healthcare community which she serves. The folks at MUMC are pleased Ms. Gill provides her untarnished leadership style to all areas of the institutional health care setting. Precision and caring is what makes for exceptional healthcare service, and it is easy to see Ms. Gill brings her unique characteristics with regard to this brand of leadership to MUMC.

Howto Hire the Services of an Excellent Lawyer in Brazil

Are you seeking a good attorney in Brazil? If you find yourself facing a legal matter, whether it’s a business related problem or personal problem, it’s crucial that you get proper representation. An efficient attorney in Brazil can help you fully grasp the complicated legal process and advise you about the most ideal way to handle the case.

A quick search online will return numerous results, presenting you with websites of attorneys in Brazil. Keep in mind that not all attorneys you find this way will be right for your problem. It is important to look for one that is well experienced in the field, and has great expertise in the type of case you are facing.

A good lawyer in Brazil can advise you about all the needed paperwork and documentation to support your case, and they know Brazilian’s court procedures and rules, and they can address any concerns or vital questions you may have about the legal process along the way.

Gather all of the pertinent documents to give to the attorney. By having this important information you will also be able to focus on assessing the attorney’s response to your questions and your troubles.

When it comes to costs, you will want to know how the lawyer charges. Certain attorneys charge hourly while others charge a fixed fee. Ask questions, to learn about the attorney’s fee structure before you decide on the most ideal one for your issue.

There may be a retainer fee, which guarantees that a lawyer will take your case. With this type of lawyer’s fee agreement, you may receive a separate bill for the legal solution that is rendered.

Handling a legal dilemma can be a complicated and stressful process, and if you do not hire a competent attorney, you have a great chance of making mistakes or having your case rejected by the court. It is always in your best interest to enlist the services of an experienced and reputable lawyer in Brazil who can give proper guidance and help you resolve the matter you are being confronted by.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a well-known litigation lawyer in the Brazilian legal system. He owns and operates many different established law firms that handle business law cases. Ricardo Tosto has notable strength in business cases related to the corporate sphere, as well as multinational companies.

Ricardo has great expertise in both negotiation and litigation. He strives to settle cases through alternative means before resorting to litigation. He advises and represents corporations, institutions, business owners, company executives, professionals and all those who are dealing with a business related issue. Clients are always raving about the top notch legal solutions they have received.

Eric Pulier: Giving Back While Pushing Forward

There are truly some great individuals in society now days no matter the industry. These unique individuals have a way of achieving high status all while in the process of giving back to the community. Unfortunately every great person doesn’t posses these fine qualities, but Entrepreneur Eric Pulier fits the bill perfectly. This guy is truly remarkable as he seems to have his hands in a number of projects. He’s known by many as a philanthropist, author, guest speaker, businessman, and technologist thanks to his broad range of knowledge. Ever since he was a child, this unique individual had a gift for creating things with such great ingenuity. During his high school years he started his very own computer database company. Did you know that in the fourth grade he programmed a computer? That’s right! Eric Pulier is simply a gifted individual with strong ambition.

While in college, Pulier majored in English/American Literature. His schedule was much fuller than his peers as he often wrote columns at the prominent Harvard Crimson Publication. Being such a success with that he would soon become one of it’s editors. MIT? Yes, Eric Pulier took classes at this higher learning facility all the while he was studying at Harvard University. His credentials at this age was more accomplished than people who’ve lived twice as long as he had. In 1988 he graduated from Harvard and by 1991 he would begin his professional career in Los Angeles, California. Pulier went to work immediately and started a company known as People Doing Things. This company used advanced technology to handle and solve issues in healthcare and education. Word had spread about this special guy and he would soon take his talents even further.

The credentials are amazing and his success his proof of it. Pulier has founded up to 15 companies, won numerous philanthropic awards, and has invested millions into capital venture deals as well as tech start-up companies. As of today this father of four owns a wonderful restaurant in Santa Monica, California as well as a popular club.

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Looking for Fruity Lip Balm with Added Sunscreen?

In the hot summer months, you apply sunscreen to just about every part of your body–except your lips. But did you know that your lips are just as susceptible to sun damage as any other part of your body? Investing in a lip balm product with added SPF protection is a great way to keep your lips safe and moisturized during the summer. EOS, one of the world’s leading lip balm brands, offers a line of Active Protection products that keep you protected while nourishing and moisturizing your lips.

Need some Extra SPF?

If you’re looking for extra SPF protection, EOS lip balm SPF line comes into two different flavors: lemon twist and grapefruit. The lemon twist flavor is fresh and zesty as a lemon peel, with SPF 15 protection. The grapefruit flavor comes with the added bonus of SPF 30, along with the fresh, juicy flavor of a summer melon. Both flavors are cool and refreshing–the perfect flavor for a hot summer’s day.

If you’re interested in buying EOS products, you can make a purchase at the official website ( or locate the products at an official retailer like Well store. With a wide range of flavors from fruity to refreshing to sweet, you’re sure to find something that makes your summer perfect.

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Bringing A New Way of Learning to Math Students

Last year Alexei Beltyukov launched a new math learning platform called Solvy. This is a free, online platform to help students improve their math skills. Solvy provides a real world context for learning math and makes it easier for teachers to understand and manage their students’ progress.

This software gives students instant feedback on their performance and gives teachers a way to track where their students may need more help. After only a short while online, Solvy is already gaining the attention of educators and is being mentioned as a promising startup.

Alexei Beltyukov is a huge supporter of education and is known for his work with the Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD. He values continuing education and is a committed philanthropist. As a Russian entrepreneur, he has formed several different business ventures aimed at helping to expand business opportunities throughout Russia.

One of these is Endemic Capital, formed by Alexei Beltyukov to provide angel funding to start-up companies. He also established A-Ventures Ltd, which helps companies within Russia with financial assistance when they are struggling.

Lastly, he works with the Russian government providing economic guidance and support through the Skolkovo Foundation where he is Vice President. The foundation provides grants and opportunity for Russian technology start-ups, as well as to entrepreneurs.

With all of his philanthropic efforts, it is no surprise that Alexei Beltyukov has developed a winning piece of software in Solvy. Math can be a difficult subject for many students and Solvy will give them the tools they need to become more proficient while enjoying a better learning experience. Teachers, as well, will be able to use their time more effectively, and still keep track of their students progress.

How Eric Pulier is Redefining Tech

A Prodigy Is Born

The life of Eric Pulier starts out similar to other giants of the software industry. Like Mark Zuckerberg an Bill Gates, Pulier was a gifted child who showed promise at an early age. He wrote his first code before he was 10 and he founded his first software company before he had even finished high school. Like any other young and gifted student, Pulier eventually enrolled in classes at Harvard University. After shining as a star academic, Pulier finally graduated and entered the tech industry as an entrepreneur.

The Midas Touch Is Real

The most amazing thing about Eric Pulier is just about everything he touches seems to turn to gold. When he creates a startup it quickly generates revenue and leaves the competition in the dust. It isn’t surprise when you consider the numerous patents he has to his name. Just about every year Pulier manages to release an entirely new invention to the world. One year he releases a remote desktop application, but the next year he might give us some breakthrough in telecommunications. That level of talent is a rare find no matter how far someone makes it in the tech industry.

Giving Back To The World

Although he has amassed a large fortune and proven himself as an inventor, Eric Pulier continues to place charity as an important value. Whenever there is a charity in need of his services, Pulier is there to give them. The Starbright Foundation needed to build a social network for their young patients. Not only did Pulier deliver what was expected, he also gave the Starbright Foundation the world’s first private social network. It is important to understand that Eric Pulier is a man raising 4 children. He wants to make sure he gives those children the best world he can.

Things you didn’t know about Eric Pulier

Most people know Eric Pulier as an entrepreneur, published author, technologist public speaker and a columnist, however, what many don’t know is that Eric Pulier is also a generous philanthropist. In most cases, we are used to the rich giving out because they needed something in return. But did you know there are others who give out of pure generosity? Eric Pulier is one of such people.

Early Philanthropic Deeds

Early in the 90’s, Eric started the People Doing Things technology which was aimed at helping disabled kids. His strong will to aid and believe that everyone could have a more productive life if they wanted is what drove his desire. In this project, he wanted the disabled kids to attend schools and have devices that they would use after school. His desire was accomplished, and within years, kids could take their devices in high school, college and beyond.

Life Achievements

Eric Pulier attended Teaneck High School, where he graduated in 1984. He joined Harvard University for his BA, and in 1988, he graduated Magna Cum Laude, Harvard. In college, he studied English American Literature, Computer Science and Visual and Environmental Studies.

He was also a columnist for the Harvard Crimson Weekly where he contributed to the PulierLeg. He developed a passion for computer programming while in fourth grade and created his first database while in high school.

Pulier has been involved in the founding of several foundations, all of which are aimed at helping the less privileged. For instance, he spearheaded the founding of Starbright World, which is a private social network for the chronically ill children. The platform allows these kids to connect, share experiences, post content and encourage each other.

Eric Pulier has made a name for himself as a founder, co-founder or funded organizations. These include Media Platform, US Interactive, Digital Evolution, Destone, Akana, ServiceMesh and TM Forum; previously the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

Some venture capitals that he has invested in include Monitor Ventures, eCompanies, and Trident Capital. However, this is not the end of his investment venturing as he looks forward to venturing in new firms.

And most importantly Eric Pulier is a father of four whom he lives with in LA.

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Christopher Burch’s Take on the History and Future of Technology and Fashion.

Christopher Burch is a distinguished entrepreneur and an active investor in many sectors. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital is well seasoned in various industries with over three decades of experience. In a recent article on his take on the relationship between fashion and industry Burch had great views.


Burch acknowledges the many changes that have shaped both the fashion and technology industries over the years. Their growth has, however, been remarkably intertwined to make growth in one a complement to the other. Due to this, what is fashionable over time becomes technologically fashionable, and technology also becomes fashionable. A short look into the industry’s remarkable journey gives an insight of what lies in the future of the two industries.


The 70s saw the Boombox bring a thrilling experience due to its ability to carry around favorite tunes as well as stations. Its story was through the 80’s incorporated to movie storylines adding to the popularity of carrying one. In the 90’s a more personal experience of music was created by the invention of the Walkman, which also became wildly popular. With the most recent invention of the iPod, the music experience has become even more versatile and comprehensive. This shows that technology garners popularity depending on what people will consider fashionable.



Currently, there has been a notable synthesis of the fashion and technology sectors. We are at an age which has seen fashion designers seek to develop creations that deliver, a possibility which they see in technology. This brings a higher level of innovation as well as functionality. There are remarkable fashion creations with the use of technology that may be used to improve safety. For example, Designers like Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have created a protective system for cyclists to wear around the neck. The system is fitted with an airbag that pops out of the neckwear to provide the head with protection from impact. This creation also improves the visibility of the surrounding when not opened. There are other creations such as the Frontline Gloves created by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan. This is design to enhance the communication of valuable information by firefighters through simple hand gestures.


Christopher Burch is reputed for his remarkable success in various sectors. With his ingenuity, Chris has contributed to the rise of various technology as well as luxury brands which are inclusive of Faena Hotel and Universe, Powermat, Nihiwatu Hotel, Poppin, Jawbone and Voss Water.


ClassDojo Raises Equity

One of the most innovative applications that has come to the education industry over the past few years is ClassDojo. ClassDojo is an application that is doing its best to make parent teacher conferences less relevant or necessary. The application works by greatly increasing the amount of communication that goes on between students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

The ClassDojo application can be used to do a wide range of tasks. Teachers that use the ClassDojo application will be able to upload all information that they want including class schedules, school assignments, grades, progress reports, and other relevant pieces of information. This helps to ensure that a parent is able to know exactly what is going on with their children’s school on a daily and weekly basis.

Many teachers also use the application to build an informal yearbook. They are able to take pictures from the classroom and of the kids interacting and post them for parents to see. Parents can then save the photos they like to either their mobile device or build their own yearbook through the application.

One of the main benefits of the application is that it allows for much better communication for all parties involved. Parents are able to use the application to ask questions directly to the teacher or to participate in open forums that are available to all parties involved. Students can also use the application to speak with their teacher or to get feedback from other students in the class.

While the application is very popular with teachers, students, and parents, it is also getting more attention from investors across the world. The owners of ClassDojo recently raised an additional $21 million in venture capital financing. This capital will be used by the company to hire more talent, look for ways to make the website more efficient, and figure out more ways that it could be useful for users.

What has gained the interest of investors it the growing popularity of the application. It is estimated that over 50 percent of schools and classrooms across the country already use the application, or similar apps. Furthermore, there will be a significant amount of more potential as it continues to expand both in the US and abroad.

Christanna Bevin Holds Management to High Regard

Christanna Bevin has various levels of management in the business sector. She has worked in various fields across the world. In everything that she has touched, she has been a major success in. She has attended the Australian Institute of Business and in 2015, she graduated with a masters for business admiration. She has been to work as the site administrator for the Stork business in which she served only 6 months. She has been a contract administrator for UGL Limited corp in July of 2003 until December of the same year. She has always been on the lookout for a way to make herself better. She made the decision to move into the engineering sector to be the cost engineer. When working in this sector, she took on the role of working with various pipe racking as well as to the generation power portion. As she was involved in this sector, she was offered a position to be the control manager. She took the promotion and dealt with the delivery and commission of the contracts involved within the business.

Christanna has not left her desire to travel in order to work as she has traveled various portions of the world. She has allowed for her career to take her to many regions like Australia. In 2005, she made the move into Western Australia to work for the company Kellog Brown and Root. Here she worked as the senior project control specialist. She only worked here for a span of 3 months before she was offered another position at a fellow business where she would go over existing contracts, would monitor the cost and planning for the improvements made towards the Olympic Dam Site.

In August 2007, Christanna relocated to Bulgaria where she went to work as the project control manager for the Chelopech Mining EAD business. She worked to control the projects of the clients, she managed the contracts of the business and handled commercials. She had a team of only 9 people. While working here, she was in the position to audit and inspect the data interrogation system of the business. She left this job in December of 2009. She held this position of her job for 2 years and 5 months before she moved onto bigger and better things.