How Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has Supported Immigrants

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is one of the organizations that offer financial aid to individual and foundations that help immigrants in Arizona. It has been striving to ensure that the rights of all the immigrants in the region are respected, and they also have freedom of speech. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the owners and managers of the fund. The two individuals are renowned journalists in Arizona.

They founded Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times, which are leading newspapers in the region. Jim and Michael once wrote a story about the Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, and how he was being protected by a grand jury. The article led to their arrest in 2007 because they had failed to respect the jury’s privacy. Sheriff Arpaio was well-known in the region for abuse of his power by oppressing immigrants. He worked with his deputy sheriffs to create unfair policies and also enforced immigration laws at highway checkpoints. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter and Michael Larcey | Facebook

The grand jury discouraged journalists from publishing negative articles about Joe Arpaio by intimidating them in court. One of its unfair moves was the issue a subpoena that demanded of the revealing of the names of the people who read articles about the sheriff on the New Times’ website. The attorney general terminated the prosecution of the two journalists since there were no grounds for making a case.

Jim and Michael filled a lawsuit against the county government since Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies violated their Fifth Amendment rights. The U.S Court of Appeal heard the case, and the judge ordered the Maricopa County government to give the journalists $3.75 million since their rights had been violated. Larkin and Lacey invested the money in creating the nonprofit organization.

Border Angels is an appreciated charity organization that has committed itself to fighting for the freedom of speech and the rights of immigrants who are based in the United States. The foundation has been partnering with volunteers to ensure that immigrants have a good life. Enrique Morones is the proprietor of the organization, and he has been working to ensure there is justice for all immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The nonprofit offers free legal services at its offices in San Diego. Over the years, Border Angels have been working with volunteers to provide clean water to immigrants who are traveling to the United States. The organization has also been informing people about border policies. It has organized many trips to the Mexican border to enable individuals to understand immigration laws.

The immigrants who live in San Diego County greatly acknowledge the efforts of the Border Angel. The activities of the organizations have helped in reducing the number of immigrants who die in the region.

In 2014, Border Angels made significant donations to children who had arrived at the Central America border without being accompanied by any adults. This was an immigration crisis for the country. The charity organization offered the children food, books, toys, and clothes. It mobilized volunteers to counter protestors who did not want the children to enter the country.

The Life and Career of Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a master of many trades. He can be referred to as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, international speaker, master trader as well as a family man. Among the ventures he is well known for is the Knowledge to Action Group that he established 14 years ago. This is a worldwide company as it has offices over the entire globe. Major offices are found in Manila, Johannesburg, London and Sydney. Knowledge to Action is made up of several companies that include SmartCharts Software, Learn to Trade as well as Capital Index and FX Capital. As a donor, Greg Secker works with a foundation called the Greg Secker Foundation. He does not discriminate on where people come from, their color and even race.

Through the Greg Secker Foundation, Greg Secker purpose is to improve the life of other people. The things that he pays close attention to include youth leadership initiatives, life skills and education. This Foundation can impact on the lives of these people through various programs such as the Early Childhood Development Program, Youth Mentoring Program and the Christmas Basket Brigade. Other foundations that he has worked with include Ubuntu Education Fund, Young Leadership Summit and Young Leader’s Festival. In the United Kingdom alone, Greg Secker Foundation has worked in collaboration with Global Tradethons, Barnardo’s UK as well as The Flying Trader Project.

Like earlier mentioned, Greg Secker is a motivational and international speaker. He has been involved with major channels around the world such as Bloomberg and CNBC. Other international renowned speakers he has worked with include Anthony Robbins of Unlimited Power, T Harv Eker of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

In the field of brokerage, software and investments, Greg Secker has achieved a lot. With SmartCharts, he focuses on offering his customers with the latest tools that simplify trading in terms of performance and functionality. His main focus with this institution is to offer people financial freedom by using this state of the art software. All these efforts have led him to win many awards over the years such as Best FOREX ECN/STP Broker back in the year 2016.

Smart Technology – the Only Way into the Future as Explained by Jason Hope

Jason Hope has been an entrepreneur and a commentator in the latest technology trends. He is also a writer. In his recent writing, Hope termed internet of things like the new way of advancement. His articles talk and advise on the latest technology. Internet of things is the connected technology where several electronic devices can sync.

According to Jason Hope, internet of things can change the mode of operating businesses and is one big advancement in the technology industry. He further posited that the internet of things was the biggest investment that a company could have.

With the current technology trends, Hope explained that every company was to embrace the internet of things where all electronic devices would connect with each other. Hope has seen smart technology as the only way in future. He has predicted that the smart technology will not only be working with phones and computers but also in operations in our houses such as making coffee, turning on lights and other advancements. He predicts of a day when companies will be competing to manufacture smart gadgets that satisfy the technology needs of people and read full article.

Hope gave the advantage of embracing smart technology as its power to eliminate excess waste and making our lives safe. Hope explained that the Internet of things was not only benefiting urban areas, but also rural areas through GPS tracking, Emergency response, and in data collection and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur in the mobile technology since 2004. He is also a futurist who loves giving back to the society. After attending Arizona State University, he earned a degree in Finance and later an MBA from College’s W.P Carey School of business. Mr. Hope is the Director of Arizona Science Center and learn more about Jason.

Hope’s entry into the business world started off when he created a mobile communications company. He is also a bio-technologist that loves giving back to the society. He has been mentoring students in Scottsdale as well as spending time in developing grant programs to boost future entrepreneurs. Jason has interests in politics as well and his Website.

Due to his passion for technology, Jason Hope has several entrepreneurial pursuits in technology, and computer information systems industries.

USHEALTH Group, Inc Won the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award

The USHEALTH Group, Inc insurance company recently won the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award. This is a complete win for anyone that is interested in self-employed individuals that must pay for their own health insurance. Based in Ft Worth, Texas with a primary focus on supporting small business holders after the Affordable Health Act that was put into place by Obama, their executive teams have worked hard to earn this valued award. Here are some of the things that helped them achieve that award.

Limited Budget Not an Issue

Probably the best part of this health group is the affordability factor for individuals that are self-employed. They offer a wide variety of plan choices for those clients. It’s affordable and flexible, should your needs change.

Coverage Options

The options that are available to clients are what makes the company the best choice today for self-employed individuals. Plans can be adjusted to include options for disabilities, life insurance, specific issues that relate to long term illness.

USHEALTH Group, Inc is sold through agents that offer coverage, which is catered to individual situations that can remedy the shortage of affordable health care. While these plans might change over the years with different administrations in the White house, USHEALTH Group, Inc is always dedicated to helping you find the best choices for your specific needs today.

These are just some of the reasons that they won the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award. They are a true contender for the future of self-employed individuals everywhere today.


The reviews for USHEALTH Group Inc are excellent as well. When you select them as your insurance provider for you and your family’s personal insurance needs, they guide you through the various pitfalls of the industry today. It’s confusing out there, and you need a friend to help you see how to navigate through coverage options that are available at an affordable price. USHEALTH Group on Facebook.

People trust a company that has immediate feedback for questions that might come up during the sign up process. Guidance can really help you when you aren’t sure of what options are best for you and your family. USHEALTH Group, Inc offers that support as well, to make sure that the plan that you sign up for, is the very best selection that you could make. That, and all of the other reasons show how USHEALTH Group, Inc is the way to go when it’s time to select your insurance when nothing else is affordable for your budget. Now, they have even won an award that proves that.

Equities First Holdings, the Alternative Capital Source

This Company is well known globally, and in the UK, it specializes in the valuating property to find alternative lending solutions to investors and people who have assets and need a non-purpose capital. As we have said, it is global and helps clients in security based loans.

Equities First likes focusing on clients deal after deal. They are straightforward, and their one on one interaction offers customers unique services that will strengthen them by enabling access to quick funding in an efficient way.

Loan processing is straightforward and transparent not to forget, secure. Valuation is done by professionals who calculate the loan to value ratio LTV ratio and provide low-interest rates. Their way of funding is delivery versus payment method. Upon the repayment of the loan, the pledged collateral is returned to the owner. It offers honest services to customers.

Using their services benefit in various ways, they provide a non-recourse lending methods of repayment that are based on the profits gained from the returns of the loan. Equities First Holdings are helping in financing big corporations for essential capital and give advice to clients for them to meet their objectives. They are planners who offer counsel on strategic cash flow management, global resource development, and allocation.

The significant benefit that investors typically fear is the fact that their rates are low as we had seen, this is because their loans are stock-base loans. You do not have to give a reason, purpose or obligation for your loan. As long as you can repay it, then you will be funded. Equity First Holdings unlike other financial companies and banks, is not affected by bottlenecks like any limited lending methods. The bank regulations have no effects on the firms. As a result, their interest rates are significantly low. The company has gained prominence recently due to increased number of clients seeking its services.

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Tim Armour thoughts on Warren Buffett Investment Advice

Warren Buffet, arguably American’s number one financial investor in a recent yearly shareholders letter shared some of his insights regarding mutual funds and clearly one man who seems not to be entirely in agreement with him is Tim Armour. Tim commentating Buffett’s letter seems to share a different opinion.

Warren Buffett argues that the ‘’ active versus passive’’ argument when it comes to mutual funding is misinformed and does not serve the interest of the investors. He further states that mutual funds provide a poor opportunity when it comes to long-term investments this because the funds will be subjected to excessive trading and huge management costs. Buffett also seeks to challenge the common notion that mutual funds are safe when it comes to retirement investment.

Inasmuch as Buffet is partly right with his observations, his strategies are entirely misplaced. Warren is a strong believer on rigorously scrutinizing a company before investing in them. While this strategy has been reasonable doubt been effective, they might have adversely affect the credibility of some mutual funds investment and hence the disagreement in strategies and learn more about Tim.

About Tim Armour

Currently Tim Armour is the Chairman of the Capital Group. This is one of the world’s largest investment funds and the home of all American investment when it comes to mutual fund. Tim is a man with a deep passion for mutual funds. Prior to joining Capital Group, he was Chairman to Capital Research and Management Company and Capital Group’s management committee.

Tim enjoys over thirty years’ experience in matters mutual fund investment and always advices investors to invest in active investors for them to succeed and read full article.

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Nine9 – The Unagency that’s a Showcase for Your Talents

Nine9, the Unagency, immediately sets the stage using the adage “Got Talent?” Most musically inclined and artistic type people do not lack a sense of confidence in their abilities. However, communicating these talents to others can be difficult and immensely time-consuming. Nine9 takes talented, creative people, and shows them how to promote themselves to the right people in all the right places. In fact, Nine9 does all the footwork for models, musicians and actors, so they can continue to perfect their talents, no longer having to worry about the chore self-marketing.Nine9 works for people fresh out of schooling, prime to launch a career. It also acts to refocus individuals who have stepped away from their dream for a few years, but now want to pursue what they truly love. Nine9 gets you auditions, lines up photo shoots and is the driving force behind the promotional necessities of making it in the artistic industries.

Casting directors and talent scouts appreciate Nine9’s You-Tube channel and massive database gives the simplicity. They offer when trying to find the best talent. Taking the time to audition unknowns can be a waste of time for those people who have the ability to ignite careers and Nine9 takes the guesswork out of scheduling the most viable talent. Nine9 is like handing an aspiring musician or actor, his or her own private billboard right outside a talent agency’s front door. Nine9 is more than just another promotional gimmick.

They offer aspiring talents the ability to hone their skills in preparation for the all-important big audition. Auditions are had to come by, let alone second chances. Using Nine9 as a resource of knowledge and training, means there may not be any need for a second opportunity.At Nine9, a star is born every day. Are you one of those stars? Only way to find out is to give Nine9 the opportunity to promote your stardom. With the ‘Unagency‘ on your team, you can focus on what you love, perfecting your talent, while Nine9 showcases those talents for you.


Whitney Wolfe Resuscitates The Dating App Industry

Before Whitney Wolfe came along people may have said that the dating app industry was failing. It would take someone like Whitney Wolfe, a young woman that knew the dating app industry, to put things in proper perspective. She would be the one that would do the research and see what women wanted that was different than what they were used to. Now it appears that Whitney Wolfe is going to raise a new standard in the dating app world with her amazing app.

Whitney Wolfe may not have realized it at the time, but she was taking a huge leap forward by creating an app that would change the way that people engaged online.

Read more: With Her Dating App, Women Are in Control

What Whitney Wolfe decided to do was put her app out there as one of the free apps that gave people a 24-hr window. This was intriguing to so many men that had previously signed up for apps where it would take weeks to get a response from someone. That was the problem with most apps. Dating apps were passive, and the indefinite waiting period was just too much for busy singles. Some people just wanted to find a love match early. They did not want to wait for weeks. That is why the Bumble dating app was such a hot topic. It would give people the chance to speed up the dating process. If they wanted to speed up the dating process than Bumble was the app that they would want to use.

Whitney Wolfe has shown people that she had something exciting to bring to the table. She was not developing a passive app. She was bringing in an app that demanded you to pay attention to who was sending messages. If you didn’t you could miss out on a potential love match.

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The Patients Keep Calling for Dr. Walden

Considering this to be conventional wisdom, there is a segment of the population that feels the need to go under the knife. Perhaps they want to reverse the effects of aging and get a face lift. Better yet, they want to get butt implants to spruce up their sex life. As you can imagine, there have been several fraudulent surgeons out there impersonating what makes Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews so great. Aside from being a licensed practitioner, Jennifer Walden has a proven track record from several of her satisfied clients.

In the world of plastic surgery, it gets no more prestigious than being certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. While at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, Jennifer fostered a career in plastic surgery. Dr. Sherrell Aston was instrumental in mentoring her. To say the least, Jennifer’s upbringing was modest. As a native of Austin, TX, she was born to a father who was a dentist and a mother who was a surgical nurse. After graduating high school, Jennifer attended the University of Texas for Biology. Click here to know more.

While working her way up the corporate ladder, Jennifer was praised for her superior plastic surgery techniques. As a result, she has won numerous accolades and awards. In addition, Jennifer is noted for implementing advanced technology in her fields of expertise. For example, Jennifer uses 3D imaging known as Vectra. The Vectra visualizes the look of patients before surgery. Also, Jennifer uses a device know sat the ThermiVa. The ThermiVa device is designed for rejuvenating and tightening a woman’s vagina.

It operates on a temperature-controlled, radio-frequency system. Furthermore, Jennifer Walden has also created devices intended for breast surgery. The devices are carried by ASSI, the Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments. In 2014, Jennifer was featured as one of Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons. She has also been featured on several media outlets such as Fox News, ABC News, E!, and so forth. Aside from a insanely successful career, Jennifer Walden is the dedicated mother of two. In spite of her busy schedule, she has time to raise kids.

Her LinkedIn Profile:

Beneful Helps Your Save With Your Pet

Many dog owners trust Beneful dog food for their favorite little friends. Beneful is a dog food by Purina, and it is full of wholesome and nutritious ingredients for a dog. Beneful is a dog food that is unique because of its ingredients and also because of Purina’s dedication to animals. Purina is a dog food brand that loves dogs, and the majority of Purina workers are dog owners as well. The great thing about Beneful dog food is that it is healthy and affordable.


Dog food can be expensive because it is something that has to be regularly bought for an animal. The great thing about Beneful dog food is that there are ways to make its purchase even more Affordable. One of the ways to make this dog food affordable is by using a manufacturers coupon. A manufacturers coupon is a coupon that is made by Beneful in order to help their clients to buy their dog food at an even more inexpensive rate. There are some stores like CVS, Rite Aid, and Target that have store coupons. Store coupons are coupons that are made by the store so that their patrons can get a better deal when purchasing in their store. Manufacturer’s coupons can be used along with the stores coupon to get an amazing deal.


It is simple to find coupons in the weekly coupon inserts that usually come out on Sunday mornings. There are many Beneful coupons that one can find, and there are even some buy one get one coupons. An individual can also go to to download Beneful coupons, and each device can download two coupons. Being a dog owner is a very rewarding experience, and by making savvy choices a person can save a lot of money on their favorite little pet.