What Kind of Services Does OSI Group provide?

OSI Group is a successful food processing company that maintains the spirit of the entrepreneur. The company first opened in 1909. Its headquarters is now located in Aurora, Illinois, and Sheldon Lavin in the CEO. The founder, Otto Kolschowsky, was a German immigrant who had opened a very small meat market. Otto had dreams to take his tiny operation to the big time, however. He wanted to change his store into a wholesale operation. Then, after doing that, he went on to create an even more significant powerhouse that we as OSI Group today.

OSI Group offers a vast assortment of products. It is primarily a food product provider, and it works with retailers around the world to provide them with the food items that they need to service their customers. McDonald’s was one of the first companies to use OSI in 1955. They chose the company that was then called Otto & Sons to supply their franchise with beef patties. OSI creates products such as seafood, pork, poultry, beef and other items. The people at OSI also conduct food quality assurance tests, so that food providers can know with an uncertainty that they are giving their customers high-quality items to eat. OSI deals with companies across the globe and will continue to expand. OSI company has been doing well so far, so it intends to keep using the same philosophies and methods. The company currently earns more than $3 billion a year and received recognition from Forbes for being in the top 150.

OSI is a strong force in the community because of all the career opportunities it gives to people in the community, too. It offers a wealth of jobs in the categories of accounting and finance, human resources information technology, logistics, maintenance, quality assurance, research and development, operations and more. Their website allows visitors to search for jobs and apply for them without the least bit of hassle. Applicants can post profiles for the jobs that they want and then get noticed by industry employers. Their future can begin with OSI Group shortly after they do that.

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Dr. David Samadi Fights Prostate Cancer Passionately

There was an announcement by Mitt Romney, former Republican nominee for president that over the summer he had prostate surgery for a tumor he was diagnosed with earlier during 2017. The disclosure is a sign that he might be running for the U.S. Senate set that Orrin Hatch now occupies in Utah. The surgery was performed in California at UC Irvine Hospital. Romney’s prognosis is good and his is not the first politician to have undergone prostate surgery for cancer.

Prostate cancer is rare before forty, men sixty-five and over are diagnosed in six out of ten cases with sixty-six being the average. March of 2017 Romney celebrated his seventieth birthday. The decisions might include the choice between radiation or surgery to treat it. Dr. David Samadi recommends surgery over radiation if the cancer is localized in the prostate or has not reached past the gland. It has been shown in a number of studies that treating these situations with surgery instead of radiation allows the patient to do better.

The risk of death is doubled from radiation treatment where the risk with surgery is only one and a half time more likely. The cancer will be more difficult to remove surgically if it comes back after being treated with radiation. The survival rate for those who have the prostate removed is nearly one hundred percent.

Dr. David Samadi always knew that he wanted to help people and be a doctor. His ambition is relentless and he has always worked extremely hard. Samadi developed his passion for men’s health and the fight against prostate cancer during his residency. He was scheduled for a cardiac surgery observation that was cancelled and observed surgery for prostate cancer instead. Samadi was fascinated by the navigation around such a small area of the body.

Dr. David Samadi was raised in the Middle East, he has lived in Europe and currently in the United States. He has trained and performed robotic surgery in places like France, Germany, London, Israel, the Dominican Republic and others. Dr. Samadi has also worked in several areas of medicine and systems of healthcare.

Cassio Audi’s Great Talent as the Drummer in Viper Band

Cassio Audi stands out to be one legendary heavy metal rock music pioneers in the heavy metal music industry. He was one of the founding members of the renowned Brazilian band known as the Viper while he was still a teenager. Cassio formed the group together with four of his friends Felipe Machado, Andre Matos, Yves Passarell and Pit Passarell in 1985. What’s more, the Viper band was the first heavy rock metal band to be established in Brazil and Latin America.

Cassio Audi’s Influence on the Viper Band

The band’s inspirations stemmed from the English band Iron Maiden combined with UK heavy metal rock music from the 70s and 80s. Cassio Audi is recognized as one of the greatest drummers who introduced the heavy metal drummer to the hard rock music scene. As a matter of fact, Cassio Audi played a very big role in getting the band in the limelight because of his outstanding talent as a drummer. Moreover, the heavy metal rock drumming was adapted even to date for the exemplified massive sound that was produced which brought about the loud and emphatic beats.

Further, the vipers produced a demo album launch in 1985 ‘The Killera Sword’ which interestingly ended up as part of the tracks of their first album. The Killera Sword album contained tracks that included Nightmare, Killera Princess from Hell, and Signs of the Night. Also, the band launched their first album in 1987 the ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ where Audi even wrote one of the songs. The album gained popularity and was a great hit to the heavy rock music lovers in Brazil. Notably, Audi’s prowess with the drums kept the audiences yearning for more of their music. Cassio Audi, however, left the band in 1989 when he went to pursue other interests in academics.

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Mangabeira Shopping Mall, A Grand Experience By Businessman Roberto

There are a dime a dozen shopping malls in the world; however, only a few of these malls make guests stare in awe and admiration at first sight. In November 2014, a new and magnificent structure was inaugurated at João Pessoa, and this building was none other than Mangabeira Shopping, created by the businessman Roberto Santiago.



Often termed as a man with a great vision, Roberto Santiago created this mall that was visited by over 350 thousand people, with retail shops were pleasantly surprised by the turnout. On the day of the inauguration, many of the stores within the mall noticed that the day’s sales were higher by five times compared to other outlets who had chosen different malls.



The project to build Mangabeira Shopping was completed in two and a half years, and Roberto Santiago spent over half a billion reais as an investment while creating jobs for 3,000 people. Previously, Roberto Santiago had invested in another mall known as Manaira Shopping, that was inaugurated in 1989 and was once considered to be of the most significant shopping centers in the city. The two malls were not deemed to be rival projects as both were envisioned by Roberto Santiago and both the malls catered to their clientele at their respective locations.



While both the projects are shopping centers, they have been built as two separate entities according to the urban social viewpoint. The Manaira mall was created for the residents of that region, that was made up only of houses in 1989, but due to this particular mall, an increasing number of more prominent residential and commercial buildings started being established in Manaira.



Similarly, it was expected that the Mangabeira mall would create an appreciation of property rates in the region since its establishment in 2014, which would, in turn, create a better socioeconomic standing for the people in that location.



The banking sector was impacted as well, especially in the last few years due to numerous medium and large businesses establishing themselves in and around the locations of these malls. Moreover, the Mangabeira shopping complex has turned out to be one of the leading causes of the success of the project’s leader, Roberto Santiago.



Born in 1958, Roberto Santiago began his education by studying at Pio X Marist College, after which he completed his higher studies in Business Administration at the University Center of João Pessoa. He commenced his journey on his professional path at Café Santa Rosa, but shortly after this, he decided to fund his time and finances into his cartonnage firm. He has an immense amount of knowledge in all things business, and with his vast experience, he has been helping the economic development of João Pessoa, with projects such as the Mangabeira shopping complex.



The Path of Brown Modeling Agency

In 2015, Wilhelmina Austin bought the other largest talent agency in the region, Heyman Talent-South, and merged together to become The Brown Agency. Wilhelmina was originally started by Justin Brown in 2010. It quickly became the best at the kind of talent it seeks. Separately they were both the best at what they did. Wilhelmina excelled a modeling talent. Heyman excelled at acting talent. Together they proved a huge force. The merged companies are very happy to present clients with an almost unparalleled portfolio.


It is all helmed by CEO and president, Justin Brown. Michael Bonnee, the founder of Heyman, will remain with a strong presence. He will help guide Brown’s theatrical division. Justin Brown says that both agencies are fully committed to a future of constant growth. Bonnee too has expressed his great optimism. They are headquartered in Austin but have offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. It offers its clients access to some of the most prominent brands in the world like Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and L’Oréal. That is just an example.


There are thousands of options. In addition, they provide all the model talent for Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week. That too is only a small example. Brown’s models often work with top brands all over the world. Justin Brown considers the model talent one of the most important factors of his company. They don’t only go part of the way with a model. They are heavily involved with every step of the modeling process. He knows what it is like to be a model. Brown himself got his start as one. Check out blog.brownagency.co to see more.



His first gig was modeling rocker jeans for $100 an hour. He started pursuing a degree in business management but was drawn back to the modeling industry. Brown was born in Reno, Nevada, but raised in Susanville, California. He eventually started working in the business part of the modeling and talent business until finally having enough money and know how to branch out on his own. And we know that endeavor has gone very well.



Sussex Healthcare Is A Senior Living Home

There are many reasons why people in the UK choose Sussex Healthcare to live in when they reach their older years. They love what Sussex Healthcare has to offer them. The prices are reasonable, and the care is fantastic. There are so many reasons why people go to Sussex Healthcare when they want to find a great place to live in their older years.

When people want to find a place where they are cared about, they will want to know that Sussex Healthcare is for them. They will receive the care and attention that they deserve. Sussex Healthcare also believes in giving people the groups that they need to sustain friendships. They offer all kinds of them, and people can join them to make friends and enjoy the same types of things.

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At Sussex Healthcare, the professional staff knows that caring for others is of the utmost importance. That is the career path that they have chosen for themselves. They enjoy what they do, and they know that they can make a difference in other peoples’ lives. Living as long as possible and as healthy as they can is what Sussex Healthcare loves to do for their residents.

When people are thinking about a place that they want to make their home as they get older in the UK, they always hear about Sussex Healthcare. That is because it is known for the respect and dignity that they treat their residents with. Since this is so important for the older generation, they will continue to excel at what they do and what they have to offer.

When people have inquiries about Sussex Healthcare, they should make an appointment to talk with them. They will find that the staff is very personable, and they can ask them any questions that they might have. This information will allow them to make up their minds on whether or not they want to live there, and in most cases, they will want to.

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Adam Milstein Is A Patient Real Estate Investor Who Is Proud Of His Jewish Heritage

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist, activist, and real estate guru that is improving the world by educating others and supporting the Jewish people. Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel, and in 1971, he joined the Israeli Defense Force and was active during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. After the war ended and his service came to an end, he attended the Israeli Institute of Technology, better known as Technion, and earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in economics and business. He did so well that hr graduated Cum Laude, and when he moved to the United States, he finished off his schooling by earning an MBA at USC.

After receiving his MBA, Adam Milstein then began a career in real estate and eventually settled in as a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. When asked later on where he came up with the idea for Hager Pacific Properties, he commented that he was motivated to get into real estate because he could tell that his skills were not being given the proper recognition; he knew he would not get paid what he deserved. So, instead he decided to go out and earn it, directly, for himself. It only took him a few years as a broker before he was ready to invest in real estate on his own.

Adam Milstein has learned, over the years, that to make things happen, you really have to work hard and do more than others might. If you have a partner or co-worker who just isn’t cutting it, you should make sure that whatever it is you are working on gets done properly by doing it yourself. He also believes that many people in real estate and other businesses fail, simply, because they do not follow up with their clients or customers. He finds the real estate world very exciting because of the way that it fluctuates, and he has learned, unlike many others, that it takes time to make a lot of money in real estate and that patience is key. Today, Adam Milstein takes a lot of the money he has earned and donates it to people who need it through his charity the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and to know more

Nick Vertucci Introduces The NV Real Estate Academy

If someone offered to teach you how to make lots of money no matter how the economy and the job market was doing, would you take them up on the offer? This is exactly what Nick Vertucci is doing with the NV Real Estate Academy. He is offering people a step by step method for buying and selling real estate that has the potential to make you rich. Nick Vertucci knows that is true because he used those same techniques and to go from being broke and depressed to being a very happy multimillionaire. And these techniques work whether you are male or female, young or old and no matter where you live.

What many people love about the NV Real Estate Academy is that it’s affordable, easy to use and successful real estate investor Nick Vertucci is right there teaching you the techniques he used and answering any questions you might have. This is like getting a license to print money. Through the NV Real Estate Academy Vertucci provides step by step directions on how to find distressed properties, get the money to purchase them and gives you fool-proof strategies for selling the properties. It is a life changing opportunity that Vertucci is offering to others because somebody shared it with him and changed his life.

As a teenager, Nick Vertucci made some bad choices and ended up living in his van. With hard work and some luck, he was able to start a computer sales and repair company. But the end of the dot.com revolution and the economic downturn left him broke with a family to feed. Then a friend invited him to a real estate seminar. Vertucci almost said no because he didn’t know anything about real estate. Ultimately he decided he had nothing to lose, so he attended the seminar. It was the best decision he had ever made. By the time it was over three days later, Vertucci was on the road to riches.

With real estate he had found a recession-proof industry where he could make money by following a few simple guidelines. Nick Vertucci followed those guideline and now he is a multimillionaire. Using his 20 years of research and experience, he has created a simple system for finding, buying and selling real estate and making lots of money. And he wants to teach it to you through the NV Real Estate Academy.

How Barbara Stokes Became A CEO

Barbara Stokes is a resident of Huntsville, Alabama. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Home Delivered (GSH) of Alabama, LLC, a position she attained in 2011. She has extensive experience in disaster relief construction contracting. It was in 2000 that she graduated from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, with a bachelor’s of science degree in biomedical/medical engineering. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

The company that Barbara Stokes leads is a construction company that works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to supply housing when a disaster strikes. Her company designs and builds mobile and modular buildings that can be both residential or commercial in nature. They then deliver these homes to where they are needed, or do on-site construction when that it called for. Her team at GSH of Alabama has more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

At GHS of Alabama, Barbara Stokes also has deep experience providing logistical solutions to other organizations. This includes both administration of the logistical services as well as warehousing solutions. Additionally, Stokes provides her clients with other services such as electronic maintenance records for fleet vehicles as well as records and management services for other organizations maintenance facilities.

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Prior to her arrival at GSH of Alabama, Barbara Stokes worked for a few other organizations that also have government contracts. She worked at Pisces Corporation for a number of years, which is an electronic research and development firm headquartered in San Jose, California. She also worked for the aerospace giant Boeing. During her time working for these companies she developed a lot of experience handling government contracts. It was this experience in particular that qualified her to become the CEO of GHS Of Alabama.

Outside of her professional career Barbara Stokes enjoys volunteering her time for a number of charitable organizations located in and around Huntsville, Alabama. As she has three children she is also kept very busy attending to her family. Visit cullmantimes.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Journey With Bumble and Her Response

With Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd has taken on something that has been long held as the norm. This is the unwritten rule that men have to be the initiators of dating. This is something that she wanted to challenge with her dating app Bumble. Bumble has taken the approach that has been known as the Sadie Hawkins approach which encourages women to take the lead in dating. Given that she has had her fair share of challenges in bringing her company to success, she has decided that she wants to help people in many different ways than just dating. She also wants to help with the business side of things.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe Herd has pointed out is that business owners and entrepreneurs want to meet with others so that they can achieve their goals. One thing that she wants to help people avoid is any negative exchanges. This idea has led to the creation of Bumble Bizz. One of the best things about Bumble Bizz is that it helps women set up a professional profile so that they can connect with one another and help each other with any projects that may be underway. With Bumble Bizz, women can meet their business goals and improve their lives in multiple ways.

Bizz is one of the ways that Whitney Wolfe Herd is empowering women. She wants them to be able to market in a way that does not involve being solicited. One thing that she has learned is that the world of business can be pretty cutthroat. An entrepreneur would have to be very aggressive in some way in order to reach their goals. Bumble Bizz makes it easier for them to find the right people to meet with and make plans.

Whitney Wolfe Herd describes herself as someone who wants to empower women. At the same time, she wants to reward men who are good. One of the best ways to help women and men develop a deeper conversation with one another is to get them to listen to one another. Also, men do need examples of good behavior so that they can see what women appreciate in and out of the dating world and more