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Jason Hope Uses Philanthropy to Make the World a Better Place

Aging is a condition that effects everyone. Most people regard aging as an unavoidable part of life. A select few entrepreneurs do not accept that as an absolute truth. These visionaries search for ways to slow aging so that people can lead longer, more fulfilling lives.

The anti-aging industry is not just a cosmetic concern. It also seeks to prevent and cure diseases that often come with aging. Unfortunately the medical community at large is not as interested in stopping or curing these diseases as they are with treating these conditions when they occur. Luckily there are entrepreneurs like Jason Hope who are trying to combat disease through anti-aging.

Jason Hope is an Arizona area philanthropist that has put his own money into the anti-aging industry. He hopes that he can be part of a movement that changes the way the medical industry views the possibilities of the battle against aging. This has the potential to help billions of people throughout the world.

Mr. Hope’s mission began in 2010 when he donated $500,000 to the SENS foundation. This organization uses biotechnology to find new ways to combat the aging process. In addition to medicine they also invest in agricultural research and health food production all with the end of improving people’s lives.

Jason Hope’s original donation was used by SENS to research a way to prevent artery-cell proteins from bonding. The organization believes that this could prevent the arteries from hardening which is a leading cause of high blood pressure. This research can potentially lead to breaktrhoughs that can prevent skin deterioration, diabetes,and eye problems.

Philanthropist Jason Hope is an Arizona native that has long had a brain for business and a heart for helping. After earning his master’s degree Jason Hope founded multiple technology startup companies. His businesses became successful and he was ready to begin his philanthropic life.

His philanthropic work is not limited to the anti-aging industry. He supports an eclectic mix of causes. These include the Andre Agassi Foundation, Boys and Girls club, Teach for America, and others. He uses his money to fund projects that have the potential to improve human life on a wide scale. Jason hope is always looking for more opportunities to help and does accept grant requests.

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