Riding the Nintendo Game

There are some people who grew up playing Nintendo games that will be happy to know that there could be a new amusement park based on beloved characters. Universal Studios has partnered with Nintendo in order to create the park. This partnership will mean that the parks will begin seeing rides and attractions with characters like Mario, Luigi and the Princess. Some of the Nintendo games will also be fuel for thought when it comes to what is created.


This is possibly the best news for those like Dr Jennifer Walden who used to sit in front of their game systems for hours playing Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. and other fun games on a square gray video platform. There hasn’t been a date released as to when construction will begin on Wikipedia, but this is sure to be a project that will create a lot of news in the gaming world.

Rationing Internet, A Starving Society

We all love the internet. It fuels our ever-increasing wants and needs, primarily the former. Could there be a day when we have to ration internet and energy? Are we taking internet for granted? Some recent events suggest that day may be closer than you think.

The Britain Royal Society will be discussing a mounting problem of capacity limits for their Internet. According to the most recent studies, Britain’s uses 8 percent of their power output just for Internet. Since their own tech boom, Britain’s power use has been growing at an exponential rate. Some researchers even suggest that it could be using all of its power generation by 2035.

Though they can simply lay down more cables for increased data, this would spike the price in Internet access. Why the big deal? Well, use of our electronics is taking up more energy than you may think. A standard iPhone can use more energy a year than the refrigerator sitting in your kitchen, and with everyone jumping to the next hot electrical device, it may only worsen the problem. Bruce Levenson believes without an increase in number of data center to take on the additional strain, we may eventually be forced to ration the services we take for granted at present.

However scary it may be, this nightmare may very soon become a reality for Britain and other quickly-developing countries.

Apple Pay Headed to Canada

Apple Pay is reportedly headed to Canada this fall. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently in talks with six major banks in Canada to bring the mobile payment solution to the country. The major issue for banks right now is that Apple wants to take a small cut of every transaction that is processed through Apple Pay. The cut comes out of the profit those banks would typically make every time you make a purchase with your card While it may just be a portion of a penny with every transaction, if lots of people start using Apple Pay then those fees could add up pretty quickly.

Apple Pay, of course, streamlines the process of making purchases by allowing customers to simply tap their phone on the register rather than pull out and swipe a plastic card. Rather than use the traditional card number, cards added to someone’s mobile wallet using Apple Pay are given their own unique “token” for purchases, making it less likely that the cards will be able to be used fraudulently. Those cards numbers also only work when a phone is present. Mark Ahn (epodcastnetwork.com) knows that if Apple is successful with its negotiations, then Canada will be the first place outside the United States to support Apple Pay.

Drones Instead of Waiters

The Singapore restaurants owners had a very high-tech inspired idea to replace waiters. The job will be done by drones instead. The devices are strong enough to fly around a pizza and some pints of beer without dropping them and without complaining of legs aches. The drone selling company said that there won’t be problems with the drones hitting customers, as the sensors function perfectly. That will not exclude totally the human factor, as someone needs to guide the drone.

Not only that, but the drones will land on a table in the region of the orderer and a waiter assigned to it will still help serve the meal stated Ivan Ong. The waiters will spend less time running around and instead, their duty will be to watch the drones and make people attentive in front of eventual collisions, as well as engaging the people at the tables around them in marketing-oriented conversations.

A set of eight waiter-drones will cost $40,000-$80,000. You can see a prototype drone in action at a restaurant

and the customers’ reactions to the new way of being served. Nobody will be to blame for a dropped glass. The only problem that still attracts attention is the possibility of still collide with a drone by accident.

Microsoft to Offer Free Windows 10 Upgrade to All

Microsoft made a series of low key announcements via the blog of a company executive regarding the future release of the Windows 10 operating system, USA Today reports. The news that the latest version of the Windows operating system would be available in the Summer sees a change in the regular release of software by Microsoft. In general, Microsoft has stuck to release dates in the Fall, but have moved this launch to the Summer to take advantage of the back to school shopping season.

Dan Newlin said that earlier announcements had already been made stating all users of Microsoft 7 and 8 would be able to upgrade for free to Windows 10 as long as the initial download was completed within one year of the release of Windows 7 and 8. No Windows 9 exists, but the latest release is designed to add to the growing market for PC’s. Microsoft saw a growth of just three percent during the last back to school Summer shopping period, a low amount compared to the 14 percent rise in sales of Apple computers and tablets during the same period.

Ultra Thin Color Changing Material Brings Future Closer

Color changing camouflage suits and high technology displays that are completely flexible have long filled the pages of science fiction, but to the surprise of technology fans everywhere, someone was actually working on developing the technology. In fact, one university has actually managed to produce an incredibly thin material that changes color on demand, which could pave the way for future discoveries in the field.

According to Azom, researcher at the University of California at Berkley have produced a material that changes colorwith the slightest amount of force. The technology is made possible by a number of complicated microscopic etches in the material that respond differently to stretching and bending which results in the change of color. The application of the new technology could spread from undetectable planes to some truly fascinating camouflage, but could also be used to hide doors, windows, or virtually anything.

While still a few years away from being consumer ready stated Zeca Oliveira, the breakthrough should be championed by tech fans everywhere. The new process could result in screens and displays that can literally be wrapped around wrists, which could ultimately change the way people interface with machines and their environments. The process needs to be perfected first, which is going to involve further research on producing a desired color pattern from different sources. Since researchers at the university are steadily increasing their understanding of the tech, further breakthroughs might not be far off.

Bruce Levenson retains his ties to the Washington DC area

Throughout his life Bruce Levenson has retained strong links to the place of his birth, Washington DC. Levenson appears to have always remembered the strong role the city of Washington DC has played in his career and personal life, in recent years he has spent a large amount of time looking to improve the lives of the residents with his philanthropic attempts to create a better city. Amongst the programs he and wife Karen have taken part in are the construction of the US Holocaust Museum and the creation of the School for Philanthropy and Non Profit leadership at the University of Maryland.

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington DC and lived throughout his childhood in nearby Chevy Chase, Maryland. After completing a BA he returned to Washington DC and enrolled for a law degree at the American University, whilst studying for his degree in law he embarked on a career as a journalist with the Washington Star. It was during this time that Levenson became interested in the possibilities offered by newsletters designed to provide data and news for the oil and gas industries.

In recent years, Brice and Karen Levenson have become increasingly active in the world of philanthropy and social change in and around the Washington DC area. AS the owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise Levenson became involved in the Hoop Dreams and I Have a Dream foundations that have close ties to the NBA. Both Bruce and Karen have been instrumental in ensuring the completion of the US Holocaust Museum, which has a place of special interest for both as Karen’s mother is a Holocaust survivor. he US Holocaust Museum is playing playing an important role bringing awareness of the Holocaust to people across the US who may not be aware of the atrocities of World War II. Through their link up with the University of Maryland, Bruce and Karen Levenson have decided to assist young people interested in social change by helping them learn the skills associated with philanthropy to ensure the future of the Washington DC area and the rest of the world remains in good hands.

Wine and dine with Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company, AWC, is a London based wine merchant that focuses in the finest and rarest wine. The company was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams and currently serves more than 20,000 clients distributed globally in 70 countries. Since its inception, AWC has focused in superbly fine wine and boasts over 10,000 bottles of the finest wine in the world in its vintage reserves. It has diverse services in the wine industry including private wine master classes, sourcing rare wines and cellar planning.

The company buys wine from suppliers all over Europe in order to ensure constant supply for its clients. This could come from private vendors, directly from wineries, and other sources all year round. Whilst determining the exact age of wine is extremely difficult for an individual buyer, our company has complex means in which we determine how old a wine is in order to offer the best to our clients.

Antique Wine Company has been so exceptional in the wine industry that they hold the record for the most prized bottle of white wine to have ever been sold in the world. It was an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem that was sold for an overwhelming price of £75,000. Stephen Williams attributes his success in the industry to determination and hard work saying he needed to change from selling the life insurance on commission to doing something that will see him receive constant customers. The determination has paid off as his company expects a turnover of more than £20m this year.

However though, The Antique Wine Company has different means in which a customer is advised to determine if a particular bottle of wine is aged or not. They also put emphasis on the fact that not all wine needs an ageing process to be fine.

Characteristically, a younger wine appears to have a purple-ish red appearance. This is a reflection of the color and types of fruits used to make the wine. Whenever you see a ruby or garnet colored red, this is a sign indicating the wine has aged significantly with the process likely having taken a couple of years and it represents the peak of maturity for any wine meaning the flavors are at their greatest.

In other cases, the wine may look red brown indicating it has already reached its maturity and probably it is starting to edge back. This does not always mean the flavor is lost or is unhealthy to drink; it only represents a period of time when the wine has already hit its peak in flavor representing the best aged wine when looking for the most aged.

Australia’s Use of Wave Power to Generate Electricity

The Australian government has, as of February 18, been using the power of ocean waves to generate electricity. The CETO 5 project makes use of a system of buoys which are submerged underwater, though tethered to the sea floor. As explained in this video, the buoys harness the vertical modulations of the waves, and send high-pressure water through the interconnected pipes on the ocean floor, back to the CETO plant on land. Once the water reaches the plant, it is able to propel a hydroelectric turbine, which in turn can produce clean electric power, and is also transferred to a desalinization tank, which could provide clean drinking water for Australians.

This innovative method of producing electricity begs the question if ocean wave power is a more reliable and efficient energy source than wind or solar power. The innate advantage is that the CETO buoys remain submerged underwater, Paul Mathieson suggests that will keep them safe from wind or storm damage. Additionally, this system could be replicated on varying scales and configurations, dependent on the terrain as well as the volume of power needed. Whether or not this technology will emerge as the leading method of harnessing renewable energy is indeterminate at the moment, though the future is bright for the current CETO project in addition to future installments. By providing drinking water and zero-emission energy simultaneously, the Australians may have killed two public utility birds with one technological stone.

The Right Way to Go About Writing Pages on Wikipedia

In order to write an article, edit, add a picture, improve or add citations in Wikipedia, you must first create an account with Wikipedia. This is done by clicking the “create account” at the top right hand page. After this, you will need to choose a username and a password. You will also need to give an email address and answer a visual Captcha security test. There are options available for the visually impaired.

Once you have established your account and have signed in, go to the top of the page and click edit this page. This will bring you to a new page with a text box containing the editable text of the original. Just find the Wikipedia article you want to make and start typing.

If you need help, sites like GetYourWiki.com can also help you with the job. If you prefer to go it alone, click the help button in the tools section on the left side of any page. If there is not an edit this page tab, it could mean the page is lock out from editing, possibly due to of high volumes of malicious changes.

If you are making just a single change in one part of the article, look for the edit link on the right side of each section. Click on the one next to the passage you want to revise.

When adding new information, be sure to add reliable sources of information that verify your work or it will likely be deleted. Complete directions on the correct way to cite pages is done by typing WP:CITE in the search box in the tools section on the left of the page and click go.

Materials in newspapers and books are generally considers reliable. Avoid writing about yourself as this is considered a conflict of interest. Give a brief reason for your changes at the bottom of the page in the edit summary box. Explanations can only run up to 200 characters.

Review your changes by hitting the show preview tab at the bottom. If you want to compare your changes to the text you altered, hit the show changes button.

Finally, check out your contribution which will appear instantly. But be aware, if there are any inaccuracies, you will be editing you.