Young Yeonmi Park Is A Powerful Voice For Change In North Korea

Yeonmi Park is a young but powerful activist who is quickly gaining an international platform from which to shed light on the brutal atrocities being committed regularly by the North Korean government. Born in 1993 in Hyesan, North Korea, Yeonmi has experienced first hand the rigid control exerted by the North Korean government over it’s citizenry. In early 2014, the UN released a more than 400 page report detailing a laundry list of governmental offenses and crimes against humanity compiled from the testimonies of more than 300 North Korean Refugees. The report painted a gruesome picture of rampant governmental abuses and widespread civil rights violations. Among the accusations were numerous accounts of abuses which took place in the government run hard labor camps, where citizens were frequently sent for such ludicrous charges as watching soap operas – an account that seems completely unbelievable until paired with numerous other horrifyingly similar testimonies. Yeonmi herself witnessed firsthand the kinds of violence and abuse committed against detainees in the labor camps, when her own father was sentenced to more than a decade in one. Under the leadership of Kim Il-sung, grandfather of the current leader Kim Jong-un, North Korea experienced a harsh famine in the early 90’s which was exacerbated by governmental abuse and mismanagement. As a result, many citizens were forced to turn to activities which would be perfectly normal in another country, but deemed illegal by Kim Il-sung’s son, Kim Jong-Il, who assumed power after his father’s death in 1994. Under Kim Jong-Is reign, food was given to those that cooperated with the government or were deemed useful and withheld from those that opposed the government or were not considered useful. Like many others, Yeonmi’s parents resorted to smuggling their own valuables into China to sell for food – an activity that was not only deemed illegal by the government, but for which Yeonmi’s father was sentenced to more than a decade in a hard labor camp. Yeonmi and her mother escaped through China, where they spent nearly two years facing even greater horrors than the ones they had escaped from in North Korea. Finally, however, they were able to make their way into Mongolia where they sought sanctuary at the South Korean Embassy. Now safely ensconced in Seoul, South Korea, Yeonmi has made it her mission on nknews to ensure that neither South Korea nor the rest of the world can turn a blind eye to the plight of North Korea. As a frequent guest on numerous radio and talk shows, she works hard to keep North Korea in the forefront of South Korean consciousness. In 2014, she was asked to speak at the Oslo Freedom Forum, and later at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland. There, she delivered a powerful and impassioned speech that left few unmoved. Her speech subsequently went viral and gained her a new following of supporters sympathetic to her cause. Shortly thereafter, she was recognized by the BBC for her passionate work and appeared on their prestigious “100 Women of 2014” list.

Changing a Business


No matter what industry a business is in, at the end of the day the goal is to make as much of a profit as possible. There are many company owners and leaders that love running the day to day aspects of a business. However, these same people are unsure of how to change their business for the better in order to increase the profits in a business. There are several steps that anyone in business can take in order to maximize profits. Understanding how profits are calculated is the first step in the process. A company must take its total sales numbers and subtract all of the expenses. By default, if a company can decrease expenses while maintaining sales they will generate higher profits. Here are several tips on how to do that in any business.

Find Waste

There are many companies that have a tremendous amount of waste built up in their systems. The ability to find and reduce this waste or inefficiencies is vital to reducing expenses over the long term. As a business owner, finding areas that do not add value to the company and eliminating them can lead to higher profits. However, a leader does not need to go through and just cut everything. This has been done in the past in struggling companies. The CEO or other business leader will cut five or ten percent of the workforce in an attempt to cut costs. Although costs will be cut, this can lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction or value. Always keep the long term in mind when eliminating departments or people.

Brian Bonar

One of the best people in the world of corporate finance today is Brian Bonar. Few people have as much experience as he does in changing a business for the better. As the CEO of many companies, Brian Bonar has had to deal with company issues at all ends of the spectrum. Anyone that is in a leadership position at a company that needs to be turned around should look into his work. Anyone can change a business for the better if they have a viable plan and act on it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many companies in business today that are operating at an efficiency level that is less than optimal. The financial portion of a business is one of the most important. If a business does not take care of its finances today, this will hurt their chances of growing their customer base and profits in the future. Brian Bonar is one of the best leaders in corporate finance and how to change a company’s finances.

Saving the Environment By Investing in the Young

Earth Force is a nonprofit organization whose primary role is environment care and sustainability. It seeks to use the youth of a community to build an environmentally resilient community. It aims to create a population of life-long environmentalists by engaging them when they are young. This engaged citizenry is the best chance to fight global warming and maintains earth’s beauty. Earth Force has a network of over 100 partners to guide and support the youth. It recently got the attention of Jon Urbana. He 17 days ago launched a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help raise money for the Earth Force causes.

Jon Urbana is a former lacrosse player who is also an FAA certified airman. He recently started his Next level Lacrosse Camp. At his Lacrosse camp, he coaches the youth on best techniques and practices, in addition to providing video training through his Vimeo page. He has been described as a very concerned leader who seeks the best in the youth. He has been involved in various ventures in Denver to protect the environment. He has a very active Crowd Rise website. You can visit and see his different activities. Your contribution will be appreciated immensely.

Mr. Urbana recently started a fundraiser to help return Homeless Cats in Denver area. It seeks to collect homeless cats and give them a home before they find where to take them. It supports the animal’s rescue and support society. This society is the best to host these orphaned felines before they can find an owner.

Jon Urbana was born on 15th November 1982.He is a Denver-born and bred and today is the Head of Business Development at Ellipse, USA. He is a graduate of Villanova University, having finished school in 2005. At Ellipse, he is the tech nerd leading IPL and laser technologies and spearheading the marketing and branding side of the business.

Jon Urbana is also an entrepreneur and makes music in his spare time. It has allowed him to have a very disciplined and strong character that continues to mold him. He has an excellent background in Economics, Sales, Business development and Growth, in addition to a big following on Instagram. He believes only a sustained effort from all demographics will save the environment.

Keeping the Internet Clean with Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is a Texan entrepreneur and co-founder of online management firm called Status Labs.The Vanderbilt University graduate lives in Austin where his company is headquartered. He has led the company for the last four years and has already assembled a team of highly talented 30 individuals. He has a client base of over 1500 people in 35 countries. The company recently opened offices in San Paulo in Brazil and New York in the USA.The status lab has revenue exceeding $ 20 million. He is a former political contributor but begun his career at Agora publishing as a copywriter.

Darius was featured recently in PR Newswire as a top 50 innovator. The top magazine in the PR industry noted his outstanding achievement in guiding Status Labs the last four years. Mr. Fisher was humbled by the recognition given how fast his company has grown. His client list includes many firms and individuals from all around the world. It seeks to clean up their image by either pro-actively managing their profile or cleaning up the mess. He has appeared in the industry leading magazines including The New York times and Yahoo for his entrepreneurship. His assistance of the Ashely Madison Hack victims has also earned him rave reviews. He believes every victim of online slandering deserves a second chance.
As the CEO in the company, he has assembled an incredibly talented team with a remarkable ability to innovate. It uses highly trained Search engine optimization engineers and partners with content developers to quickly change search results. They use proprietary technology with industry leading standards to achieve their outstanding results. He has created a strategic plan to drive its growth. It includes having an international marketing team to drive the growth.
Darius offers his piece of advice in a recent post. He says individuals should jealously guard their privacy by not sharing highly sensitive information online. They should also be very careful of what they post online. The internet doesn’t forget, and 20-year-old videos are not uncommon. Cases of people in their mid-life changing their entire identities due to mistakes of the past are not unique. He advises public individuals to control the narrative. It can be done by having their websites and SEO optimized, and content developed to brand them. Of course, it’s necessary for this to come from reputable Online Management companies like Status labs.Safety starts with you.

Learning the Ins and Outs of Wikipedia

As anyone who has ever gone on Wikipedia knows, this site is an open-source community. That means anyone has the power to create content as well as edit what already has been written. Thanks to this information found on Wikipedia is often updated in real-time. It’s super easy to edit this information too. All an individual has to do is go on the page they want to create content for. From there, the person just has to click the edit button and start writing. Of course, this information is monitored so false information will be taken down in a timely fashion.

Anyone can create content or edit an unprotected page. In some cases, though, there will be a lock icon on the top right of the page. Instead, there will be a view source tab on display. A person could still edit this page, but they will need to submit and “edit request”. This means that an editor will need to directly respond to your request so that the information you create or edit can appear on the Wikipedia page.

Since Wikipedia is open to everyone and anyone, many companies and brands choose to hire Get Your Wiki.Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing company that offers many helpful and unique services. For instance, Get Your Wiki has their own team of professional translators. This means that Get Your Wiki can translate your page into virtually any language. Besides this, Get Your Wiki also monitors the pages daily. Their team will verify that every single edit on the page is 100% accurate and helps the whole Wikipedia community. This team will also update your page as needed.

Most importantly, though, Get Your Wiki is sought out because of their staff. These individuals are all veteran Wikipedia editors. It doesn’t matter if a business or individual needs their services, Get Your Wiki will be an extreme help. Their team will always include well-sourced references, ensuring that the information is correct. The pages are formatted properly, making sure to follow Wikipedia’s manual of style. If you don’t like their services, Get Your Wiki will even refund all of your money. That’s how confident they are in what they offer their clients.

With the way that Wikipedia is created, it can make creating and editing information tough. Thankfully, Get Your Wiki is here to make this whole process run as easy as possible.

Facts You Did Not Know About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is one of the not too many successful finance executives. He has held different leadership positions in various companies, and he has indeed shown that he can deliver. He has previously worked for Dalrada Financial Corporation as the company’s Board Chairman in 1999. Between Aug 1992 to 1994, he was the company’s Technology Sales Director and in 1994 between April and September, he became the company’s Vice-President. He continued to rise through the ranks and in 1997, he became the company’s Executive Vice President. He assumed the role of the company’s Chief Operating Officer as well as the President in July the same year, a position he held until becoming the Chief Executive Officer in 1998.

His career did not start at Dalrada. Between 1991 and 1992, he was the Vice-President of Worldwide Sales for his company Bezier Systems Inc, which was a manufacturer of laser printers based in California. Between 1990 and 1991, he held a Worldwide Sales Manager position for Adaptec, a printer controllers developer company located in San Jose. His experience in matters related to laser printers and technology companies started way back in 1984 when he was employed in QMS Inc as an Executive Engineering Director in Alabama. He has also been employed by IBM, U.K for a period not less than 17 years.

His success can be attributed to his vast knowledge in technology matters as well as his experience in building solid business structures that endure the test of time. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and later proceeded to Stafford University for his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. While in IBM, he worked as a procurement manager and then moved to become the Engineering Director at QMS where he was able to manage efficiently over 100 people. After working for other people and getting experience, he was able to establish a company of his own called Bezier Systems.

He is well known for his unique approach to matters related to acquisitions and mergers. He also takes a very personal and creative approach to life bringing together his hard earned engineer genius and creative powers of an architect. During his free time, he likes to golf, go on boating trips as well as spend time with friends and family. His creative and managerial genius can be attested from Truecept Incorporated.

This company brings solutions to medium and small businesses by offering the much-needed solutions. Truecept helps manage their payroll, their human resources and employee benefits. For matters related to both long terms and temporary staffing solutions, Truecept Inc has proven to be on the forefront. Brian’s genius can clearly be seen in this new company he is leading.

Adam Sender’s Impressive Art Collection Impresses at Sotheby’s, Art Basel Miami Beach And Beyond

Adam Sander has become a major figure in the art world and is at the forefront of the art scene in the U.S. His outstanding art collection has been shown at Sotheby’s in New York since May and his collection there keeps growing. In Miami, Adam Sender exhibited works from his amazing private collection of art in his Miami home at this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach. The Miami exhibit featured 70 works from Adam Sender’s vast collection of over 1,000 art pieces. His total collection of art is estimated to be worth more than $100 million and includes pieces from Keith Haring, Urs Fischer, Martin Kippenberger, Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince, and many others. In fact, his art collection has works by more than a hundred different artists.

Adam Sender is a former hedge fund manager who is now becoming an expert at showing and selling his impressive art collection. He has been collecting art since the late 90s when he transitioned from working for Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisors LP to forming and managing his own hedge fund. The skills he used as a former hedge fund manager are not totally unrelated to the skills he uses as an art collector either; his ability of discernment which enabled him to choose which equities were promising has manifested in his ability to discern which artworks have been promising, too. For example, a Richard Prince he bought for $100,000 more than a decade ago now can be sold for millions.

Adam Sander is also proud of what art he decided not to buy. “We didn’t chase every single flavour of the month over the past fifteen years,” said Sander. “I’m not a chaser. I’m a pursuer of great works by artists who have had long careers.” Yet Sender is presently collecting works from several emerging artists too and has developed a good eye for new talent with all of his previous art collecting experience. He does still display some caution when buying the works from newer talent and normally waits until they are a couple years into their art careers like with the works he just collected from Frank Benson and Diana Al-Hadid.

Jennifer Walden, Super Doctor

Jennifer Walden is a 5 star plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas, born in 1971 to a father who was a dentist and her mother, a surgical nurse. When Dr. Walden started out in the medical profession, she began in aesthetic surgery in Manhattan Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital. Dr. Walden graduated in 1989 from Anderson High School in Austin, Texas. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from University of Texas, graduating with honors. Jennifer Walden graduated salutorian, the second highest graduate from University of Texas Medical Branch in 1998.
Upon graduating from University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Walden became an intern there. She spent her tenure in New York, assisting in medical trials for breast reduction surgery. Seven and half years later, she left New York and returned in December 2011 to her native Austin, Texas where she decided to open her own practice. In 2014, she opened a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas. She is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been professionally taught cosmetic procedures.
Dr. Walden is hailed by her patients as being a perfectionist about her work and having an excellent bedside manner. She’s presently on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery board and serves as their Vice Commissioner of Communications. In 2014, Texas Monthly named Jennifer Walden one of the super doctor in the state of Texas.
Dr. Walden is the mother of twin sons named Houston and Rex. It was important for Walden to have her practice in Texas instead of New York because she wanted to raise her sons in Austin, Texas. Walden’s president of the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. She holds many awards including,The Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation and the The Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine and scholarship.
Jennifer Walden specializes in breast reduction, tummy tucks, face lifts, and rhinoplasties. Her patients say that her breast augmentations are done so well that the patient has to think twice and remember that these are implants and not the natural breast tissue. One patient had Tuberous breast since puberty. After having circumaerola mastopexy with 350cc silicone implants, she finally feels normal for the first time in her life.
One patient was having trouble with her abdominal muscles after giving birth to three babies through cesarian section. She went to Dr.Walden for abdominal reconstructive surgery to tighten up the loose skin and muscles.
A third patient came to Dr. Walden to remove the bags from under her eyes, part of her genetic makeup. The doctor recommended she try ThermiSmooth treatment, a hand piece that adds heat as it messges the wrinkle and eye bags. Another satisfied customer.

All You Need To Know About Dating In Russia

Finding love is something that has been a norm for many years. Stories about relationships and how to get a matching partner have been spread everywhere. Different people hold different tastes and preferences, something that has made it more challenging. If you are the shy type of person, it can be difficult to express your feelings. However, this does not steal all the hope of ever getting into a relationship with the right partner. The online dating world has availed an easy platform that allows one to express feelings and views without any fear. There are also different features that make it easy to locate the right person for a relationship.

Most dating websites have been designed with a variety of features that help to make it easy for members to connect with each other. These are platforms that make it possible for one to link up with an individual with exact characteristics as are needed. Searching through is easy as the system allows for several criteria that can be used while sorting through to find members. If you want someone within a specified age bracket, you can easily search and the system will allow you to view all members who bear such characteristics.

With Anastasia Date’s instagram page, many have been able to get the right partners for a relationship. Anastasia Date is a well established dating platform that has been online for many years. This is a well structured website that has benefited hundreds who use the service to search for love. They have a beautiful interface which is designed to make the environment lovely. Using Anastasia Date is also easy as there are no complicated features that make it difficult for one to navigate through. It is arguably among the best platforms where people can log on to search for love.

Among things that have made Anastasia Date a reliable dating website is the presence of security features. Al information shared through the system is secured through encryption that protects users against hacking and theft of personal details. Anastasia Date has also made effort to educate members about sharing of information over the platform. It is advisable to refrain from offering personal details to strangers before you have known them to a deeper level. Even then, you need to treat with care as some masquerade as genuine people only to swindle unsuspecting members. So, it is also necessary o exercise caution to avoid bad experiences.

Nestle Purina Pours Out its Passion for Your Pets

Nestle Purina Petcare is not a new company, but a redesigned company since Purina joined Nestles in 2003. One of the largest food companies and the largest pet food companies in the world have joined together to form the new Purina pet food company.

Your Pet* – Our Passion is the slogan that represents the dedication Nestle Purina has for pets worldwide. Besides the nutritious and delicious food that are manufactured by Purina, the company is also getting involved in communities everywhere because America’s dogs and cats are family.

Annual Dog Challenge

One of the favorite events that Purina Pro Plan has been hosting for several years now is the Purina Dog Challenge. This year it was held in Boston, and all had fun at the all day event. The name really should be the Dog Olympics because the canines are challenged by the different events that fill the park. The pets and their owners spend the day “bonding”, competing in the events and sharing snacks and treats from Purina. Last year the event was held in St, Louis and next year a new city will be announced.

Pet Day and Sponsoring Shelters by Purina

The pets of the employees at Purina are lucky dogs and cats. Their owners bring home the same food they make all day, so they get to determine if they like Purina before any other pets in the neighborhood. If they don’t like it, they tell their owners and the next day the complaint goes back to the plant for consideration. On top of that, Purina employees can bring their dogs to work because Purina believes it makes the employees happier, and it does. It not surprising that Purina was voted the Best Place to Work in 2015.

The leaders at Purina like the idea of bringing your pets to work so much that they have started a Pets at Work movement. Your company can contact Nestles Purina for tips and ways to make your work environment pet-friendly.

Purina also sponsors shelters across the country and holds nationwide pet food collections that feed the orphan pets. Pet lovers can contribute or donate for food to be given where it is needed most, and the whole community gets involved.

Pet Food for Your Pet

On top of all the passion Purina is pouring into the community, they are also producing the most delicious and nutritious pet food they have ever created. Dog foods like Purina Pro Plan and Beneful are great foods packed with nutrients for your loyal BFF. Cat food is also produced for felines around the world to live happier and healthier lives. Purina knows that you love your pet, and they are dedicated to producing the best “chow” that is possible for their four-legged friends.

*This information was pulled from, the source for Purina news.