Skout: The New Way to Date and Meet New People

Are you tired of the same old way people are approaching online dating? It can get tiring very fast and it seems as though there is no happy ending for the majority of individuals who use various popular websites. Maybe this is because the approach is outdated and rarely successful. Lucky for you, you are not the only one who feels this way on the subject. A revolution in the world of online dating is necessary and Skout may be just that.

Skout is not just a dating app and website, which is what makes it different and successful. Skout is used by people not only looking for a partner, but also looking for people to meet and hang out with. It is revolutionary because it does not put immense pressure on simply finding love. The goal is to find people that you like and if love is the result, then you just hit the jackpot. That is what has been reported on NY Times and other publications.

As one of the most active social platforms on mobile devices, you are sure to find people in your area worth meeting. You can make a profile for yourself and then interact with others in your area as well as all over the world. A cool way to meet someone random is by using their shake to chat feature. Because there are so many users, they added this feature to encourage meeting new people on a whim. The way it works is if you want to chat with someone random, you can shake your device. You are then connected with someone else in the world who is doing the same thing. You may meet someone amazing or someone who is boring. However, there is no doubt that the feature is addicting and will keep you coming back for more.

Skout was founded in 2007 and has taken off since then. It is the first to utilize user location as a way of matching people up through the service. Skout has been using acquiring various apps like Fuse, a group chat messaging app. Recently, the app acquired the Nightlife app Nixter. This is a new way that the app will incorporate online interaction with offline interaction. The app is growing like crazy and shows no sign of slowing down. The goal is not to fall in love with someone else, but to fall in love with the world. Skout encourages exploration and broadening of the mind. Get out there and meet some new people, have some new experiences, and have fun.

Mark Ahn Comments on New Tech Trends

Mark Ahn is an entrepreneur who has gained a lot of experience during his time in the military, academic, and the biotech field. Mark Ahn is a very seasoned educator and writer as well. He has recently been looking over some of the current trends in the biotech industry, and it is interesting to see his take on the way the market is moving. Pr Newswire reports that Mark Ahn has really pushed the world of biotech startups with his many different successful ventures during his career. It is easy to see why many individuals look to mark when he is commenting on the current trends in the world of the biotech industry. 

One of the key trends that Mark chooses to focus on is the aspect of caring. An entrepreneur is motivated by filling a need, and also caring for those who will be using this new product that fills that need. In biotech it is very important for an entrepreneur to focus on caring. This is really the only way that the biotech industry will continue to move forward, is with the constant focus being on caring. There is also a trend that is very important to look at, and this is taking a new approach to old problems. There are many new technologies that can shed new light on older problems in the biotech industry.

Mark Ahn also looks at the importance of not overlooking smaller biotech startups. These smaller startups are many times the key organizations that solve some of the most complex problems in the field of biotechnology. These smaller start ups are easily some of the most important aspects of the biotech industry to focus on.

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It’s A Great Time To Become A Sales Representative With QNet

Many people want to know what QNet is. The company is comparable to other home based businesses where the sales representative sells the products to friends and family. The company began in 1998 and is currently one of the largest marketing organizations around. Their approach is simple, sell products that people can use and must have. By targeting their products to the crowd of people that needs them, it makes sales simple. They have independent contractors who work for them and market their products. It’s not a pyramid scheme, but a multi-level marketing program. The real advantage to QNet is their program works and works well.

Historical Information

The company was founded in Asia by a man named Vijay Eswaran. They initially started out as a company that marketed gold collectible coins, but later moved on to buy a Hawaiian based vegan store chain. The company has been through many ups and down, but they were growing pains to bigger and better things. The real advantage that was found was that through the growing stages, they found what worked and what didn’t.

How The Plan Works

The initial sale of their products is what they want. Representatives sign up to demonstrate and sell products to their customers. The goal of the independent agents is to also get the customers to sign up to become a dealer themselves. Once they become a dealer, the rep that signed them up also gets a commission off of the people underneath them and what they sell. The company offers $250 bonuses every time a representative, underneath another representative, moves at least three products. It’s easy to see that the money can quickly add up and there is the potential for major profit.

What Assurances Does A Person Have?

Those who sign up to be an agent shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Yes, like most companies there have been some bad publicity. However, this has been overcome and the company is projected to hit all-time highs. Those who are becoming representatives of QNet are coming on board at a good time in the companies’ timeline. As they continue to develop new products, the sales potential only increases. They are destined for greatness and the numbers show they are on their way.

Ultron Toy Brings Curiosity and Menace

Are you counting down the days until the summer release of Avengers: Age of Ultron? You may be counting down those days because you are curious as to what the on-screen version of Ultron is going to look like. You no longer have the teaser trailer to solely go on. New Toys from the upcoming Avengers movie will soon be hitting store shelves. Yes, the evil, superemly powerful villain Ultron is one of them.

You could say, based on the glimpse of the toy released in photos, Ultron is a sort of evil looking Iron Man. That makes sense. After all, Tony Stark was one of the people who helped create Ultron. He does regret his decision sinceUltron turns out to be one of the bad guys.

Kids have a lot more leeway with how Ultron and the heroes play things out. They can create their own adventures with the toys. Adults can invest in collecting the toys and this could prove to be a lot fun, too. In fact, Sergio Andrade Gutierrez love the creativity it allows kids. Read up on Sergio on Sergioandradeandradegutierrez.

Is this toy really indicative of what Ultron looks like though?

Toys are not always 100% accurate in terms of matching the look of a character to the finished doll that shows up on toy shelves. (The toy rendition of famously obese wrestler Dusty Rhodes featured six-pack abdominals) You do get a solid insight into what the character looks like since the toy version of the character is not exactly going to be too far removed from the real thing. Or in this case, the CGI thing.

Product Recognition: An Emerging Marketing Strategy

These days, more and more businesses are looking for marketing strategies that they can employ to attract attention to their brand and subsequently win new customers. The end result of these efforts is increased conversion rates and a perpetually expanding business. For this reason, business owners who are looking for new and effective advertising techniques should note that product recognition can be an efficacious strategy to employ. To learn more about product recognition, be sure to read the brief outline that appears below.

What Is Product Recognition?

Product recognition is the process of increasing a consumer’s familiarity with a business’s brand such that she or he is able to distinguish the company’s goods and services from those offered by competitors. Once the consumer is able to differentiate between two or more competing brands, she or he is much more likely to purchase one brand or the other and subsequently become loyal to it. In short, when the product recognition process is put in motion, customers are inclined to seek out a specific product after developing a positive connection with it. Because product recognition is essentially an exercise in generating brand familiarity, it is frequently referred to as brand recognition.

The Process

The product recognition process is generally facilitated by a business or a marketing firm that it hires to manage its advertising efforts. Either the business or marketing firm will work with diligence to connect with its target market in a meaningful, positive way that drives conversion rates higher and higher while turning new customers into loyal brand ambassadors. There are a wide range of strategies that can be utilized to put the product recognition process in motion.

Slyce – A Product Recognition Developer to Watch

Business owners who are serious about harnessing the power of product recognition to advance their companies should note that they can hire professionals to actualize this marketing strategy on their behalf. Slyce (which can be found at specializes in offering clients a wide range of product recognition services that can help businesses improve brand familiarity and visibility in the online sector. Some of the product recognition services that Slyce offers include Snap To Buy, Visual Relevancy Engine, Tag And Display For Social Campaigns, and Physical Advertising Recognition.

Snap To Buy

Snap To Buy is a product recognition process that involves integrating the marketing company’s visual search technology with the retailer’s mobile website or app. With Snap To Buy technology, the retailer can enable the customer to take a picture of a product and then gain more information about its features.

Tag & Display For Social Campaigns

With this form of technology, a professional marketing company can take advantage of hashtag campaigns by automatically tagging products found within the photos of customers.

Summing It All Up

These days, technological advancements have resulted in a revolution with respect to the way the world of marketing works. With the rise of product recognition, business owners have a new methodology they can employ to attract and retain the interest of their target market. By reviewing the basic overview provided above, you can determine whether utilizing product recognition services would be a good idea for your company.

Samsung Crafts App to Help Autistic Children Communicate Better


Samsung has teamed with Sam Tabar and two universities in Seoul, reports, to craft an app that could potentially help autistic children communicate. “Look at Me” available on the Google Play Store for free, is a series of short games that attempt to teach autistic children about emotions and reading facial expressions.

The studies already performed have been small, and they’ll need to be duplicated to find out whether or not there is a truly positive effect on the autistic children used in the study, but early data is rather promising.

Many have a difficult time looking people in the eye, and lack the ability to read facial expressions and react to others emotions. Therapies and early intervention for children with such difficulties have been show to be effective, but Look at Me, could potentially be a complimentary aspect to already existing therapies. Because the app is free, and available on a plethora of devices, a child suffering from autism could ideally play the games and learn anywhere at anytime.

Did North Korea Hack Sony?

A movie by Sony Pictures that was set to be released has been pulled. Sony Pictures had their computers hacked and it seems North Korea may have had prime involvement in this hack.

The movie titled The Interview is a crazy comedy that is about the assassination of North Korea’s leader. The film stars Seth Rogen and James Franco, but it seems at this point in time, it will not come out in theaters. Sony probably would have released the movie, but threats of further, and deeper attacks forced the decision not to release the movie on December 25th.

For President Obama and the American government, the decision on how to respond is a difficult one. Even Slow Ventures , who’s exceptional analysts usually always have the right solutions, said this one might take some extra critical thinking.  Does the U.S. dare accuse North Korea?

Sony is looking into the possibility that there was inside help.

Now the question is: Will we ever see The Interview?

FreedomPop is the Future of Telecommunications and Wireless Data

In 2011, Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar came up with the revolutionary idea that wireless networks should be free. FreedomPop is the result of their efforts to provide cutting-edge mobile services to customers without charging subscription fees.

The notion that wireless data can be provided without accumulating costs has changed the entire telecommunications industry. This marvelous new approach is truly appealing; in fact, Sprint is in talks to make a big acquisition of the service. FreedomPop has achieved wild mainstream success in the two years since it was unveiled, and now it is about to rake in between $250 and $400 million from the merger.

Most of the company’s initial profits were garnered through the sale of cell phones up front. Customers that buy these mobile devices are granted a limited amount of online access completely free of charge.

Purchasers are gradually becoming more inclined to pay the subscription expenses. Originally, less than 5% of the company’s base elevated from free status to paid membership. Last year, the number doubled to reach 10%.

The start-up has earned immense recognition across the board for challenging the status quo of subscription services. They have completely changed the game, and Sprint’s interest in the business signals that the mobile landscape is in a state of rapid transformation. Their stunning success is only just beginning. Joining with Sprint will give them a level of international legitimacy that most companies never attain.
Sprint also stands to benefit greatly from combining their efforts with FreedomPop. They have been consistently ranked in third place on all charts, so they are in need of a serious boost. FreedomPop promises to deliver their signature innovations to the colossal corporation.

There is no word yet on how customers of either brand will be affected, but everyone stands to gain some perks. All negotiations are tentative, so the deal is going to be subjected to a lot of minor tweaks. Still, the end result is a dual methodology for processing payments. FreedomPop represents the exact opposite of current cell phone plans that lock customers into contracts in exchange for a free device. This company’s technique is much more sensible and logical.

The philosophy that people should have the right to free utilities if they pay for the gadget is winning in the marketplace. Wireless data transmission is entering an era of open access, and this bodes well for the masses. Futuristic telecommunications have finally arrived, and it is all thanks to the creative efforts of FreedomPop. They will receive a legendary status among upcoming historians for their capacity to engender a millennium of unlimited information.

This kind of luxurious electronic service should not be exclusively limited to the Los Angeles community that spawned it. Every person on the planet should experience the freedom that comes with not being tied to an expensive subscription service. The choice to pay is only made when individual needs mandate extra data; otherwise, every bit of information in the standard bracket is free. The name of the company is just a further testament to this concept of universal connectivity.

Note to readers…much of the information included in my article was taken from their website and articles from TechCrunch. To try out the free app on your Android device, click here.

Stephen Hawking Warns Humans Over AI Development

Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the World’s most famous scientists has spoken about the dangers he believes may lurk in the quest to develop ever more powerful forms of artificial intelligence. During an interview with the BBC, Professor Hawking explained his fears after a new system was developed by Intel and Cleverbot to assist him in speaking and writing much faster. The Cleverbot system uses a predictive form of AI that quickly learns the speech patterns of the user and suggests words it feels Hawking commonly uses in a conversation.

Andrew Heiberger says that Hawking took the opportunity to explain how he feels about artificial intelligence, which he believes is useful when used for small leaps in technology. The professor, who was left unable to speak by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, warned that the continued development of intelligent technology may one day see the human race destroyed by the technology we have created.

On a lighter note, Hawking explained he had turned down the opportunity to alter his trademark robotic style voice for a more natural one. Largely, he explained, because this has become a trademark of his and has awarded him a place in popular culture.

Skout: The App That Does it All

Though Skout has been around since 2007, I discovered it approximately four years ago. Before that time I experienced frustration with other dating websites and apps. Once I found Skout, I did not feel the need to try any other service. Skout has kept my attention for several reasons. First, it is very easy to locate people nearby, in your city, or in your state. Of course, you can even search in broader terms, virtually travelling to other locations in order to accumulate the experience of talking with people of another culture and learning about how and where they live. There are literally no limits with Skout. However, though you can easily see who is nearby, the locations are not so specific that you can be found if you do not want to be. Other apps do this, but Skout provides general location information in order to protect the privacy of its users. Therefore, you are in control at all times with how and when you communicate with someone.

Both the app and website are extremely user-friendly. You can send virtual gifts, notes, and pictures to people you are in contact with, and in some cases, use points acquired to unlock hidden photos users may post. If you want to get noticed more quickly, Skout even has a “Feature Me” option where your profile is showcased to your community. This is a great way to get people’s attention and a full inbox!

Another feature that comes in handy is the “Shake to Chat” option. All you have to do is give your smartphone a quick shake and you will instantly be connected to a random user to chat with. This is a great way to break out of your comfort zone and engage with individuals from various communities around the world. It is a bit like playing the lottery. There is no longer a need to use Omegle. Skout combines everything you need in one app.

In addition to being a dating site, Skout is also a great place to make new friends and discover potential business partners. On your profile you have the opportunity to state exactly what you are looking for so there is no confusion when people message you. This eliminates awkward chats where one individual is looking for a date and the other a friend, and it takes twenty minutes of idle conversation before discovering that they are not on the same page. This way, you can instantly meet people who have the same interests, goals, and hobbies that you do.

Personally, I have had nothing but positive experiences on Skout. I met the first love of my life on there and we dated for two and a half years. Even though it did not work out in the end, she will always have a special place in my heart. If it were not for Skout I would not have those precious memories to cherish. Plus, it turned out she lived only several minutes away from me!

The last cool thing about this website and application I would like to mention is that it has two distinct communities for teens and adults. Instead of piling everyone into one group, Skout has already taken the extra time to meet and serve individual needs and interests. This is the only site I have found that can boast so many great features and also maintain consistent user-friendliness, and they have cool apps for Android and iPhone via the iTunes store.