Beneful: Nutrition For the Life of Your Dog

PurinaStore‘s Beneful has a pledge to themselves and their customers. It is to provide the most innovative and nutritious dog food for the life of a dog. Veterinarians work with Beneful to provide the best nutrition possible for dogs of all ages.
Purina’s Beneful line of of dog foods include dry kibble for life stages. They make a healthy and delicious puppy food to get puppies off on the right paw to proper nutrition. This contains added protein for growth and all the vitamins, minerals and calories puppies need. Beneful‘s veterinary experts know that puppies need extra calcium to form strong bones and teeth that will last their lifetime. Vegetables and omega fatty acids are included for their antioxidant benefits for precise vision and smooth coat and skin. Whole grains support digestion.

Beneful’s research and development teams have formulated a dry kibble for adult dogs that meet every need of dogs from one year old to seven years old. This adult formula is rich in protein and antioxidants to maintain energy and support all of the adult dog’s body systems. With the help of pure chicken, whole grains, vegetables and fish oils, adult dogs maintain the lifestyle needed for the majority of their most active formative years.

A weight control dry kibble is made for dogs that may have gotten a little too heavy. Since overweight dogs can have extra stress on their joints and heart, reducing calorie intake is important for optimum health. Beneful’s healthy weight formula reduces the calories content by using low fat chicken and fewer grains.

Finally, for senior dogs, which is generally considered to be over the age of seven or eight, Beneful has a senior dog dry kibble. This blend is ideal for the older dog’s reduced calorie needs, but includes more antioxidant support. Older dogs require a certain set of nutrients that differ from the younger dogs that Beneful’s research and development teams have formulated. Gentle on older dog’s stomach and rich in flavor, the senior dog adult formula has just the right amount of protein, vitamins and minerals an aging dog needs.

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The European Union Should Assist Ukraine In Resisting Russia’s Aggression: George Soros Says

Ukraine held protests to remove President Viktor F. Yanukovych from power and eventually succeeded. The new Ukraine is pro-European even though the country is still under military assault from Russia. The new Ukraine seeks to establish democracy, modernity and strengthening its ties with Europe.

Putin’s ambition to make Russia an empire has made Ukraine opposed to the Russian government. Russia has captured Crimea from the Ukrainian government, and the annexation of Crimea has made Putin incredibly known all around the world. He has sorted the economic giant, China as an ally to debilitate the U.S. dominance around the globe.

The U.S. and the European nations have responded to Russia’s aggression by imposing sanctions. The sanctions have hurt both the European countries as most depend on Russian oil. Russian banks and firms have been barred from accessing international capital markets. The sharp reduction in oil prices to $55 per barrel have hit Russia’s economy hard. Russia needs the price of oil to be at least $100 per barrel for the nation to spur its economy.

Sanctions have remained the only tool that the western countries and their allies have to use as they don’t want to awaken Russia’s military fury. Russia is worst hit by these sanctions and is on the verge of financial crisis, similar to the one it experienced in 1998.

George Soros Ukraine, the founder of Open Society Foundations, recommends the European Union to assist Ukraine financially and through force. By helping Ukraine, Europe will indirectly be defending itself. Any financial assistance to Ukraine would help to bring the country back to its feet and thus create a conducive atmosphere for investments and increase export.

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Ukraine currently suffers from payments crisis that has transformed to the banking crisis and public debt. The European Union was willing to help Ukraine but the cumbersome bureaucratic processes that the European Commission outlined hindered the country from joining. Ukraine was supposed to contribute $17 billion shillings in cash to the IMF, which was so much larger than the standard $10 billion that other member countries of the EU had to contribute.

Ukraine has experienced shocks that have led to financial crisis. George Soros Ukraine says the country needs assistance to recover from the shock. When she does, she will be in a position to repay its creditors. Civil society leads the new Ukraine: young educated people in academic institutions, think tanks and nongovernmental organizations. They have volunteered to movements that could result in loss of lives for the sake of a better tomorrow. This has helped Ukraine to stand off the Russian aggression.

The new Ukraine aims at killing corruption and budget deficits that were ruining the old Ukraine. Ukraine has resulted in a radical reform program where it seeks to pay the civil servants better and to defy the gas monopoly, Naftogaz that has brought corruption and national budgets deficits in the country.

However, neither European public nor the top executives have been interested in this matter. Business in EU goes on as usual. Soros notes that allowing Russia to walk over Ukraine would endanger the whole of Europe due to Russian military invasion.

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Beneful Dog Food Formulated To Keep Dogs Healthy

Beneful dog food, created by Nestle PurinaStore PetCare is one of the most successful brands in the world. Launched in 2001, Beneful was marketed as a healthy dog food that doesn’t scrimp on flavor. The brand has wet and dry dog food, as well as treats. The foods have no added sugars or preservatives.


Beneful Originals dog food is made with real chicken, beef and salmon. It is mixed with wholesome grains and vegetables to get a perfect blend that dogs love. It is formulated for adult dogs that are in good shape and have no digestive problems.


The Beneful chopped blends line is a wet food made of good grains, along with chicken, beef, salmon or turkey. It is also blended with wild rice and cut in bite-size nuggets. It is made for adult dogs and puppies. If you want your dog to eat like a real human, check out the gourmet blends. Tuscan, Romana and Mediterranean-style medleys will have your pooch licking his chops. All three have added spinach. Depending on the flavor, brown rice, carrots and pasta.


The dog treats [] are healthy and formulated to keep your dog’s dental health up to par. The Dental Ridges support healthy bones, fresh breath and reduces tartar build-up. Dental twists provide the same great dental health but the have added parsley. Some of the flavors include peanut butter, savory beef and chicken.

Beneful is manufactured with the highest standards. Every part of the process from start to finish, is inspected and scrutinized by professionals. It is available on supermarkets like Wal-Mart.


US Money Reserve’s Philip Diehl on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

The current U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl has been on a series of interviews with the media. Recently, he was on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio discussing the U.S. Money Reserve’s strong customer service, future of the gold market and his leadership background. You read more: US Money Reserve – YouTube

The EPN’s show acts as a platform for small business owners, entrepreneurs, top executives and other interested persons to share and listen about creations, products, services strategies and experiences in the business world.

Diehl is a former U.S. Mint Director and is seen as one of the most accomplished U.S. Mint Directors in history. He brought up the 50 States Quarter program and the minting of the first ever U.S. government-issued platinum coin. Diehl is proud of transforming the old agency to a more entrepreneurial one. Diehl has made a six-year commitment to improving the customer service. Learn more about US Money Reserve:: and

Philip Diehl was advocating for the abolishment of the coins when he was the director of the U.S. Mint. He noted that a penny costs more to make than it’s worth. He said that the U.S. Mint loses millions of dollars producing pennies each year.

U.S. Money Reserve has become one of the United States largest distributors of government-issued precious metal bullion, bars, coins. This year, 2016, U.S. Money Reserve started an individual precious metal IRA program where customers can secure their wealth by holding physical gold as a retirement program.

U.S. Money Reserve advocates for U.S. minted gold, silver, and platinum coins since the government offers a guarantee to its content, weight and purity. The U.S. government also backs the coins as legal tenders. The price of gold is expected to increase in future as central banks of the Eastern countries are stockpiling gold to secure their currency.

The U.S. Money Reserve is the nation’s largest private distributors of U.S. government-issued precious metals. Many clients across the country have relied on U.S. Money Reserve to acquire precious metals as a way of increasing their assets.

The U.S. Money Reserve provides superior customer service, and this has established an excellent long-term relationship with its clients. The U.S. Money Reserve is located in Austin, Texas and is active in the community.

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My Dog Will Never Go Back After Trying Beneful!

I’ve been searching for quite some time now for a new, healthy dog food alternative since balancing my budget left me spending far too much money per month on feeding my dog; however, I love my dog as if he were my own child, so I couldn’t justify buying him some no name bargain brand dog food comprised mostly of filler, synthetic and overall unhealthy ingredients such as ash. I needed a new option and searching around online on quickly led me to my new permanent dog food.

I bought the first bag of Beneful “Originals: Real Beef” because I was utterly and completed astounded by the low price point. After I bought it, my dog fell just as much in love with the food as I had with the price. The “real beef” product is always made with real, authentic, natural beef, real peas, real spinach, and real carrots. I was amazed by the packaging, the overall presentation, then by the smell of the food. It smelled exactly like what the food is made with, then again I was amazed because of how little I paid for it.
Due to the low price of Beneful products on Wal-Mart groceries, I decided to pick up a few different bags of their food and treats. I ended up opting mostly for dry food because of my dog’s personal preference. I got a second bag of the “Originals: Real Beef”, a bag of the “Originals: Real Chicken”, and a bag of the “Originals: Real Salmon”. The entire essence of the Beneful brand is to impress through quality rather than through the alteration of values and advertising “half truths”. I was beyond impressed with all of the dry foods and my dog has grown to anticipate his meals since I made the switch to Beneful, in fact, he refuses to eat any other brand at this point; however, I have no complaints because Beneful is a great deal.
Beneful produces wet foods ( in two product lines: “Incredibites” and “Chopped Blends”. Each is made with a choice of meat from: beef, chicken, salmon and turkey. But the amazement sinks in when the package shows that the food is made with fresh tomatoes, carrots, wild rice, peas, barley, spinach and a vast array of healthy ingredients. My one and only dog food and treat brand is Beneful now and the future.



Handy: The Rising Service

Rarely do acquaintances ask each other who is their cleaner. Surprisingly you would find that many are already getting it done effectively and at a low cost! If you really haven’t been using Handy then you have been working too hard. Handy is a revolutionary new on-demand service based out of New York that connects you with thousands of home cleaning professionals that are always ready to promptly provide the buyer with an excellent service. Handy opened its virtual doors in 2012 under the name Handy Book. Within two years of it’s inception it drove bookings to over 1 million dollars a week. Since then Handy has grown to over 25 cities in North America and even providing services in London, a respectful accomplishment. Aside from cleaning Handy offers plumbing services, movers, handyman work, and has since launched Handy Delivery, a furniture delivery service offering to deliver assemble furniture. Of course with a flexible schedule and great pay it’s also attracting hundreds of freelancers aspiring to work for Handy.

Handy destroys someones idea of convenience. With an app for smartphones Handy lets you purchase services, effectively tearing down the perceived notion that its difficult to purchase and trust a cleaner. Handy has background checked over ten thousand freelancers to provide the customer with security that them and their homes are in good hands. In addition to background checks Handy also will further screen potential cleaners with references and in-person interviews to solidify its commitment to providing security throughout the process. Further than this, Handy also offers a money back guarantee in the event the customer is not satisfied and will even cover the costs if something is damaged.

The success of Handy is apparent, and the expansion into Handy Delivery is overwhelming. The goal: to make customers happy. Handy reports that Handy Delivery helps pamper the customer into the Handy community, as a large majority of their profits come from repeat customers. It’s no surprise either that Handy Delivery has raised a large sum of investor funds quickly after its launch. Many people stubbornly argue that larger corporations will follow suit and attempt to enter the market and usurp Handy however it’s apparent that Handy has really solidified its place in the industry with its purchasing of a rival company and the complete eradication of its predecessor. Time will tell what happens with Handy, but only a fool would never bet against them.

Cleaning Up Your Reputation The Right Way

If you’re a business owner then you know just how important reputation is. With the presence of social media and Yelp you can create a top-notch reputation for yourself. Unfortunately, if someone leaves you a bad review it can easily discredit the high rating you worked hard to obtain. This is true for individuals seeking employment as well. Employers often conduct web searches about perspective employees and if your web presence isn’t desirable then it could be bad news.

The Internet has become a vast and easily accessible tool. When conducting research it is usually the first place we turn to. This is why it is so important that your web reputation is respectable. In essence, your web reputation is setting the foundation for your real life presence.

There will be times when it is necessary for some reputation clean up, but don’t try to do the clean up on your own. The task can be daunting if you aren’t experienced with reputation management company. Instead consult a professional service. By doing so you are choosing to add value to your brand. You are creating a place for yourself in the professional world long term.

If you are someone who is seeking reputation management services then choose a company who has your best interest at hand. understands that your brand is a valuable asset and that it is formed by a collective of factors. Their professionals understand that one bad review shouldn’t determine how people interpret your brand. All of their quotes are free and come with zero obligations so there is nothing to lose from seeking a consultation. is dedicated to relieving you from negative articles, poor business reviews, slanderous blog posts, and outdated news stories. You can believe in them to keep working until the job is done. They stand behind the guarantee that they will complete what they quote. Don’t worry if it takes a little longer than expected because you won’t be charged any additional fees. So what are you waiting for? Reputation relief awaits you now!


Demystifying Alexei Beltyukov the Russian Entrepreneur

Alexei Beltyukov started his company, Endemic Capital, back in 2013. He aimed at targeting the startup companies based in Russia. He is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur who is highly committed to supporting his fellow Russians. He supports those who could be looking to venture in business or those aiming to join business school. He started A-Ventures Ltd, a financial company, to assist the Russian companies that could be facing a financial struggle by funding their operations. He is an alumni of INSEAD and was highly active in the establishment of a program that offers scholarships to students of Russia admitted at the INSEAD University.

He has been working closely with the Russian Administration in providing a viable economic support and leadership. He has been doing this through the Skolkovo Foundation, where he currently holds the post of the Vice President. Skolkovo Foundation offers investment opportunities and grants to start-up companies based in Russia that mostly specialize in Information and Technology. The foundation also sponsors entrepreneurs who wish to expand their units across the country.

The medical Industry was the first industry where he started off his career before switching gears and making a choice to do business studies. He enrolled at the INSEAD Business School where he pursued his MBA. At the moment, he is at the Board of Directors of FORO Energy as an observer. Earlier in the year 2014, he launched SOLVY. This is an online system that offers High school teachers and students with a way of communicating to each other even when they are at their own homes. This system also allows the teachers to monitor the progress of the classes they teach and see the areas that deserve more emphasis.

Alexei’s deep commitment to education led him to setting up as a way of helping broaden the learning aspect in high schools. This is especially helpful in solving various mathematical problems. The system does not come with multi choices in order to encourage students to solve these problems and show clearly how they get to their answers. This encourages students to expand their mindset as they will be able to learn more from the mistakes they make along the way. The objective of this website is to be recognized as the catalyst to solving problems in mathematics. EdTech experts and educators commended the technology due to the positive change it would impact on education. Beltyukov serves as SOLVY’s Chief Operating Officer.  Read more about Alexei on

2 Things That Make QNET Stand Out In The Direct Selling Industry

QNET is a direct selling company that has been around for over 15 years. That is an amazing accomplishment when you consider most companies in this industry don’t make it past the one year mark.

QNET was started by a group of friends who all shared the same goal and vision. All of them had a strong desire to help people all over the world live healthier lives. They do this by offering a wide range of products that are centered around health and well-being.

Here are the 2 things that have allowed QNET to build a successful direct selling company that has been around for almost 20 years:

#1 – They Rigorously Test All Products

When selecting new products the team at QNET takes their time and rigorously tests each and every one of them. They never promote products that aren’t in line with their morals and standards. They only promote products they know will change peoples lives for the better.

#2 – They Don’t Allow Non-Vegetarian Ingredients In Their Products

This is something that very few, if any, direct selling companies do. QNET lives by and promotes a healthy vegetarian philosophy. When they have company events, all meals served are vegetarian. That’s how committed they are to this lifestyle.

When it comes to their edible and consumable products, they don’t allow any non vegetarian ingredients to be included. They are also strong advocates of testing their products without harming animals. They never use animals in the testing process.

Due to the growing rate of obesity all over the world, QNET has reduced the amount of sugar, artificial sweeteners and harmful chemicals being used in their products sold online. They are truly committed to doing their part in the fight to end obesity.

QNET believes that we should all better ourselves first so that those around us will be inspired to do the same. QNET is also a company that takes social responsibility very seriously. They are always giving back and participating in philanthropic work all over the world.

Though the company is still considered young by industry standards, it is growing by leaps and bounds every single day.

To learn more about QNET and the various health and wellness products they offer, visit them online at You can also follow them on social media to stay up to date with everything that is going on with the company. They have active Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Wen’s Conditioning Treatment Proves Hair Benefits

In a recent article, a young woman decides to test out a highly buzzed product called Wen Conditioning Treatment. This treatment created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean is a shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment all in one bottle. Miraculously, this is meant to take on all three roles and minimize the amount of time it takes to manage thin, unruly or damaged hair. She discusses the results of the experiment on a site.
The woman conducting the week long trial has very thin hair that is hard to style so she was hoping to increase the volume and make it easier to manage. After the first wash alone, she noticed that while massaging the Wen hair conditioner into her tresses, she could feel more volume immediately. Throughout the week, her biggest tip to give was that when you use it at night and sleep on it, it can cause greasy roots. The best way to use this conditioning treatment is to wash and style in the morning. By the end of the experiment, she was receiving compliments about newfound shine, and her hair looked healthier and more voluminous.

Wen hair by Chaz ( is a great product for those looking for a health hair boost. If your hair prices to be unmanageable or hard to style, Wen will add some new volume and make your styling time a lot quicker. Give Wen a try today, and get real healthy results! It is available online via