The Amazing Applications Of Image Recognition

Searching just by typing might soon have a serious competitor in the form of image searching. As image recognition technology and smartphone cameras improve we are going to see more and more innovative implementations of this technology. It is one of the leading fields of innovation in the mobile space, connecting both consumers and business in new and exciting ways. Searching for products, places, movies or TV shows is going to be as easy as taking a picture with a smartphone using an app that provides such a feature. One such app is Slyce, a leading visual search provider.

Slyce’s visual search is actually an American start-up company which provides their visual search technology to retailers and brands. What is the idea here? Image yourself meeting a friend who has just bought a new pair of sneakers that catch your eye, well, if you have a Slyce app installed on your smartphone you can easily just snap a photo of the sneakers and in a matter of seconds you will get the model name inside the app. Alongside that, the app will provide suggestions on similar models and will allow you to shop right from the app. This will give retailers a new place to sell their products and consumers a new way to shop, compare prices and discover new products. All kinds of products can be recognized this way, not just clothes. You will be able to discover home appliances or even furniture. The app can provide a good business model for the developers, making the app free for consumers, and earning money through possible ads and partnerships with retailers. A healthy business model ensures that the developers will have enough finances to further improve their technologies and to bring us even better search results.

Image recognition can be applied in many ways. Microsoft actually created an app for their Windows Phone devices that can translate text for you, and all you need to do is to point your smartphone camera at the particular text or sign. So you do not need to type and search the text by hand, the image recognition technology, recognize the text and presents you with the result instantly.

It is not an easy task to create apps based on visual search, and that is why there are currently only a few companies that are successful. Leading the way is definitely Slyce, with many investors and six of the top twenty U.S. retailers backing them up. It’s going to be very exciting to see what they will be able to create in the future.

The Rise of Visual Effects in Film

If you look back on the history of filmmaking one progression will stand out more than anything else you will see in the industry. We are not talking about the evolution of the camera, though it has been impressive, or even the progression of the lighting and sound recording ability. No, we are talking about how visual effects have grown and molded the very life of film and television. With cutting edge technology we are now able to see new worlds come to life before our very eyes in ways that were not even possible before. While CGI might get a bad rep from vocal fans of oldschool filmmaking we have to realize that it is here to stay. Let’s take a look at a few moments where visual effects truly rocked our world.

‘District 9’ and the low budget CGI.
District 9 came out back in 2009 with South African director Neill Blomkamp at the helm. Blomkamp at the time was a non entity in the world of movies but he had been drumming up some interest as a potential candidate to direct the live action Halo film. That never came to fruition and Peter Jackson, who was producing the aforementioned video game film, instead backed Blomkamp as he went to work on ‘District 9’. The film showcased gorgeous aliens, called Prawns, and over 311 visual effect shots done by Weta Workshop. With a budget of only $30 million, ‘District 9’ showed that big F/X were becoming budget friendly.

‘Inception’ changes our view on dreams.
In 2010 Christopher Nolan stole our hearts forever with his trippy story on dreams and the dreams inside of them with ‘Inception’. The film featured Leonardo Dicaprio and a then relatively unknown Tom Hardy and focused on the traditional ‘heist film’ in a whole new way. That twist on the genre was represented by their ability to control dreams, bending them to their own will. There is a particularly trippy scene developed by the VFX team Double Negative which showcases a city folding in on itself, wowing the audience completely. It took Double Negative thousands of pictures and weeks of effort to get the single shot.

While the two sequences we mentioned above are mega popular examples, there have been VFX teams working quietly behind the scenes for years getting things done. John Textor, former CEO of Digital Domain, knows a thing or two about the industry. His work with Digital Domain created some of the finest VFX and CGI work that we have ever seen on films such as: ‘Benjamin Button’, ‘Transformers’, and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End’. Now Textor is revitalizing the industry with Pulse Evolution, creating computer generated VFX according to Yahoo Finance.

Brain Bonar Has Helped Put Trucept On The Map

Brian Bonar has been the CEO and chairman of Trucept for 4 years. In those 4 years, Bonar has lead the company to be one of the best temporary staffing companies in the United States. With his strong leadership skills and attention to detail he has help put Trucept on the map. But how did Bonar accomplish so much in such a small amount of time? By focusing on workforce costs and learning how to keep track of ever changing human resource laws. Bonar and his team have created on of the most dependable temporary staffing companies in the world.

Not only did Bonar help to cut costs he also has helped Trucept learn the ins and outs of payroll management. Trucept is not just a simple temporary staffing company but rather a comprehensive human resource outsourcing company that handles everything employee related. Payroll management can be very difficult. But with Bonar’s guidance, Trucept seems to have a firm grip on the industry. Another area of Trucept that Bonar has had his hands in is employee benefit services. This area has to be carefully worked out in order to attract new talent to the work pool and retain those employees for many years.

Bonar knows the importance of balancing the relationship between the client and the employee. Keeping both of them happy is key to running a successful temporary staffing company. So treating those temporary workers happy is a goal that Bonar has inspired those under him to achieve. Bonar has a long history of managing large companies and he really knows what it takes to make in the world of business. His years of experience has taught him the right way to do things. With more than 40 years of business experience which started at IBM in the 1960’s, he really knows his stuff.

Skout Is Finally Gaining Popularity

Skout is a fun and unique social networking app that many people enjoy using. It allows people to connect with other single individuals in their area so that they can go ahead and flirt with them, and many people enjoy using this app so that they can do just that. People like having the opportunity to connect with people that they might not have met otherwise, and Skout on twitter offers them the chance to do that.
Skout started out in 2007, but it has seen many changes since then. They are a free service, and they are gaining a lot of popularity right now. People are taking advantage of the chance to connect with other single people, and they are happy that this social networking app allows them the chance to do that. The service itself is free, but Skout is able to make some money through offering a different version of itself which is ad free.
There are a lot of different dating sites available for people to use, and when Skout first set out there is no way that they knew that theirs would succeed above all of the rest. But, they tried for it, anyway, and they have had quite a bit of success. They offer an unique feature in that they allow people to connect with individuals in their own area, and people like that. They enjoy the chance to get to know someone who might be their neighbor, or maybe a co-worker that they have never talked with before.
In the past 18 months Skout has received a lot of positive attention. Quite a few people have begun to use the service and have recommended it to their friends. Skout is finally getting all of the attention that they have deserved for years.
And, not only is Skout doing better than it ever has done before, but it is expected to keep growing. It is expected that people will keep sharing this service with their friends and their friends will share it with theirs, and so on, and this service really will keep expanding. Now that it is being known to the world there is no stopping it. People are enjoying using it, and when people enjoy something, then they are going to want to share it with everyone that they know.
Skout did something something different when they created this service, and now people are finally appreciating how unique and fun it is. They are enjoying the chance to be able to flirt with some other single individuals in their area.

Organic Gold and Ganoderma

Nowadays, people are on the hunt for healthier diets and more active lifestyles. The folks at Organic Gold have it their mission to offer only the best in premium gourmet beverages blended with powerful herbs. Living better does not just mean eating better. That’s why they carry their special blend of nutraceuticals and top-notch personal care products, fit for everyone. All these products work together to give you a sense of well-being that you before never thought possible.

Since the start, Organic Gold has worked hard to bring the gift of relatively unknown Chinese remedies to the public. The CEO and founder, Bernardo Chua, created the company in the hope that the knowledge of these guarded eastern traditions will enrich the lives of people around the world. It has proven itself to be a wildly successful concept. Through his venture, millions of people in various countries now live a more balanced life. His dream of using ganoderma to help the world has been made a reality.

The Chinese name for ganoderma is lingzhi. This translates to “spiritual potency. The Japanese name, reishi, means “king of herbs”. Ganoderma is a mushroom that grows out of the wood of large trees. Brightly colored orange caps give it remarkable aesthetic appeal. Organic Gold uses gamoderma grown only on logs in the Chines region of Fuzhou, making sure it retains its potency. It is a substance that can reduce the likelihood of cancer and strengthen the immune system. It also has several antioxidant benefits. It has also proven effective in treating:

Hair Loss
Weight Loss
Allergies suggests that they also produce a number of organic coffees and teas infused with ganoderma. Tea has been getting more attention lately because of its healthy properties. The three varieties offered are black, green, and red.

Anyone who suffers from other common ailments will improve their quality of life by using ganoderma. Generations of use in the eastern world have proven its effectiveness. For over five years now, Organic Gold has helped to garner popularity of this miraculous herb. Take advantage of this opportunity.

FreedomPop Took A Risk And It Paid Off

There are a lot of companies that offer mobile services, and when FreedomPop decided to go out there and do the same, they wanted to do something different. They wanted to set their company apart from the others, and in order for them to do that, they had to think of something unique to do with their company. So they decided to start offering free mobile services.

That might sound like a crazy idea, and like a plan that would quickly fail, but FreedomPop has been doing well in the services that they provide. They are moving up quickly in the mobile world, and they have been gaining quite a bit of support. They have recently received $30 million from some eager investors. People are happy with what they are doing, and they are wanting to get in on the action, themselves.

FreedomPop is doing so well, in fact, that they even had offers from some bigger companies to buy them out. They weren’t ready to sell out the company that is just getting started doing so well, and they refused the offers. It wasn’t in vain, though. They received all of their funding after that, and now they can keep at it doing what they are doing.

And, not just doing what they are currently doing, but FreedomPop has the funds that it needs to expand out even more. They are excited by all of the new ideas and plans that they have for the company, and they are eager to get started on them. FreedomPop might have taken a risk when they first started out, but it has really paid off for them. They are quickly gaining popularity, and with all of the new things that they plan to start doing, they will be sure to get even more customers and supporters in the future.

Handy’s Tips on How to Deal with a Plumbing Emergency

Handy has handled many cases of plumbing emergencies within its period of doing business. Plumbing issues can be confusing and devastating for someone who has no idea of how to deal with them. Here are tips that Handy believes will be of great importance to you when faced with the nightmare of a plumbing emergency.

Shut off the water valves

The first thing to do when you have a water leakage is to shut off the supply. If you cannot locate the exact valve connected to the broken pipe, simply turn the main water shutoff valve. It is advisable to get familiar with your plumbing system before an emergency pops up. Label valves and pipes for easy identification.

Contain the issue

Once the flooding is under control, the next important thing to contain the damage or disaster area. Prevent the flooding water from spreading to other parts of the house. You can direct it to the drain, scoop it out or pile blankets or towels to absorb it.

Vacate everything portable in the disaster area

Water can cause immense damage on materials that absorb water. Therefore, it is important to take out all the portable items as soon as possible. Take safety precautions when handling electronic devices that got wet. Thoroughly wipe furniture dry and leave them outside to air out. If your carpet or linoleum got excessively wet, you might have to discard it, since it might cause mold growth.

Call Handy for a professional plumber

Once the disaster is under control, it’s time to call a professional plumber to fix the source of the problem. Handy’s plumbers are experts in dealing with all types of plumbing emergencies. They have the right knowledge and the right tools to get job done right the first time.

As you want for a Handy plumber

Don’t just sit back and relax as you wait for a plumber; you need to do something to prevent further damage. Get the floor and other items in the room as dry as possible. You can dry off the water using towels or better yet, use a utility pump to suck up the water. Run ventilation systems such as fans to full-blast to enhance evaporation.

Having these steps on your finger tips will ensure that no plumbing emergency finds you off guard. And in case you panic, call Handy’s 24/7 customer support to work you through the steps while you wait for the plumber.

Achievements Made at Highland Capital Management Under James Dondero

There is no doubt that with the increase in risky businesses, the demand for investment banking services shall increase. The world has embraced entrepreneurship with some entrepreneurs being first time businesspersons with others seeking funds to expand their already established businesses. Sourcing of capital is a herculean task for small businesses compared to large institutions. Small businesses lack required financial statements or even collateral to secure capital while large companies can access capital owing to their large asset base and credit worthiness. Investment banks are designed to stimulate liquidity in the market through provision of capital funding and underwriting services.
Highland Capital Management Company is mainly concerned with the management of private equity businesses. The corporation was co-founded by James Dondero. He also serves as the president, portfolio manager and managing partner of the company. James is responsible for making determination and ensuring strategic investment and operational plans have been executed. A graduate of the University of Virginia, James focused much on finance and accounts. He is a member of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).
Under the leadership of James, Highland Company has managed to float diverse funds to the market. These funds are alternative funds, income funds, equity funds, asset allocation funds and exchange-traded funds. Highland’s alternative funds include global allocation, floating rate opportunities as well as long and short equity. Highland seeks to enhance institutional strategies through its alternative funds. Highland’s income funds are invested in bonds and different debt instruments. The company offers equity funds of various styles that incorporates growth, value, large and small cap besides domestic and international. Asset allocation funds offered by the corporation are channeled towards stocks, cash equivalents and bonds. Lastly, the exchange-traded funds of Highland Company provide investment outcomes that correspond to the yield performance and prices of the Underlying Index.
James has been an analyst and portfolio manager at the American Express where he was responsible for large funds. In addition, he has served as a director of Leap Wireless International, TerreStar Corporation, Cricket Communications and Prospect Street High Income Portfolio. He is a beneficiary of the financial training program offered at the Morgan Guaranty Trust Corporation. His expertise in managing huge funds has enabled him to design solutions to different institutional problems. Highland Corporation has won numerous awards for its product offering like hedge funds, REITS, institutional separate accounts and Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs).
Over the years, the services and products made by different investment banks have increased in demand. James Dondero is the current president of Highland Company and he has played a crucial role in floating diverse products in the market. Highland Corporation is a large company that deals in management of private equity businesses. The entity has recorded success in providing consumers and institutions with innovative solutions to their capital requirements and fund problems.

Visual Search Is Changing The Way Businesses Work

There are countless people who are changing their business with the power of different technologies and programs. Whether it’s the power of social media, mobile marketing, or Facebook advertising, businesses are becoming more and more creative with their way of advertising. Marketing has never been such an easy task. The process is constantly evolving, and the customers for any business is out there all the time. It’s all just a matter of bringing the business to another level.

Visual search and image recognition are becoming the next big thing. This form of technology is revolutionize the power of images online. Visual search is simply a new form of bringing images to another level. The basic idea behind this technology is allowing people to take photos of items they like online or in person, and then having an online program help them find that item anywhere online. Businesses can get their business doing this by having their images in their website complying with visual search. People can now get on the right track to finding any item they want with the power of a single photo. It’s really that easy and simple.

Slyce is making it even easier. Businesses can work with Slyce today to get started and on the right track. Slyce has been able to change visual search through powerful online mediums and systems. Their approach to marketing is improving the way businesses are advertising their brand online.

Slyce has also worked with some of the most successful businesses online, and they are improving how people use the power of images as well. Their leading industry achievements is turning the web around through photos, and it’s interesting witness who they are also changing their businesses overnight as well. Visual Search is a new technique, and it is working and improving businesses everyday. Working with their unique team can turn any business into a true success.

FreedomPop — Your Free Mobile Wireless Carrier

The new kid on the block is a company called FreedomPop that is offering an unbeatable deal on mobile plans. Unlike other mobile carriers, FreedomPop offers free services that can save you thousands of dollars a year on your phone bill. The service provided includes free calls, texting, roaming, and much more. Here’s why you might want to consider changing over your services.

Service Plan
FreedomPop’s service plan offers 200 minutes of calling, 200 text messages, and 200 MB of data usage each month. This is equivalent to the basic plans of most mobile carriers. Throughout the month users are able to track their progress to ensure that they stay within the free limit. International calling includes up to 60 countries and is kept as a free service as well.

The biggest usage of data is Wi-Fi. FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols claims that 90 percent of data used on mobile devices can be done through Wi-Fi that could be a huge money saver. FreedomPop’s service plan has its limits but users can take the option of paying $5 a month to use unlimited Wi-Fi on their device as well. When your service plan reaches its limit you can simply switch over to your Wi-Fi setting and start using data there.

FreedomPop is a fast growing service that has reached millions of users across the globe. They have currently just reached one million users in the United States and are growing the number of hotspots available. The company has also gained some investor interest and is claiming that they are raising a large sum of money that will be used towards growing and improving the company.

Setting Up
To set up FreedomPop all you have to do is download the app on your mobile device. The app is currently available in every app store except for the iOS store which will come in a future update. To get started, you just need to create an account and have the app downloaded onto your mobile device. The app works on other devices aside from Smartphones such as tablets and computers as well.

If you’re tired of paying a large phone bill each month for data you hardly use then it’s time to switch over your service to FreedomPop. It’s easy to set up and install through the downloadable app. You also have a Wi-Fi option for just $5 a month if you want to increase your data usage. Enjoy FreedomPop’s free mobile services today!