Chris Burch And His Award Winning Resort Nihi Sumba Island

Chris Burch has achieved so much in his life when it comes to business. From the start he had an entrepreneurial spirit that could not be quenched. During his time studying business at Ithaca College in New York Chris decided to start a clothing line called Eagle’s Eye Apparel with his brother Bob. They took an initial $2,000 investment and they struck gold. It was estimated to be worth $140 million dollars before they sold it. It has been all up for Chris Burch since then helping big brands grow such as Tory Burch, C. Wonder, and so many more. Just recently the successful entrepreneur has moved into another sector, which would be the world of hospitality, check (

Nihi Sumba Island is a five-star resort set on the ever charming Indonesian Island of Sumba where the culture is rich, people are friendly, and the nature is completely breath-taking. Chris Burch first found the once surfer’s hostel and fell in love with it. Surfers would travel all over the world to experience the amazing waves that would encompass the island. Mr Chris Burch convinced his hotelier friend James McBride to partner up with him to buy the hostel and turn it into something truly magical. With time and a renovation budget of $30 the two friends outdid themselves and created a luxury resort that Barack Obama and Marlon Brando vacation at.

The five-star resort has received a lot of praise including recognition from Travel + Leisure Magazine, a well-known and long running publication. They named Nihi Sumba Island the best hotel in the world. You simply cannot get any better than that. What makes this resort so unique and special? First off, it incorporates elements and art from the local Sumbanese culture. Displayed around each villa are local wood, Sumbanese antiques, and Ikat prints bringing a sense of earthiness and culture to the place? They donate a portion of their profits to the local Sumba Foundation to help fund local projects around the island. There are plenty of activities to partake in like horseback riding, go to a beautiful lagoon for a swimming excursion, take a boat or Safari jeep to find exclusive surfing spots, or have a spa experience in your own villa. They even provide daily yoga sessions for guests. There are 27 private villas in total. Chris Burch has his private residence on the resort called Raja Mendaka. It has four additional villas and can be rented out too, stated on

Barclays Chief Operating Officer; Mike Bagguley

As part of restructuring its business, Barclays bank promoted Mike Bagguley to be the chief operating officer of Barclays PLC. He previously worked as the COO of Barclays Investment Bank. And before that, head of macro markets business in Barclays bank. Bagguley’s role comes with a lot of responsibility as he now reports to the investment bank chief. The restructuring had to happen so that the bank could reduce costs of operation and ensure more profits. As part of this strategy, Barclays Bank transferred their assets, weighted according to risk, into non-core assets. The bank also sought out to streamline its operations by reducing 7000 jobs in a period of 3 years. Mike Bagguley’s primary aim is to ensure this strategy is followed through and achieved. Hence the business can deliver services to their clients as expected.

Mike Bagguley is required to be actively involved in the improvement of infrastructure within Barclays. He also assists in the coordination and delivery of the various projects within set timelines. 

When Mike Bagguley was in charge of macro markets from March 2014 to September 2015, he ensured the macro business had been reshaped, which involved, foreign exchange, product commodities, and interest rates. This clearly shows that he is effective in the tasks that he spearheads. Barclays, among other banks, has resulted in a reduction of trading activities and concentrated on other areas with fewer regulations such as advisories and equities.

Crunchbase gives us a sneak peek on information about Mike Baguley’s education, as stated in his profile. He went to the University of Warwick where he attained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 1988. According to the same site, he is also known as Michael Roy Andrew Baguley. He is based in London and joined Barclays in 2001 on the trading desk. Mike Bagguley is skilled at his work, and it’s evident that he is bringing about the much-anticipated changes within Barclays business.

Victoria Doramus Battle Against Drug Addiction

Victoria Doramus is a market trend analyst and a recovering expert. As a 26-year-old in 2011, she went to her first rehab, which she checked out after 45 days and returned to Los Angeles but did not overcome her addiction. Victoria tried changing friends, moving to different states and even going back to college in London and yet still did not get the help she needed. She eventually went to rehab in Connecticut in 2016 with the hope of getting better and proving to her mother, a cancer patient, that she had everything under control but in the process lost everything including her friends and family.

In 2017, Victoria Doramus flew to Austin and joined Burning tree, a rehabilitation facility with a 12 step based program with a boot camp approach. The whole day was aligned with activities ranging from prayer and meditation to chores and later meetings that allowed the patients to acknowledge their bad choices without feeling like victims. In the process, they would get a clear understanding of their situations from awareness and connection to supreme powers.After serving her time in the facility, Ms. Doramus left to work an average of 35 hrs in Dallas. After four months of working, she moved to New York and joined non-profit organizations that focused on addiction with the aim of helping others who had the same problem.

The recovering addict is hoping to start a center in New York based on the 12 steps and has written a book, Adderall, that talks about her journey and experience throughout the addiction period but has not been published yet. According to her addiction is not about the drugs but the results that cause a problem bigger than an individual. She believes that change is possible and it is upon anyone struggling with addiction to make efforts and find their way into sobriety. Check out Victoria’s closet at Tradesy.

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Shiraz Boghani: Hotel And Heath Care Entrepreneur

Shiraz Boghani arrived in the United Kingdom in 1969. Boghani immigrated to the United Kingdom from Kenya to further his education. Once in the U.K., Boghani started the studies of accounting. Shiraz Boghani went to work for Thomson McLintock, where he continued his studies in accounting. He is also a member with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Whales.

Sussex Health Care

Shiraz Boghani started his career in the healthcare industry. Boghani began in the healthcare industry working for Sussex Health Care. After working for Sussex Health Care, Shiraz Boghani received the position of chairperson of the company. Currently, Sussex Health Care has over 25 locations with more than thousand employees. Since 1998, Boghani has been a joint partner with the healthcare company.

Shiraz Boghani: Hotel Industry Entrepreneur

Boghani is a worldwide entrepreneur in the hotel industry. Boghani hotel holdings include Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel, New Ellington in Leeds, England, and The Grand Hotel to name a few. Boghani expertise expands to his involvement in over 25 hotel projects. He is the originator of limited-service brands hotels in London. Currently, Shiraz is the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, which oversees his umbrella of hotel brands and chains. The Splendid Hospitality Group is the most rapidly growing private hotel group in the United Kingdom. Along with Splendid Hospitality Group, Shiraz is founding partner of Sojourn Hotels and serves as chairman.

Hotelier Of The Year Award

In 2016, Shiraz Boghani received the prestigious “Hotelier of the Year” award. This coveted honor is awarded only to those of excellence in the hotel industry.

Noted Philanthropist

Shiraz is a member of the Aga Khan Foundation and the Aga Khan Development Foundation. These two foundations are charitable foundations that assist and provide aid to the less fortunate of the community. Shiraz, even though an astute businessman, has given a large part of his life to charitable causes. When Shiraz realized the need for healthcare for the disabled older adults, he was instrumental in establishing 18 home care support units in the United Kingdom.


Jacob Gottlieb Is A Former Doctor Turned Hedge Fund Manager

Jacob Gottlieb is a many of many talents, proving himself in more than just one career in the many years he has been in business. When Jacob was a young boy, he was focused on finances and business, just like his father was as an economics professor. That being said, Jacob decided to become a doctor like his mother, Helen. The main reason for this is because doctors were able to help people and make a good living. Before Jacob could finish his internship, however, he decided to give business a try and went back to school for a degree in economics from Brown University.

It turns out Jacob was making the right move because he did exceptionally well in business and all the companies he worked at over the years. Today, Jacob is the co-founder of Visium, which is a financial management hedge company. They manage billions of dollars worth of assets from all over the world, largely thanks to the efforts of Jacob Gottlieb. His financial analysis skills are top notch and he has managed to bring the company billions of dollars in capital over the past decade. Jacob has said he will always cherish his time as a doctor helping people with medicine, but he is able to help just as many people if not more as an investor.

The main reason for this is because Jacob has focused a good deal of his time working with charities over the years. He has donated his fair share to charitable organizations that are working towards good causes, including the Covenant House. This organization has been helping homeless children get off the streets of New York for many years and it continues to do so thanks to the financial support of people like Jacob Gottlieb.


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Escape to the mesmerizing clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe. Simply relax on the dock or try your hand at speed boating, swimming, paddle boating, kayaking, or longboarding. If relaxing is more your style, visit a casino (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Montbleu Resort, Casino & Spa), as well as numerous 4 & 5 star restaurants (Jimmy’s Restaurant at The Landing Tahoe Resort and Spa, Freshies Restaurant & Bar).

Spa at Hotel Bel Air, Los Angeles recommends that you drop all responsibilities and stressors and head over to the Spa at Hotel Bel Air, Los Angeles. Treatments include facials, massage, nail care, body treatments, and more. After receiving your state of the art massage and facial, enjoy a revitalizing body treatment while finishing off your dream day with a delicious lunch at Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air.

FIG, Santa Monica

FIG Restaurant in Santa Monica is a farm-to-table establishment with a Mediterranean flair. All ingredients are locally sourced from hand-selected farmers and purveyors in California. Wood-fired dishes are inspired by bold and modern Mediterranean flavors. After your meal, head over to the FIG Market Place and indulge in snacks, sundries, locally sourced gifts and a selection of wine and spirits. If you’re in a hurry, enjoy a Mediterranean inspired grab-and-go lunch.

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Vinod Gupta Shares His Good Fortune With Others

Business entrepreneur, Vinod Gupta, recently donated $1 million to Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic. The institution for women was founded in 2000 in India and enables women to earn postgraduate degrees. Many degrees are earned within 2 years. In the past, women of India have not been allowed such educational liberties men, Thus, Gupta thought it was important to make this donation in order to close the educational gender gap, and give women the opportunity too pursue higher education.

Helping other and providing opportunities to others greatly motivates Gupta. He feels blessed and very fortunate. Therefore, he strives to motivate and assists others with his good fortunes. He is a humble businessman and realizes that everyone needs a place to start. He is ready and able to assist and does so selflessly.

Vinod Gupta has a humbled beginnings as he attended school in a small village in India. Eventually, he entered the Indian Institutes of Technology. He then traveled to the United States to attend the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

While working as a Market Research Analyst, Gupta was assigned the task of compiling a list of mobile home dealers within to U.S. To achieve this daunting task, he realized the he was going to have to go through several hundred phonebooks and actually compile the list by hand.

When finished, Vinod Gupta saw that he had a marketable service and used it to start his own company, InfoUSA in 1972. In 2010, he sold the company for $680 million.

Preventing online abuse tips for parents with Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman recently wrote about how parents could protect their children from online predators in today’s technological world. Herman made a point that when a young child who is often naive in online situations, it is easier for them to be sexually abused. Two things are known, the child did not realize he was being abused or taken advantage and unknowingly permitted the abuse or the child felt it was their fault, feeling guilty, they allow the abuse to continue. The latter can cause a spectrum of problems for the child, family, and even community. Jeff warns parents to watch out for a few key signs such as any adults that want to spend personal time with your child, who make inappropriate remarks or suggestions, or who are too touchy and give gifts.

These individuals are trying to earn your child trust in hopes of controlling them after an abuse encounter. Jeff Herman is an attorney and promoter for survivors of rape and sexual abuse who offers advice to parents on how speaking to their children about sex crimes and the predators that commit them can help them recognize the signs of abuse. A way to prevent the abuse of your child is to have an open line of communication, being actively involved in their life and listening. Having them understand that everyday situations can don’t have to result in abuse as long as boundaries are set and they understand. Parents should make it known to their children that nobody has the right to touch them or create an uncomfortable feeling. Adults or even individuals that are close in age to a parent’s child could be the same ones that will contact them online. Parents should have access to their kids’ accounts online, on a cellular device or electronic device. Educating oneself about how to speak to your children about sex crimes and predators can lower the chances of your child being a target. Regardless of age, parents should let their children know that if any makes them feel uncomfortable they have the right to say “no.”

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Ingenuity, Progressiveness & Forward- Thinking Equals Sightsavers

Visual impairments can definitely lower the quality of life for anyone. The importance of sight can’t be disputed, and it’s one of the major senses that no one wants to be without. Fortunately, there are a number of institutes that are making a difference in society, and Sightsavers just so happens to be one of the best. This UK-based health organization has gone on to do major things in eye health. Sightsavers has issued more than 290 million treatments of medications to fight infectious eye diseases, and it has totally wiped-out trachoma in the nation of Ghana.

Image result for sightsavers

By sparing a person’s sight, that person can continue on with his or her daily chores. Africa is known for its great agricultural resources, but many of the farmers tend to suffer from negative eye conditions. If these conditions are left untreated, then these people could suffer from blindness. Sightsavers, and its partners has the tools for success. The organization has been going strong ever since its inception of the 1950s. At one point in time, it was known as the British Empire Society for the Blind. As of today, Sightsavers has satellite locations throughout the world in Ireland, in Norway, in Italy and in the United Arab Emirates.


Helminths, worm-like parasites that live in the intestines, can cause a person to become malnourished over time. These parasites will simply drain the life out of a person, which can lead to a host of health conditions. The parasites’ eggs are passed through fecal matter, which is redeposited into the soil in which vegetation grows. This is why so many people in a small community can suffer with widespread eye issues. Sightsavers is equipped with medications to fight these diseases. Many of the medications have come from pharmaceutical-donations such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKlien and Johnson & Johnson.


Herbalife Joins Jonathan Dos Santos On The Pitch

Ahead of flying off to Russia to train with his national team (Mexico) ahead of the 2018 World Cup Finals, both Herbalife Nutrition, the globally traded nutrition company announced it’s sponsorship of Jonathan dos Santos, to a multi-year sponsorship deal through the 2021 MLS (Major League Soccer) Season. Jonathan dos Santos, along with his brother Giovani, presently ply their trade for the LA Galaxy as well as the Mexican national team.


Herbalife Nutrition’s CEO, Rich Goudis will certainly not be missing out on the World Cup Finals this year following the United States’ national team failed attempt to qualify through the CONCACAF runup now that the company has its star representing them.


“We’re thrilled to be Jonathan’s exclusive sports performance nutrition partner. His commitment to nutrition, fitness and the community is an embodiment of our purpose to making the world healthier and happier,” said Goudis in the announcement of the partnership.


For his part, de Santos will be given access to the full line of the Company’s Herbalife24® line of sports performance products, which are NSF Certified for Sport® and designed to enhance the performance of both the amateur and professional athlete alike.


This is not simply opportunism on the part of either the player or Herbalife, dos Santos through his training with the LA Galaxy has been using the company’s Herbalife24® Rebuild Strength both pre and post daily workout and worked with the company’s Nutrition Team to produce a video showing users how to create his favorite shake the “Banana Sunrise” which can be seen here.


“As an athlete, I understand the importance of balanced nutrition, and I am excited to work with Herbalife Nutrition and its nutrition and sports experts to develop a personalized plan to make sure I achieve the proper nutrition and hydration needed to compete and win,” said Jonathan dos Santos. The player began his life early and showed early promise enough to be invited by Barcelona FC to attend its famed La Mesia youth academy with has produced such superstars as Argenina’s Lionel Messi and Spain’s Andres Iniesta attending at the same time as dos Santos.


Herbalife Nutrition jumped on the scene in 1980 with a mission to educate and sell its nutritional products and programs with the help of its massive force of Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors. Those distributors sell these weight management, energy, fitness and nutrition products in nearly 100 countries today with sales of roughly 4.5 billion annually.