Jason Hope’s Seeks a World With Anti-Age Treatments

Jason Hope is a renowned individual in the medical science community. He first obtained his degree in Finance at Arizona State University. From here, his entrepreneur ventures have involved anti-aging research in the medical science industry. He has donated countless amounts of money and resources into finding solutions to illnesses like diabetes, dementia, and high blood pressure. Jason Hope’s work has been well documented, and there are two websites that further expand on his research and who he supports.

The website Dial Dish recently published an article regarding the contributions Jason Hope has made to the research. In 2010, he donated a large sum of money to the Strategies for the Strategies for Negligible Senescence Research Foundation(SENS Foundation). The SENS Foundation was able to use this money to fund new research ideas and experiment. Anti-aging research involves manipulating little function such as telomeres, damaged cells, cellular atrophy, and the extracellular matrix. By researching the common body parts that decay with age, it could be possible to someday halt their decay.

Information about the SENS Foundation is further elaborated on a recent article on the website Release Fact. The SENS Foundation was founded in 2009. In addition to anti-aging research, they focus on changing public perspective of their efforts. SENS Foundation also regularly funds institutions like Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, and the University of Arizona. Jason Hope fully believes SENS Foundation is the company that will bring in a new age of medical science. Its the collective mindset of individuals and scientists with the same vision that push science forward in ways never thought possible.

The world of medical science is one that inherently pushes boundaries, and individuals like Jason Hope are at the forefront supporting the industry. His donations have helped the SENS Foundation expand in ways they never imagined. From research expansion, to gathering support, and funding future young minds, the age of age-aging treatments may not be be very far. The vision Jason Hope has may not be fantasy for much longer.

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William Saito And His Technology Venture

William Saito also called Nikkei is in the Japanese list of the most influential people. He started doing programming when he was in elementary school and later started his company while he was still in high school. In 1998, he was even named the entrepreneurial of the year. In the world, William Saito is recognized as the leader of authority on biometric authentication, encryption, and cybersecurity. In 2005, he moved to Tokyo after selling his business to Microsoft where he went to establish InTecur, a firm that identifies the innovative technologies, ventures capital, helps the entrepreneurs to become successful and also developing the global talents. He was even appointed as counsel on the national strategy & policy where he reported directly to Japanese Prime Minister in 2012 but from late 2011, William Saito was serving as the Chief Technology Officer at Fukushima Nuclear Accident which was an independent investigation commission. In World Economic forum, William Saito is a member and they named him as the Global Agenda Council and Young Global Leader.


He has also bee advising some several national governments in the world. For example, he was serving as METI, MEXT, MIC, and MLIT advisor in Japan and many more. William Saito has been teaching in many Universities, appears as TV commentator, sits as the board member in different companies and he is also an author.


It was in an interview when he had to answer different questions. He was asked about how his typical day looks like and he ensures at the end is productive. William Saito said that his typical day involves him working with other people so that he could determine the essence of a problem and then find an innovative and elegant solution which will be of benefit to people living in the real world. When he was to talk about how he brings his new ideas to life, he uses ” design thinking.” Design thinking talks of it as his methodology. When you fail early, fail fast, fail often and the most important is when you fall forward so that to bring the ideas to reality.


The current trend that is exciting to him is artificial intelligence. This is where he believes that the world is living in its greatest time for IT. Everything excites him like cybersecurity, robotics, cloud, machine learning an mobility. The fusion o technology is changing the world and no longer fantastic anymore. In innovation, you have to understand the fundamental which is the “failure.”


PSI-Pay Your Number One Financial Institution

Technological advancements over the past two decades, which has been fueled by the popularity of the internet, have revolutionized how people pay for goods and services. In the past, the only options available for most consumers were paying via cheque, credit card or cash. In this modern age, we now have access to digital wallets, which hold our funds.




The main problem with these digital wallets is that most of them are not as well regulated as traditional banks. PSI Pay breaks from this mold since it is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. While you will not earn any interest from funds held in your PSI account, the low interest rates for traditional savings account make this an insignificant factor.




PSI Pay has partnered with MasterCard to ensure that you can make payments in more than 38 million retail outlets all over the world that support MasterCard payments. As a bonus, you can link your PSI Pay wallet with other money transfer platforms such as PayPal, and your bank’s checking account.




When you make payments from your PSI Pay account, you ensure that your credit/debit card details are not shared with the providers that you deal with. This protects you, and your funds from any unscrupulous vendors who may use your card’s details to defraud you. As with most digital wallets, PSI Pay also handles multiple currency accounts, which protect you from the volatility of the global exchange rates.




If you are a frequent traveler, or if you regularly purchase items from online retailers that don’t use your local currency, then digital wallets ensure that you don’t lose money through the high and unpredictable currency exchange rates.




The main selling point for digital wallets is the convenience that you get, especially when you are shopping. Instead of carrying cash and multiple payment cards, you can link them to one digital wallet, which you use to make payments while shopping. PSI Pay adds to this convenience through its partnership with Kerv, a manufacturer of wearable tech devices.




Kerv has manufactured a wearable ring that is linked to your PSI Pay account. This ensures that you can make payments to all retailers that support NFC (Near Field Communication) contactless payment.




Instead of using your smartphone to make payments, all you have to do is to place your ring in close proximity to the payment terminal and your transaction will be finalized. With its global reach and its innovative contactless payment ring, there are fewer better digital wallets than PSI Pay.

David McDonald Continues To Lead The OSI Industries Food Group

David McDonald, is acting COO and President, of the popular OSI Food Service Group. He has been committed to helping their team of executives attract the most customers to the food service industry. He has always worked with other members of their executive team. David McDonald has used his education and food service experience to lend over 25+ years of expertise to the OSI Industries Food Group. He has a significant role in their international food service growth initiative. McDonald told a recent online interviewer, his dedication is to the success of their growth and feeding their customers a completely affordable, safe and for delicious meal.

Recent News On The OSI President

McDonald has been a strong leader in securing a international partnership with other major food service industry professionals. David McDonald was able to secure a deal with one of the largest groups in the Dutch food industry. OSI Industries has successfully been able to acquire the popular OSI Industries Food Service network. Today, they run one of the largest food processing network facilities in the Dutch industry. They’ve also been able to secure a European deal with the popular EU Flagship food industry professionals.

Who Is The OSI Industry Food Group

Ironically, the popular OSI food service group is based in Aurora, Illinois and serves a diverse community of international customers. They have a strong presence in the food industry with over 50+ years in the food service business. OSI and David McDonald have contributed to the communities they serve by creating jobs and lending their time and resources. They continue to be one of the largest food service groups in North America. Visit the official OSI Food Industry website for more details on the professional background of David McDonald today. Trust your family’s diet to the OSI Industries Food Group.

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Successful Business Man, Gregory Aziz

1Gregory Aziz is the Chief executive officer and President of National steel car, a multibillion rail road freight car engineering and manufacturing company. The firm which is located in Hamilton, Ontario has over 100 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing of quality freight cars to meet the ever evolving needs of the railroad industry. He took over the ownership in 1994 with a mission of restoring it to its former greatness. True to his mission the firm has grown along the years become the leading among its category.


Greg Aziz, the CEO believes that the main pillar of his company’s success has been the people with diversity and dynamic innovation urge together with a purposeful self-drive. He believes for a company to survive as long decades as the National steel car as, it’s important to keep challenging itself to even greater heights. The deep sense of purpose and provision of quality services and products is core to having a loyal customer base according to James Aziz. This has made them be the only North America Rail Car Company ISO 9001:2015 certified together with honorary awards consistently.


Gregory J Aziz explains that dwelling in past achievements is not as much beneficial as pursuing greater success levels and adhering to the urges of your customer base. Greg Aziz’s vast knowledge and ambition has led to the massive growth of the company, he has led them into beneficial collaboration with other multibillion companies that seek their service all this owed to the fact that they offer quality products and services hence the customers become loyal to them. For instance, Canpotex selected National Steel car to manufacture for them 700 Railcars for Potash shipments recently.


James Aziz was very proud of their 20 years collaboration with Canpotex since these shows that they have believed in them along all those years to manufacture quality products. Through these collaborations James Aziz has been able to employ even more worker hence helping grow the employment levels in the local province. Consistent contracts means consistent revenues to the firm hence he has been at the forefront of ensuring customers get the best quality each so as they can be motivated to be clients again and again. See Related Link for more information.

Netpicks advice on Online Currency Trading

When online currency trading was still in its formative stages, Netpicks was already giving insight into how the business takes place. The company was formed in 1996 and was one of the pioneer companies to venture into currency trading. Its headquarters are in Irvin in Texas, USA. Its primary objective is to help traders achieve success in their financial activities and more so on currency trading. Under the leadership of Mark Soberman, the company has been instrumental in providing helpful information to traders and ensuring that they understand the nitty-gritty of online trading.

According to Netpicks, forex trading (also FX trading) involves trading in currency pairs where traders trade in price movements of currencies. Further, traders can trade over the counter in major cities such as London, Sydney, Paris, and New York. Netpicks also provides charts and live signals for traders to correctly predict the movement of currencies. Netpicks makes it known that trading can happen on the spot or through future markets. Mostly, traders prefer the former because profits are instant, as compared to the latter where one has to wait for longer to make money, see (Crunchbase.com).

Netpicks further affirms that trading in currency pairs has become widespread due to the liquidity that the forex market offers: on any given day, FX trading volume is based on trades equaling 5.2 trillion dollars. However, forex trading provides few options for investors as there are only a few paired currencies. The most common are the pound sterling versus the United States dollar (GBP/USD), the Australian dollar versus the United States dollar (AUD/USD), the euro versus the yen (EUR/JPY), and the United States dollar versus the Swiss franc (USD/CHF).

To maximize the chances of making profits on online currency trading, Netpicks advises traders to have prior knowledge about the forex market. Moreover, traders ought to understand that various factors contribute to currency change. Some elements are monetary policies, political news, and economic reforms. With sufficient information and ability to make decisions free of emotions, one is likely to make money as an online trader.


Founder of MT. Gox and co-founder of stellar, Jed McCaleb has a vision for the world. In his interview with NBC, he stated the vision. The concept is a single system payment method that will serve the world as a whole and one that will be powered by Blockchain.

Moreover, he envisioned a hybrid system that will incorporate the payment of fiat currencies that will be made able by and facilitated via the Blockchain.

There is a possibility that the blockchain technology of Stellar could ignite and hold a ‘Universal Payments Network that will be able to process both traditional assets by the year 2028. An instance is the stocks and shares and other forms of payments that will be available at the time.

The Stellar Lumens (XLM) is Stellar’s network’s token, and it has taken up the lightning network that will be vital in preventing future drawbacks. The action has brought the attention of the world and got press coverage.

McCaleb has a great resume that can help strengthen and spread believe in his vision for Stellar’s technology impacting international financial systems. He started MT. Gox Bitcoin exchange and the fact that he has led Stellar as its CEO gives credibility to his opinion and makes him the very instrumental person in the company.

He commented that currently, the system of finance does not tap the market about the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) phenomenon. Despite Autonomous Next crediting it for raising $9 billion in four years, ICOs have been a den to host fraudsters, raising funds and keeping the investors in the dark.

According to Finance Magnates, the fraudsters’ menace has caught the attention of regulators across the globe although token sales fans protest saying that there is a representation of a recent model of fundraising.

Apart from the two mentioned companies, Jed McCaleb has also founded Code Collective, Metal Machine and Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) has enlisted his advisory services.

MIRI exists to oversee the inventions of smarter-than-human intelligence and is not only a nonprofit organization but has also had a positive impact.

When cofounding Stellar Development foundation, he had a hope of economic involvement of every person on earth. He saw that there could be more commercial potential in the world that was being hindered by outdated infrastructure that exists in the financial systems.

Learn more by going to this site: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/21/an-early-bitcoin-pioneer-predicts-how-the-blockchain-will-change-banking.html

William Saito; You Need to be Persistent and Committed to Succeed in Business

If you want to be successful in business, then perhaps you need to understand some basics like character and discipline. With that said most successful business professionals have succeeded in business because of their commitment as well. In this article, the primary focus is on William Saito, a Japanese-American who has often been defined as a successful tech-guru with a modest background. Also known for his contribution to the cyber-tech industry, Saito is one entrepreneur that every young professional should be eyeing.

Background Data

Growing up in CA, William Saito was brought up by loving parents. His father put in a lot of work to homeschool him. At the same time, he would follow up his son’s progress in school. That way, he was able to keep tabs with his performance. In one of those meetings where he was following up on Saito’s school work, he was instructed to get him a personal computer because that way, he would be able to improve his performance in mathematics as well as sciences. Although Saito was good with gadgets, he was relatively weak in languages. However, that did not stand in his way as he overcame his weaknesses and ventured into technology.

Joining the Tech World

At ten years, William Saito was deeply submerged in the world of technology. He would ask questions regarding how a particular gadget functions even if he was not interested in using it. At the same age, he started a small computer firm called I/O Software, a computer-based company that provided tech services to different clients. Of course, that moment defined his career path as the likes of Microsoft now wanted to poach him or purchase his company. After running the firm successfully for years, he sold it to Microsoft in 2000.

More on William Saito

Saito’s story is that one narrated with a lot of passion. Not only was he smart when it came to technology but he also made sure that he focused on his strong areas and technology and business they were. From how he managed to maneuver his way into the industry, it is clear that he was driven to perform better out of the passion and persistence he had. In fact, he recounted the fact that he never even had a clear understanding of English but managed to find his way to some of the leading tech industries. It is evident that with passion, everything in life can be achieved.


Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert invests in human resource and technology

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert has a good track record of managing multi-billion businesses. He is the former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. In his position as the CEO of this company, he achieved a lot. One of the biggest achievements he made was taking the company through the financial crisis of 2008 without making huge losses as it happened with many industries. As the CEO of UTC, he was in charge of many other businesses that run under the company’s umbrella, In fact, UTC is a conglomerate business which has many multi-billion companies under its name.

As the CEO of UTC, Louis Chenevert made sure that the company remained highly productive at all times. One of the things he did was to ensure that the technology and human resource were well deployed, he recognized that if these two failed, there was no way the company would remain competitive, technology in the aerospace industry matters a lot. If no innovations are being made in the industry, there is no way a business can remain competitive. Louis Chenevert ensured that the production departments in the company were using the latest technology. What was even more necessary was for the company to apply unique technologies which would help it to beat the competitors in their own game.

The other thing was the human resource. Louis Chenevert knew that no matter how good technology was, it would not take the role of the human being; some people are still supposed to oversee production and running of other business operation. Louis Chenevert ensured that all workers in the company were financed to pursue further education. He also supported the education of brilliant students in the United States. As a result of his plans, many workers were able to grow their skills while still working for the firm.

The growth of UTC in the last one decade has a huge contribution of this man. He worked very hard to see the company grow and he is happy that his legacy in the firm is still intact few years later. His approach to management of the business inspires many people including the current CEO.


NGP VAN has Changed People’s Lives

The advancement in technology has brought a massive evolution in all the fields that it applies. The political field has been the latest beneficiary of this progress in technology especially when it comes to campaigns. Those involved can now easily conduct their campaigns from their comfort zones as long as they have the right and qualified individuals at work. NGP VAN is one technology company that offers these kinds of services and sees to it that candidates of political positions get whatever they seek for their campaigns. The company has its headquarters in Washington DC, and it is mostly depended on by the Democratic Party. It was the company behind President’s Obama’s campaign which facilitated his re-election in both terms being 2008 and 2012. NGP VAN has gained popularity for its influence in the social media platforms it creates and ownership of big data which enables them to cover all their clients’ needs effectively. Additionally, it upgrades constantly to make sure that it is in line with current trends and therefore offers services that are up to date and the targeted people relate to them without a struggle. For campaigns, whatever information that needs to relay has to be done precisely to make sure that nothing is left out and does not take up a lot of time to get digested by the readers and on that part, NGP VAN delivers.


Apart from politics, the NGP VAN Company also offers a technological platform for conducting fundraisers, organization and social networks for charitable organizations, federal governments as well as other private institutions. In that case, the company makes it easy for such organizations to plan for such events without being involved physically. On its part, the NGP VAN Company has played a vital role in gender equality as it appreciates the women who work in the field of technology which is thought by many to be a man’s world. Besides, the company has facilitated the people to exercise their patriotic right of voting especially those who are discriminated against for their choice of life like the lesbians and gays. The fact that they can contribute towards such exercises without being shunned means that is a battle won towards such kind of discrimination thanks to NGP VAN’s creation of software where such people can be accommodated.