Wen’s Conditioning Treatment Proves Hair Benefits

In a recent article, a young woman decides to test out a highly buzzed product called Wen Conditioning Treatment. This treatment created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean is a shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment all in one bottle. Miraculously, this is meant to take on all three roles and minimize the amount of time it takes to manage thin, unruly or damaged hair. She discusses the results of the experiment on a site.
The woman conducting the week long trial has very thin hair that is hard to style so she was hoping to increase the volume and make it easier to manage. After the first wash alone, she noticed that while massaging the Wen hair conditioner into her tresses, she could feel more volume immediately. Throughout the week, her biggest tip to give was that when you use it at night and sleep on it, it can cause greasy roots. The best way to use this conditioning treatment is to wash and style in the morning. By the end of the experiment, she was receiving compliments about newfound shine, and her hair looked healthier and more voluminous.

Wen hair by Chaz (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html) is a great product for those looking for a health hair boost. If your hair prices to be unmanageable or hard to style, Wen will add some new volume and make your styling time a lot quicker. Give Wen a try today, and get real healthy results! It is available online via Ebay.com.

Helane Morrison Contributions in The Corporate World.

In 2008, the world experienced a financial crisis. Most of the nations, especially in the industrialized world were affected. The crisis started from the United States then gradually spread to the rest of the world. Most of the financial institutions in the world were affected, and most of them had to run to their governments for help. After the crisis, many irregularities were discovered in these institutions. Most of them did not have employees who were honest and qualified, and this was one of the reasons for the crisis. A lot of money had been stolen by employees, and the papers clearly misappropriation.
There is one person who has proven that it is possible to remain loyal and honest to the employer all the time. Her name is Helane Morrison. Helane is a very successful and popular lawyer who is based in the United States of America. Helane’s contributions in the corporate world are highly appreciated, and she is considered as one of the most influential individuals who ever served in this department.
Helane began her career in journalism before getting other positions. Several years ago, she was appointed to become the managing director of the Securities and Exchange Commission that is based in San Francisco. In this position, the determined and successful lawyer has done a lot to bring sanity and order. She is very optimistic that by the end of her tenure, integrity and the proper ethics will be upheld by everyone. At the moment, she is the first woman to have held that position in the country.
Her promotion to this position was something she did not expect. Mr. Arthur Levitt, made the important announcement, changing the live of the lawyer. The position of district chief is quite senior, and it is also considered to be one of the most corrupt in the country. Since her appointment was made, Helane has worked together with the rest of the employees, creating a good team that has made a lot of positive changes. She is in charge of the office, and she is dedicated to ensure that the place is free from corruption. After getting the appointment, the lawyer has put the corrupt employees in jail and also released other who was not given a fair trial. She remains one of the most influential people in the department, setting a good example that women can become very successful and get important positions.

ClassDojo Raises $21 Million to Spread the Growth Mindset to Students and Parents

Some people may recall the name Class Dojo from the Techcrunch awards last year. Jessica Livingston of Y Combinator and Alex Wilhelm of TechCrunch announced ClassDojo as the 2015 Best Education Startup of the year at the 8th annual “Crunchies Awards.” That is actually saying something significant beyond its merit of winning the most coveted spot of any educational startup. It’s win was heightened as there were more education startups last year in 2015 than in any previous year. There’s no doubt that education is big business and growing in the tech field by leaps and bounds. It’s now normal for children in primary school to use an iPad as part of the daily curriculum.

But ClassDojo allows teachers a platform to reach out to include parents in their child’s education on a daily, or as needed basis. Two weeks ago it was reported in TechCrunch that ClassDojoraised its second round of funding to the tune of $21 million dollars. And while the headline read that the platform makes parent teacher meetings obsolete, the argument could be made that it increases parent teacher communication on a daily basis exponentially.

That’s not to say that teachers will communicate with parents on an everyday basis, but they have the capability built in to the platform. So if your child is struggling with something at school think about how nice a direct line of communication with their teacher is. Parents can receive messages via their cell phones and can reply in return.

ClassDojo puts Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck’s discovery to work; when kid’s receive input that their brains are very malleable and that their abilities can be developed such that learning is a welcomed challenge. ClassDojo uses separate avatars for each child so that parents can look into their children’s day in real time and read how they are doing. Going far beyond just double checking for homework, ClassDojo gives teachers an easy option of reporting on anything that the child is experiencing during the school day.

While ClassDojo is built around the premise of a growth mindset method of teaching, its communication abilities are unparalleled. Now teachers can upload videos of activities or explanations on homework. Teachers can send text messages and photos and really engage both child and parents in a way not possible before. ClassDojo is already in use by half the U.S. public schools, and is being used in over 180+ countries, further founding the success of the platform.

ClassDojo is set to change the mindset of children to empowerment, but offers the most powerful form of engagement in connecting school, student, teacher and home.

Dog Food Quality Expands

The dog food industry has changed in so many different ways. There are going to be a lot of people that like high quality dog food for their pets. I have seen the way that dog food is shaping up, and I think that there are so many avenues for people to explore with high quality dog food.
I have seen the way that the dog food industry has evolved. It has been interesting to see how premium dog food has improved over the years. There are companies that are actually giving customers the ability to make their own pet food. That is the new era of dog food today. Most people won’t go online on twitter to pick their own ingredients, however, because they have too much to do. There are already too many different brands sold on Amazon to consider at this time.

The good thing about all of this is that there are some companies that have become staples in the dog food industry. You don’t have to ask if they are producing quality dog food because it is evident. That is what I have discovered with Beneful. This is the company that has taken quality dry dog food (https://www.beneful.com/products/dry-dog-food/) to a whole new high. I have been quite impressed with the way that vegetables are put into the mix with all the Beneful Chopped Blends choices that are out there. It is good to see these types of powerful dog foods with rich vitamins.

I have been fortunate enough to see how dogs have really gravitated towards quality foods like the ones that have been presented by Beneful. This is a company that has managed to even add fruit to dog food. The apple fruit accents were very impressive. I would say that this is something that allowed me to gained a huge amount of faith in the direction that Beneful was going with quality dog food. I have been assured that this company is concerned about the health of animals.

Dog food has always been costly, but Beneful makes it affordable. With quality and affordability I get all I need with Beneful.

Striking Gold in Turkey

With a company that already spans over 35 countries, Bernardo Chua founder and CEO of Organo Gold excitedly tells of his latest endeavor to expand into Turkey. It is a conquest that Bernardo Chua has been waiting for, as the center of exotic and delicious coffee since the 15th century Turkey offers a unique foothold into various surrounding countries allowing more ease of access in distribution to thirsty customers. Organo Gold will debut a product line featuring many of their well known products including gourmet black coffee, gourmet hot chocolate, gourmet mocha, gourmet latte as well as their much loved espresso line. With modern society suddenly more conscientious about eating more nutritious foods, Organo Gold plans to provide signature coffee for those with healthy active lifestyles.

CrunchBase tells us Bernardo Chua started his company back in the Philippines where he was raised with a keen knowledge of ganoderma passed down to him through his Chinese heritage. Though very few would look at mushrooms and consider them useful for coffee or tea, the health benefits of Ganoderma Lucidium has long been lauded by holistic Chinese medicine for centuries, and was even vouched for by the Ming Dynasty’s most famous doctor Shi-Jean Lee. After being motivated by Facebook followers, Bernardo Chua decided to take his knowledge of ganoderma and make it global, a dream we see coming to fruition, so to give consumers a more healthy option. After successfully opening branches in Hong Kong and Canada, Chua made the move to California where he found success as the president of Gano Excel U.S.A.

Bernardo Chua has not only proved himself a capable businessman, but he is also the recipient of many prestigious awards. Most importantly he received the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry, given only to those considered World-class Filipino achievers. Along with the National Shoppers Choice Award, Chua has been recognized five separate times with the Direct Sales Company of the Year Award. Pouring funding into researching new and better ways to market ganoderma as well as ways to provide quality product without the high price tag, Bernardo Chua has his eyes firmly set on a future with his company as the leading food brand for a health conscious market.  BusinessForHome makes it clear that he’s well on his way.

For more background on what Bernardo Chua is trying to accomplish, check out GoLifePro’s article on the subject.  Otherwise, you can hear from the man himself, Mr. Chua, on YouTube.

Kevin Seawright Helps Provide Youth Employment In Newark

Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Kevin Seawright, is spearheading an effort to provide city youth with employment and educational opportunities. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is collaborating with local city organizations such as Newark Works to help Newark city youth find jobs in the summer of 2016. In the addition to the Newark CEDC and the organization Newark Works, a number of other city organizations, local business leaders and government figures have joined the effort to help young people in the city obtain employment and job experience.

The goal of the youth employment program is to secure students living within Newark six weeks of summer work that will be fully paid. This should bolster the graduation rates of local students studying at colleges and at vocational schools. The program will not only provide youth with paid work, it will also help students prepare for college, provide on the job training, teach students about financial literacy and have lectures on how students can improve their lives and empower themselves.

2016 marks the first year when prospective applicants for the summer youth program are required to apply online. Mr. Seawright told LocalTalkNews he believes that this will help streamline the process and save time for both the applicants and the processors of the applications.

So far, over 350 applications already been submitted for summer youth employment in Newark. What took weeks, can now be completed easily online in about half an hour state Kevin Seawright, who hopes that the greater ease of applying will help attract more applicants to the program.

Last year the summer youth program had a total of 3,000 jobs. The goal for 2016 is to expand on that number and provide 3,500 jobs to area youth. CFO of the Newark CEDC, Kevin Seawright also worked hard to provide financial literacy services to local youth by securing the cooperation of two major banks found in the Newark city area. Both TD bank and Santander Bank will be proving youth with financial literacy courses during the summer.

Seawright believes that being financial literate is of utmost importance to today’s youth. This is a skill that will be invaluable to them after they complete school, graduate from college and enter the workforce. The financial literacy program that Kevin Seawright helped to found for the program will touch upon finance basic such as how to open and manage a checking and savings account.  Be sure to follow Kevin on SoundCloud for further updates.

Don’t Leave Your Email Marketing Without Video

The use of video in marketing is growing exponentially. According to a study by the Relevancy Group LLC, utilizing video in email marketing campaigns has increased revenues by nearly 40 percent, yet in the survey, only 25 percent are incorporating video into their campaigns.

The writing’s on the wall. More than 60 hours of video are uploaded on to YouTube alone every minute. Smartphones now match the use of Desktops and Laptops among 18 to 34 year olds, and the wave of multimedia vying for the attention of the user has made video usage critical for the Email Marketer to stay competitive.

Video in email can increase open rates by as much as 20 percent and increase click through rates up to three fold. Simply put, not including video in email marketing efforts is leaving money on the table.

Strategies to include video can seem uncomfortable at first, as it is with all change, but Talk Fusion makes the transition easy to give your organization the edge it needs to survive.

Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO Bob Rena simplified the process by creating more than 1000 templates to be used for virtually any occasion, so starting out is as easy as cut and paste. Marketers also have the ability to create their own templates as they become more proficient for fresh, unique content.

Since the foundation of Talk Fusion in 2007, it has grown to become the 8th largest online video content provider in the world, helping marketers become more effective daily.

If you haven’t stepped in to the world of engaging your potential customers with video marketing, you owe it to yourself to investigate what Talk Fusion has to offer.

Source: http://hellotesla.com/arent-using-video-email-marketing/

Bad Debt Harming Chinese Economy

George Soros certainly is one of the greatest investors and financial experts of our time. The London school of economic graduate on project-syndicate.org has since the beginning of his career contributed immensely not only in the global financial platform but also has established multi-billion business investments across the United States. Soros began his career when he established the International Investment Fund. Through this fund which he managed, Soros successfully accumulated a good fortune. Also, George Soros is chair and founder of Soros Fund Management and the Society open foundation one of the most successfully established organizations spread in over 100 countries globally.

Being an expert in economic, financial and investment issues, George Soros has widely contributed in addressing some of the economic problems affecting the global economy. He has authored many books and articles in his attempt to address issues that are threatening to crumble the world’s top economies like the United States and China. Some the books he has authored include Tragedy of the European Union (2014). Also, he writes notable articles that appear in most of the world’s leading newspapers, journals, and magazines like the New York Times. Additionally, George Soros addressed various forums and conferences on bloomberg.com on economic, social and political issues like the Syrian situation, refugee crisis in Greece and china’s state of the economy.

Addressing an Asian society event in New York last Wednesday, George Soros indicated that the current Chinese debt is a worrying indicator for the future of the world’s second largest economy. He warns that the present state of the Chinese economy is a disturbing situation which brings back the painful memories of the American situation in 2007-2008 that led to the global economic recession. He points out the overwhelming rise of the credit debt on http://www.georgesoros.com/ standing at 2.34 trillion Yuan ($362 billion) far much above the expected 1.4 trillion Yuan according to the Bloomberg survey.

The billionaire further indicates that the Chinese economy is propelled by debts; a larger percentage of the money supplied by banks goes to settle bad debts and sustain crumbling enterprises. George Soros has in the recent past been involved in a verbal war with the Chinese government, addressing the World Economic Forum in Davos; he warned the Asian countries to prepare for tough economic times. The Chinese, however, rubbished his theory claiming he has made such predictions before.

The banking sector, for example, has borrowed surpassing their deposits. The sector is experiencing constant challenges in both the asset and liabilities. According to Soros, the situation is further worsened by Chinese banks lending to each other; this makes the economy unstable and uncertain. Andrew Colquhoun the head of Asia-Pacific Sovereigns at Fitch Ratings also confirmed Soros’s fears. He reiterated that it for the Chinese to continue borrowing when their debt is already unsustainable.

Swimwear and Fabletics

It has been reported in Elite Daily that actress Kate Hudson’s fitness brand Fabletics will be launching a swimwear collection. As of April 12th customers will be able to show off their new swimwear on the beaches and in pools. Hudson admits that summer is her favorite season. This gave her much excitement to be able to launch not just swimwear but also a new dress collection. Not only are the suites stylish and sexy but more importantly they are geared for comfort.

Founded in 2013, Fabletics, had been designed as a competitor for other brands such as Nike and Lululemon. Mostly a digital service consumers of these fashions are able to join a type of clothing buying membership. A newcomer to this is able to buy an entire outfit consisting of either a top and bottom or sweatshirt-bra and shorts combination for only $25.00. After the first purchase the consumer is billed $50.00 a month for the outfit of their choice. Consumers are also given the option to skip that month.

Obviously the customer cant exactly be Kate Hudson but they surely can dress like her. Offering styles for every type of body shape there is a whole world of fashion created by the actress. Convenience of shopping online is just one of the luxuries of Fabletics – you can get more: https://twitter.com/fabletics.

Many different colors and patterns are offered while comfort stays at the top of the list. In addition to the outfits that are able to be chosen Kate Hudson also shows her customers her favorite outfits each and every month. This may help those that are not exactly sure what they are looking for.

How this works is once logged on a quiz is taken. This will help Fabletics to create a personalized recommendation for that particular user. Once this is done thousands of styles will show for that person to browse through. Afterwards the final process is to check out. The growing clothing company gives their customers the option to either check out as a guest or a VIP member. Sweet and simple, Fabletics helps to ensure a wonderful shopping experience for their customers.

NutriMost Uses Technology to Help People Lose Weight

The U.S. weight loss industry does around $60 billion per year, and there are dozens of diet plans, exercise programs and supplements one can choose from. NutriMost is one of the more recent diet programs to hit the market, and Nutrimost franchises are opening up throughout the nation. The doctors who are opening up these franchises are helping people with their weight loss goals through computer-based technology.

NutriMost Resonant Frequency Technology according to woodTV.com is used by the doctors to determine what the body needs in order to facilitate weight loss. The NRF sends messages to the body and waits for the body’s response so that the NRF system can determine the areas where the body is weak or has an imbalance. Based on this information, the doctor can determine what is going on with their client and develop a customized nutritional program that is unique to the client’s needs.

Dr. Rob Vasquez of San Antonio not only has a NutriMost office, he has also used the NRF technology for himself. He was able to create his own personalized diet program and lost 35 pounds in 40 days and over 60 pounds total. Dr. Vasquez points out that everybody loses weight differently, and two people can eat the same thing, but one person will lose weight and the other one will not. NutriMost and the Nutrimost Recipes technology has allowed him and his office staff to help everyone become healthy and lose weight.

Click this link to learn more about NutriMost Weight Loss Program: https://nutrimost.com/members/weightloss/