Becoming the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy

Alexei Beltyukov started in the field of medicine before redirecting his focus on business, and in 1997 acquired an MBA at INSEAD Business School. He is now one of Russia’s most successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Endemic Capital. He has also founded several companies, including A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies, and in 2015 became the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy. is an online educational system that helps students with different kinds of math problems, including graphs, word problems, and equations. It has also been one of the most successful startups in the field. As a proponent of education and a board member of Interactive Educational Services, Alexei Beltyukov had unique insight into what was required to make this venture a success.

The software recently made its debut at EdSurge’s tech conference in LA, where Solvy revealed its potential to educational professionals.

Alexei Beltyukov hopes that this new platform will become a household name, helping students improve their math skills, an area in which American students have consistently under-performed.

Solvy is unique in that it allows students to follow a customized approach to studying mathematics. There are no multiple-choice answers provided. Each solution must contain the steps students have taken to arrive at their conclusion.

Solvy also provides the context of real world situations to enhance the relevance of the mathematical problems in question. With the introduction of various hints and constructive feedback, the online system allows teacher to track an individual student’s progress as they learn.

Norka Martinez Luque: Her Journey to Success

Norka Martinez Luque has a new air of positivity that pushes her to pursue her dreams. She has an inspirational story full of motivation. According to her background, the word impossible is dead. The dreamer from Venezuela discovered her love for music at a tender age. She has always been clear towards her passion in life. She wants to bring hope to the people through her music. For this reason, she has developed a robust base in music.


When Norka was a child, she received her parent’s unconditional support. She began by training music at various music schools while still a child. While still pursuing her education, her parents afforded to pay for music training in piano, flamenco, ballet, and vocals.


Norka went to France to study Business Administration after graduating from high school. She was awarded an Arts degree in Fashion and Marketing. While in the country, she kept an active connection towards achieving her dream. Music was everything that came up to his mind every time she was alone. This is the reason why she is a singer. She kept connecting to her passion tough participating in music. She decided to join a local band in France. Bad Moon Rising was the band that gave her power as a soloist.


When she came back to the United States, Norka met with the legendary producer Emilio Estefan. This was the best time of her life. For four years, she never had a chance to meet with him. She was so excited and decided to approach him. She showed him her piece. Estefan extended an invitation to the studio with her the coming Sunday. The essence of working out in the studio was to develop a discipline that she needed to succeed in the competitive market. Estefan trained her vocals to perfection. He then brought together a team of producers led by Archie Pela to work on the first album Miracle.


Norka feels so blessed for this lifetime opportunity to work with a well-renowned producer. Norka believed that her life was a miracle. She kept on learning new things practicing with Estefan. One of the major songs by Norka became a hit in the United States and Venezuela. The song is a mixture of reggae, Caribbean sounds, and pop sounds mixed with a powerful message. Norka believes that it is the responsibility of artists to choose to deliver the best creation to her audience. Because of this, their audience values their opinion on every matter.

Get Your Home Spotless and in Good Order Today!

Handy, initially known as Handybook, is a start-up that lets clients book amazing home cleaning services online. This start-up was established in 2012 with an aim to provide customers with quick home booking services such as cleaners and handymen at reasonable and relatively low prices. Handy hires and vets the cleaners and handymen and dispatches them to client’s homes through its application. This application allows customers book pre-approved cleaners and handymen at their own convenient time. The online application process only takes a couple of minutes and thus a reliable way to book for household services.

Services We Provide

Handy provides a wide variety of services ranging from plumbing, TV mounting, home cleaning and interior painting among others. Our professionals are experienced, background checked, insured and friendly and aim at ensuring all client’s needs and specifications are well met. When booking for the services, clients are only required to state their location, the type of service they need and the convenient time to get the clean-up. Our main focus is on quality of cleaning services for customers who demand the best. Being in the industry for over four years, we have the necessary experience, knowledge and understanding within all cleaning aspects.

Our mission at Handy is to ensure our clients get maximum satisfaction. All clients are treated with constant attention and immediate responsiveness thus serving them in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally, the prices we charge are favorable and non-comparable to those of other start-ups in New York. Handy is a bonded, licensed and insured start-up and also has the workers compensation for all employees.

Achievements of Handy

Handy is an active home cleaning service provider of over 18 cities in New York. This start-up recently managed to raise approximately $ 64 million with an aim to launch Handy Delivery, an assembly and delivery service. With a humble beginning in 2012, Handy has grown to successful online platform with over $ 1 million in bookings every week. Additionally, the run rates have increased from about $3 million to $52 million and this is a clear indication of good progress. According to, in 2015, Handy raised $ 15 million in funding and this amount was used to hire a new and experienced chief technology officer to help grow the Handy platform. One of the factors that has contributed to the success of this start-up is its ability to make its services accessible to clients on mobile and web.



iPhone Hacks from Wengie!

The internet abounds with iPhone hack articles and videos but this one from Wengie is both cute and informative!


Wengie shows us how to get an incredible macro lens with your iPhone, to enable you to take very detailed pics of the tiniest detail. Next, how to make your own stylus with things laying around your house anyway. Perfect for those of us who are always losing our stylus.


Wengie then shows us how to make an armband to hold your phone while exercising. This takes maybe five minutes and is cute and easily matched to your workout clothing! Following this, a quick tutorial on easing all of that cord tangling going on at your desk because we all know what an annoyance that is! A lego man cord catcher is next, so that your newly neat cords won’t fall to the floor when unplugged.


Want a cool hologram? Wengie shows you how to make one that sits right on top of your iPhone camera! After that, you can make your iPhone in to a black light in three super easy steps.


Watching videos on our phone is something we all do, and Wengie shows us how to make a cute phone stand that doubles as speakers! And if that isn’t cool enough, she follows up by showing us how to make a projector for your iPhone! What a great way to have a movie night at home!


She ends the video with a cute lava lamp made with a few simple items and your iPhone flashlight. It looks great for some soothing mood lighting!


All of the DIY iPhone hacks were super creative and really easy to do and the video is short so it won’t take a lot of time out of your day.


White Shark Media: Leaders in Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, White Shark Media has proven to be the leader of these services in the United States of America. This well-known company offers a variety of services that include web development, mobile marketing and also pay per click management. White Shark offers other services such as search engine optimization, land page optimization and even conversion optimization and not forgetting pay per click engines. The company has an annual revenue of between $3 million and $ 5 million. As of 2015, the company had a client retention rate of between 8 percent and ten percent.


White Shark Media has its headquarters in Miami, Florida and targets medium level companies. Currently, the Chief Marketing Officer of this company is Andrew Lolk. Some of the most notable clients with White Shark Media include Platinum Oro Painters Canada as well as iMarine Inc. and A Star Movers Texas. The company was established 6 years ago and currently has over one hundred and forty employees. By the mid-2016, the company had over six hundred active clients. To respond to its clients need, complaints and reviews, the company can be found on Twitters, Facebook, and LinkedIn. White Shark Media often changes its marketing tactics to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing.


This digital marketing giant was established by three individuals. They were Gary Garth who acted as the Chief Executive Officer and Alexander Nygard who acted as Chief Sales Officer. The third founding member was Andrew Lolk who used to work as the Vice President of PPC. These three are of Danish descent, and their main market target was North America and Latin America. To ensure they remain competitive, White Shark Media maintains a pool of talented leadership and employees. The company also relies on its good reputation that often brings more customers and referrals.


Over the years, White Shark Media has received various certifications and accreditations in the digital market. Some of these certifications include Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner as well as the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller. The Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner is a program by Google Adwords that is meant for small medium business enterprises that cannot manage their campaigns. In this case, White Shark Media has received the recommendation of Google to offer these services to these SMBs. With regards to Bing Ads Authorized Reseller, this is as a result of recognition by Microsoft for their proven record in dealing with small medium enterprises. If you are looking for the best company when it comes to digital marketing, look no further as White Shark Media has you covered.


Eric Pulier is a Trailblazer in the Philanthropic Community

Eric Pulier does a little bit of everything. He is an entrepreneur with a work ethic few have been able to match let alone surpass. The man has founded more than a dozen successful businesses and counting, in his career. He had yet to graduate from high school when he founded his first business, a database computer company. There’s no question the man has a keen instinct for business. An instinct many people only dream about being born with.

Although Pulier currently resides in Los Angeles, California, he was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. After graduating from high school he enrolled in Harvard University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with his B.A. Staying true to his passion of technology he also studied at MIT. Pulier attributes much of success to his technical background. His technological know how and knack for build a business from the ground up make for a deadly combination.

Pulier is also an avid philanthropist and supporter of non-profit organizations. He has been involved with numerous philanthropic endeavors where technology is prevalent as a potential problem solver. For years now, Pulier has shown people how beneficial technology can be for various causes. He is considered to be a pioneer when it comes to using technology in this way. His technical innovation is revolutionary to say the least.

His work as a philanthropist hasn’t gone unnoticed either. The US Doctors for Africa benefit event in New York City recognized Pulier as the top-billed honoree in 2010.

Detail about Eric Pulier:


How ClassDojo has Impacted Education Positively


Different inventions are popping up with the aim of bettering our lives. ClassDojo is a mobile application that allows interactions between teachers and parents concerning school life. Teachers can interact with parents on a regular basis through the app. The app allows sharing of information that includes pictures and videos. This article will look at how ClassDojo has impacted a positive change in the education sector.


About ClassDojo

Class Dojo was launched in June 2011 and has since been accepted positively by both teachers and parents across the United States. Sam Chaudhary, CEO, and Co-founder of ClassDojo has complimented the invention by saying that if what happens in the classrooms can also be shifted to show what happens outside the classroom, education would be bettered on a huge scale.


ClassDojo gives parents, teachers, and students the ability and power to create incredible classrooms. The app enables students to build social-emotional skills and at the same time creates an easy way for sharing what is happening during school days.


ClassDojo Monetization Plan

Having been received positively by both teachers and parents, ClassDojo is looking forward to monetizing the application. Yearly, schools are spending a lot of cash on curriculum and software that is delivered in huge boxes. The application will monetize through selling educational content but not through the selling of advertisements.


Below are some of the ways ClassDojo has impacted education in the US

  1. Constant teacher to parent communication

The application looks like a dark lavender Facebook where teachers can post photos and videos of how the class was, and parents can view the contents at their own free time. A notification is sent to the parents who have the application on their phone to notify them of the added content. Parents can like and also comment on the content posted by teachers.


  1. Parent are involved in what is happening at school

Through the app, parents get to know what is happening to their kids at school. Teachers can post notifications on dates to occasions happening at school. The app has lessened the work done by secretaries at schools of sending messages to all parents to students at schools. Through the app, parents are involved in the day to day school activities as they are involved in the annual parents-teachers conference.



ClassDojo is a critical application that should be embraced with open arms by the world as a whole. Impacting a positive change to the education sector will ultimately impact a positive change to a country’s future economy.

How Does EOS Lip Balm Keep Expanding Its Brand?

The EOS lip balm that is on the market today is the one that wants to reach out to more people than just those who use lip balm. EOS is very good at marketing, but they know that not everyone will use the lip balm because some people are not predisposed to using these types of products. They want to make sure that they have expanded to new places, and that is where their team of innovators comes into play. They are always looking at new ways of applying the same technology to new products.

The company is now working on hand lotions and creams that will give the same kind of relief that they offer in their lip balm. The idea is to create something that will get into the skin and allow it to be healthy long after it has actually been use. Lip balm will come off in most cases, and hand lotions will slide right off the skin because they are not all that advanced. That is why EOS lip balm wants to make as many new products as they can get to entice the customers they are working with.

Someone might not come to EOS for the lip balm, but they might want the hand cream or lotion. They could be convinced that they can use all these products after one of them works, and that makes life a lot easier for everyone. The person that has chosen to care for their body correctly can use the EOS brand to get a lot of good results from their head to their toes. There is no reason to stop at lip balm when there are so many things to choose from. The owner of a tube of EOS can move on to many more products if they want. EOS lip balm products are available on Walmart and online stores like

Facebook page:

Securus Is Helping Us Get Calls Out From Our Office

Securus is one of the prison calling companies that people are using every day, and I know that the video calls that are made from our offices are helping people. I want to help as many clients as I can, and I know that a lot of them come to me hoping that I can get them to where they need to go. They need to get in touch with someone they know that is in jail, or they are checking in the exact person that we were hired to represent.

We know that we have a lot of clients who are coming in because they have no other options, and we want them to know that we can help them with the options that they need. Getting the into a call is something that helps people when they are desperate to keep in touch, and I can get them feeling better so that we can work on their case. It is so hard for me to get the calls done when I am not working with Securus, and I am glad that we concerted to the Securus system a whole ago. There are a lot of people who will be able to call from our office, and even more people we can reach from the office.

There are so many things that we can do now that we can talk to people on Securus, and we want to be sure that can see them and assess the situation. We know that it might be too hard for us to get to every client, but Securus has made it so much easier. They are a very good company to work with, and they make me feel like I can actually reach all these people instead of making them wait to hear from me.



Billy McFarland, CEO of Spling and Magnises, Appeals to Millenials Desire for an Active Social Life

Billy McFarland, the CEO of Spling and Magnises, is an American entrepreneur originally from the New York City area. McFarland is best known as the founder of Magnises, an innovative social club designed to appeal to professional millennials, with lavish parties and an assortment of perks. The centerpiece of the Magnises concept is the black, metal membership card linked to the user’s banking or credit information, which the member can then use at a variety of New York City establishments, especially hip restaurants and nightclubs.

The Magnises card is being touted as the “Amex for millenials.” The perks the club promotes emphasize the millenial focus on an active social life and the generational trend of delaying marriage and long-term relationship commitments. Billy McFarland himself notes that the concept came to him after a spirited conversation with a group of friends. They realized that while American Express was extremely successful at marketing its credit card as a status symbol, the extra perks that came with an AMEX were simply irrelevant to the twenty-something demographic. Founded in 2013, the club currently boasts more than 50 partnerships, from upscale gyms to private transportation services, which provide special discounts and personalized service to members. The application fee is $250, and admission to the club is selective.

The Magnises headquarters is located at the luxurious Hotel on Rivington on the Lower East Side, a neighborhood synonymous with gentrification and the new generation of Manhattan professionals. The Magnises penthouse also serves as a clubhouse, where members can work or hold private events during the day. At night, the penthouse hosts a number of spectacular events, from parties to networking meetings to lectures.

The club has raised more than $3 million in funding since its launch in 2014 and is already self-sufficient from fees. McFarland says that he seeks out members who have business and social connections that can enrich the overall club experience in the form of new partnerships. The young entrepreneur left Bucknell University as a freshman to found the Internet startup Spling, a social media venture which focuses on making content more targeted and relevant.