Class Dojo Helps Students Create Positive And Creative Classrooms

ClassDojo has recently formed a partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Their new curriculum will be released in the United States and throughout the world. Approximately ninety percent of elementary and middle schools in the United States are already using Class Dojo and their learning materials are available in 35 languages.


Recent studies have shown students need help controlling their stress levels. Many students have become depressed and are having difficulties functioning. Surveys also revealed that college students suffer from higher levels of stress than their parents. Class Dojo is helping students deal with their emotions and stress in a positive manner.


Class Dojo gives students, parents and teachers the ability to create amazing classrooms. They are transforming education by forming a connection in every classroom between the students, parents and teachers. They introduce the best possible ideas into their classrooms.


Class Dojo does not believe an ideal classroom can incorporate the old one size fits all method. They believe the power to create the desired classroom rests with the combination of efforts by the kids, the teachers and the parents. Class Dojo feels by giving everyone a simplified way to do what is right wonderful things will happen. They are building incredible classrooms that take into account every single student.


Class Dojo has found the key to transforming education. By providing all parties involved with the tools they require they are achieving success. They are creating classrooms that are exactly what the students require to succeed in life.

The Innovative Photographer, Arthur Becker

Born in 1950 in Brooklyn, New York, Arthur Becker has come up to be one of the best photographers in the world. He went to Bennington College where he got a BA in Fine Arts in 1969. Becker’s career began by moving 18th-century houses of American origin in New England. He became CEO of two tech companies and went back to photography in the 1990s, and he wanted to be innovative by creating images with texture qualities. Check out Ideamensch for more info.

Currently, he is focusing on currencies by giving the knowledge of their meanings and the relationship that the money has to the meaning. His work has been shown in galleries like the Morgan Walker Fine Art, Hal Katzen, Arcature Fine Art and Art Basel.

His real estate office also functions as an art studio. It has a fully loaded workshop having sculptures and paintings displayed. He has a property of eight- unit luxury condo that is going to sell for 52.5 million dollars found at 465 Washington Street. He has had success in the technology industry and is now focusing on his talent in art and real estate. He is focused on creating properties in New York and Florida.

Arthur Becker is a silent partner doing business with Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney’s Billionaires Row Development that is at 111 West 57th Street. He has assets in 10 Sullivan Street condo that were developed by Maloney and Robert Gladstone of Madison Equities. He has of late had properties in Sullivan Street handed over to him so that the partners can have him on board.

His vast dealing in technology, photography, and finance not forgetting real estate has not had enough of him. He is still interested and wants to give it all that he has to ensure that it reaches its utmost.

Mr. Becker has some interests that he has acquired overtime, like marketing special binoculars (Bnox), he collects old currencies as we had seen earlier. He has sculptures of crumpled cash, gold bars in his office, origami animals and recognizable shapes made from paper money. He has memories of his investments in macadamia orchards that gave him and his friend big returns when they made cookies. There are many other collections in his office that he views as important and dear to him. You can visit Madison Partners to know more.

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Talk Fusion: No Excuses, Just Answers

When someone is using a product, especially a product as good as Talk Fusion, they don’t want to hear any excuses. In fact, they don’t have time for excuses. They are relying on Talk Fusion to solve the problem for them and give them answers. That is why they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year award from the Technology Marketing Corporation, which was their second award from the company in 2016. Communication often leads to solutions in many situations. Most things in life can be fixed with a simple conversation. However, as they say, it takes two to tango. Everyone has to work together, talk, and really look for solutions.

With video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, people have all of the tools out there to connect with as many people as humanely possible. They can reach an audience and let people know they exist and they have a brand that is worth checking out and a brand that is worth their time. Once they have the audience, they know they can keep their attention and keep them interested. That will not be a problem. Talk Fusion and Bob Reina have given them that confidence.

When working with a company that is an award-winning company, people can relax and they can know they are in good hands. In fact, they are in the best hands possible. Talk Fusion is the best in voice, data, and chat. There is not really a close second. That happens by preparation, hard work, and having the will to win and the will to be great. That is very much alive within Talk Fusion thanks to Bob Reina. He is leading the way for the company and he is surrounded with so many talented folks. These are people that get what Talk Fusion is all about and what it stands for as a company.

They get “it,” and when people get it and are all on the same page, wonderful things will come out of it such as awards, happy customers, and many solutions to any questions they may have along the way. Talk Fusion on Facebook.


Understanding What the Kabbalah Centre Has to Offer

The Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1984 by Philip Berg in Los Angeles, California. Its purpose varies as it was originally utilized as a research center surrounding Kabbalah, its history, and the religion itself. The centre provides kabbalistic teachings and lessons for those who are interested in the path of Kabbalah and for those who are seeking more insight and wisdom into the religion and how it is included throughout the world today.

History of the Kabbalah Centre

Rabbis traditional believe that the mysteries of Kabbalah are only suitable to learn about for those who are devout believers and over the age of 40. Learning about Kabbalah does not require individuals to know about Hebrew and Judaism in its entirety, and welcomes those who want to pursue another path that is highly connected to Judaism itself.

Some of Kabbalah includes passages from the bible in addition to discussing sex, astrology and the “light”, or your relationship with God. Kabbalah expands from traditional religion by digging deeper into the metaphysical aspects of existence to help individuals expand and open their minds and read full article.

Rituals and Followers

There are many rituals in Kabbalah to help center the mind and discover new paths in life without fear. The Kabbalah Centre has many high-profile followers and celebrities who are committed to Kabbalah and its beliefs. One of the most well-known celebrities to endorse the Kabbalah Centre includes Madonna. Other celebrities who have visited the Kabbalah Centre include Britney Spears, Mick Jagger, Rosie O’Donnell, Paris Hilton, and Ariana Grande among others. Discovering Kabbalah and dedicating time to it is a way to gain access to additional lessons to further your understanding of Kabbalah, its mysteries, and other ways of opening new doors and opportunities in your life.

Understanding what the Kabbalah Centre has to offer is a way for you to learn more about Kabbalah itself in a surrounding that is open and welcoming to individuals. Whether you have an avid passion for religion and the mystic nature of Kabbalah or if you are seeking wisdom and new ideas or paths, the Kabbalah Centre may be right for you.

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Susan McGalla Encourages Women to Take Up Executive Positions

Over the years, men have been dominating the corporate world, taking up all the notable and envied management posts and always having the upper hand in every decision. However, change is being embraced as women are rising to take up positions in the corporate scene, showing the world the great leaders they are and motivating others to step up as well. Susan McGalla is one of these great women that are overcoming all odds and climbing higher up the ladder every passing day. Not only excelling in her businesses and endeavors but also motivating other women to join in and be great leaders as well.

Pave your way up

Susan McGalla started out as a single employee, though ambitious. Her ambition has steered her up and helped her to excel in life. She is now a motivator of women, encouraging them not just to remain in their comfort zones but to stand out and be the leaders the world needs. She now not only mentors young women but most people, who want to succeed in the corporate world look up to her and even seek advice from her. The knowledge and all she learned from her employment, before establishing her firm has seen her propel through her way to success.


Each successful business venture isn’t the effort of one person. To pull all things together and make it in the corporate world, you need to have connections all over and be in good terms with most of your associates. Susan McGalla understands the need for this and in her way to becoming the great leader she is, she formed a lot of networks, which have seen her through.

Have confidence in your skills

Each one needs to trust their instincts and embrace their God-given skills endowed on them. Hard work, determination, resilience, courage, and passion will always see you through any obstacle that comes your way, overcoming each as though it was only a slight set back and using it to climb higher.

Having something that motivates you also serves a greater purpose. Susan McGalla skills have seen her walk through paths that women were evading. She has, however, cleared the road for you by walking it alone. Have the confidence to face your fear and walk the road, at least it’s a little clear for you. Let not men be the only leaders, show the world how great leaders you are.


The Success Of French Wine Regions Is Shown By Its Labeling System States UKV PLC

Climate is not often considered by wine enthusiasts when they consider the different wine options open to them as they explore the different wines available from regions across the country. However, experts at the London wine merchant UKV PLC have recently been explaining just why the different regions provide such a range of tasting options, including the way the climate and soil conditions in specific regions affect the flavors and body of each wine produced.

Looking at the climate of France is a good way of seeking out the different flavors available from French wine producers; the Champagne region differs from the other major reasons as it is a cold climate where a different fermentation process is undertaken to produce a unique texture and flavor. The Loire region of France has a diverse number of wines and varieties produced that include more than 87 individual appellations registered to produce almost every variety of wine sold by UKV PLC.

The growing reputation of UKV PLC has been built on its independent nature that allows the vintners to recommend and purchase wine from a range of wineries and vineyards where the wines are reported to be the best. It is always a good idea to discuss the needs of any individual with the experts at UKV PLC who can look to provide some new ideas about the best wines available for drinking or collecting; UKV PLC works to provide the best possible expert advice for those who are buying and selling wines on the London and global wine markets.

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Securus Technologies is Helping With Solving Crimes

If you are aware of what Securus Technologies is, then you may be aware that it offers quite a myriad of benefits for both inmates and their visitors. Unfortunately, there are still many correctional facilities today that haven’t implemented it into their communicative systems yet; however, that does not mean that you as a citizen cannot take steps that may be necessary to have a role in encouraging the local courts to have it installed. It is a great system that is bringing many people and communities together. Not only that, but it is also making communities safer, as it is a system that is monitored by law enforcement officials, thus, giving them the right to utilize any illegal matters that may be discussed in courts for investigative proceedings. Please do not hesitate to contact customer service representatives if any questions and/or concerns arise. They are fully and properly trained to provide you with any types of assistance that you may need regarding your utilization of the communications system.


Securus technologies has been engineered and designed to provide users with s form of communications platform in which they can chat with one another via means of videoconferencing, also commonly referred to as “video chatting.” Law enforcement agencies are particularly appreciating the program as it enabling them to solve a lot more crimes than they would have had it not been available for them to utilize. It is a great deterrent of crimes, as inmates and their visitors are both made aware that their chest sessions may be monitored. It’s servers are absolutely safe, secure, and fast. One should not confuse Securus Technologies for an ordinary video chatting program, as it has been specially made to benefit both inmates and those who would have visited them physically at their correctional facility.


Sultry Lips Are Available Now With EOS Lip Balm Products

Protect your lips from extreme temperatures and the effects of UV rays with the benefits of EOS lip balm products. They have become very popular on Facebook and among Canadian residents that are known for trying trendy products. EOS lip Balm Company provides their customers with superior protection that last throughout the day with organic ingredients. Popular celebrities like Kim K. and Miley Cyrus have been seen taking the cute pastel containers from their purse for maximum moisture that holds well under the harsh camera lights. Their containers provide an easy store container that handy for immediate use. You wouldn’t want to go with other competitor products that don’t compare to the superior protection of EOS lip balm products.


Evolution of Smooth is a very popular EOS lip balm brand that has several unique flavors. You can also choose from delectable flavors like lemon drop and sorbet. Their most popular brand is the 2 pack wildberry blend. Your lips have the benefit of shea butter that has been used for ages to heal the skin and jojoba oil products that are easily absorbed by the skin. Their leading brand is chosen over products like Chapstick because they provide an all-natural blend. They provide superior moisture that allows your lips to be ultra-smooth with your first application.


Win over that blind date with great fragrances like Mint Kisser or Purple Sorbet. You can order their products exclusively off of the Evolution of Smooth website ( or you can visit the beauty care aisle of your favorite retailer for purchasing options. Transform your dull dry lips and say goodbye to cracked skin. They invite you to discover a unique EOS lip balm flavor that works best for you. You will never go back to the celebrity endorsed products that don’t live up to their name. Get ultra-smooth lips today with the benefits of using Evolution of Smooth EOS lip balm products.

Constant Improvements For White Shark Media

White Shark Media has earned a reputation for being a leader in providing consultancy to businesses in managing digital media. But this has required constant Upgradation and innovation. They make use of their client’s complaints to improve their services.

There have been issues regarding clients complaining that White Shark Media is not communicating enough. Hence they have organized monthly meetings with the clients. Next was about going through the receptionist each time to reach their contact person. Thus White Shark Media has provided a phone system with direct extension numbers so that clients can now call the contact person directly. As soon as the client signs up, there will be an email that will have all the necessary information about this contact person as well as about his supervisor. This will ensure seamless communication even if the contact person is out of office.

Clients also complain that the new optimized campaigns are not as effective as the old ones. This can place a question mark on the overall competency of any AdWords agency. Hence the solution here was to give adequate importance to the existing campaign. There is no need to reinvent the wheel for every client. The task here has to be to produce a campaign that is performing better. In the case of an existing well-performing campaign, it is best to use as much of it as possible. This can be along with the new initiatives. The old campaign can continue till the new initiatives developed by White Shark Media start producing results.


Dr. Avi Weisfogels Contributions to the Link Between Dentistry and Sleep Disorders

Avi Weisfogel spends some of his time following the New York Rangers hockey team. Their Youth Hockey Camp educates and inspires kids about hockey. They have reached 10,000 children regionally and host a week long camp for players ages 7 to 15. The coaching staff, alumni and hockey professionals assist with the training and read full article.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the founders as well as the owner of Dental Sleep Masters. He is dedicated to providing assistance to professionals in the oral health care field who want to improve their practices. He also remains active in the industry as a diplomat for the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. For the last 25 years the academy has improved the methods of treatment for snoring, sleep apnea and sleep related disorders. This is an area of specialty for Dr. Weisfogel.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel graduated from the New York University College and earned his DDS. He has almost twenty years of experience in dental care and services. His focus is on where dentistry and sleep medicine intersect. This was why he opened Dental Sleep Masters in New Jersey. He wanted to provide help for dentists interested in assisting their patients who suffer from sleep apnea.

The most common type of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea. This particular disorder causes an individuals breath to repeatedly halt while they are sleeping. This condition is caused by the relaxation of the throat muscles while a person sleeps and the most common symptom is that of snoring. Obstructive sleep apnea can also result in drowsiness during daytime hours. a headache upon waking and insomnia and contact him.

One of the treatments offered for obstructive sleep apnea is a custom fit oral appliance. The appliance looks a lot like an athletic mouth guard and has the ability to provide jaw support during sleep. This helps in keeping the individuals airway open. In most circumstances a person will receive a referral from their sleep specialist to consult with a dentist. The dentist then fits the person with the oral appliance. The FDA has approved more than 100 oral appliances for obstructive sleep apnea and learn more about Avi.