An Insight on Cosmetics Surgery with Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Walden spent roughly a decade in medical school practicing plastic surgery. She attended New York University for her medicine course. Jennifer had dedicated eight years working in New York until she decided to go back to her home town in Austin to be closer to her sons. She had evaluated that Dallas, Manhattan, and Huston had their own decent cosmetic surgery institution except for Austin. Before moving, she thought of setting up a facility. But her ideas and expectations did not materialize since no single client attempted to contact her. It had just been an experimental project yet things had turned out worse than she assumed. Later on, she had two clients booking an appointment after her arrival, and that was when her career sprout up. Interesting to note, it had been her passion.

Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews explains that there was a time when having a woman pursuing and practicing a medicine course was close to impossible according to culture. For a woman, practicing a medicine course meant putting on a huge part of her life on hold for a long time, and it was unacceptable. Luckily today, women are not conformed to such decisions. However, there are few numbers of women in the field. Walden sometimes needs to prove herself to the team which mostly consists of masculine figures, but she doesn’t mind it. Click here to know more.

Walden believes that she is privileged to be in this department of cosmetic surgery as most patients are women. This means that they can comfortably talk to her about their problems in details. She feels like she could relate to their problems and would know the services they are seeking. Instagram Photos.

Other than that, Walden attended Manhattan Eye, Ear, and throat as well as Lenox Hill hospital for more practice and insight. She one of the few accredited cosmetics surgeons in the USA and Walden believes in what she does to be of positive influence.


Avaaz are Leaders in the Making

Avaaz is a civic group that started in 2007, and the organization focuses the many global issues that impact the world. Avaaz focuses on subject matters such as poverty, conflict, corruption, animal rights, human rights and climate change. Avaaz is considered to be a the top when it comes down to global topics around the world. Avaaz is derived from the Persian word Avaz which means voice. Avaaz was founded by the Res Publica, but its co-founders include Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Jeremy Heimans, and Andrea Woodhouse. Avaaz believes in empowering people to see the effects of global issues. The empowerment is to encourage individuals to go out there fighting for the world by tackling these matters. The actions of Avaaz comes in many forms such as forming petitions, protesting, emails, calling, and creating campaigns. Avaaz has supported many causes. Avaaz gave support to the revolt of the Syrian Civil War. They helped the protesters by equipping them with communications with the internet. At the same time, Avaaz gave Syria some medical equipment. Avaaz helps aid the removal of the photographer Paul Conroy. Avaaz gave their support to the no-fly zone in Libya. Recently Avaaz was against the Trump Administration during the 2016 Presidential election campaign. Avaaz still takes the time to tour the no-fly zones. Avaaz is the organization that wants to see the world be better, by having people treat it better. Avaaz believes in not limiting ourselves to what we can do to make this world a better place.

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Is The Perception Of Cancer Treatment In The US False?

Childhood cancer can be treated nowadays in an very high ratio of cancer cases. Often the beginning moments are intense, with fast-growing tumors that develop in just days. For example, some leukemia and cancers of the lymphatic system. But they are likewise those quickly enlarging tumors that are better responsive to chemotherapy, showing improvement as quickly as they emerged.

Regrettably, these themes are sometimes less likely. There are childhood tumors that are tolerant to treatments, and become aggravated, resulting in the reverse, so that children occasionally die of cancer. It is in these imperative situations where the urge to do anything, originates in the parent. If you truly need a second perspective I would recommend the providers of pediatric oncology in the best cancer treatment hospitals in the world, which consequently are all in the US.

If there is the least likelihood of real treatment elsewhere, despite however remote it is, no doubt that these teams will not only recommend them to you, but will provide any contact. So be sure to take your speculation to the best cancer physicians in the world. Many times, and with the best intentions, grievous errors are made because of a wrong approach. One thing is to ask for a second opinion , which can be a great help, and quite another to assume that there is only one site or a handful of places in the world where there is a solution. Almost as if it were a well kept secret, and that the life of a person depends on it to find that site or the ‘super specialist’ able to get a treatment that is unlikely for the rest.

I suppose that a significant reason for that feeling is several hospitals, usually American Hospitals, have achieved much reputation following cases of celebrities who have come to be in them. It is ok to think that if persons with money and many contacts do so, in confidence. In fact, the reason here is supported, the rich have inevitably made the right decisions. Usually, however, they are well – advised individuals who are in a position to decide more accurately.

JHSF Undergoing Massive Positive Change Under Jose Auriemo Neto

JHSF is one of the most famous real estate firms in Brazil and was established in the year of 1972. The company has made its mark in the country’s real estate landscape and has developed hundreds of landmark residential and commercial properties. Over the years, the company has evolved and understood the requirements of the contemporary customers. JHSF is well-known among the consumers to develop features that are luxurious in nature and design and offer a wide array of amenities to the end users.

The company has many shopping malls that it has developed, which includes the Cidade Jardim Shopping Complex in Sao Paulo, Bela Vista in Salvador, Ponta Negra Shopping Complex in Manaus, Metro Tucuruv in Salvador, and much more. The retail and shopping mall management scene along with other ongoing projects of the company are overseen and managed by Jose Auriemo Neto, who is also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the JHSF Real Estate Development firm.

Jose Auriemo Neto administers the retail business of the company and helps in promoting it as well as implementing ways to expand the company’s retail business. The company builds commercial and residential properties, including commercial airports, in corporations, shopping malls, residential complexes, and more. Under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto, the company’s operation has expanded to many other countries and regions, including Punta Del Este, Salvador, Miami, New York, and more. The primary aim of the company is to reach out to further audience and develop properties that are suitable for the new buyers. The business strategy of JHSF has undergone massive change under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto and has helped the company to expand its business and more information click here.

Jose Auriemo Neto to expand the company’s operation and business outreach has relocated to the United States. The fact that he would be staying in the United States for an extended period can be judged by the fact that he has moved with his family, and his children have also taken admission in the local New York Schools. As the JHSF is developing properties in New York, Jose Auriemo Neto wants to oversee the progress and market it under personal supervision and JHSF’s lacrosse camp.

Positive leadership skills of Anthony Petrello

Nabors Industries led by Anthony Petrello is a well-known and well-represented company across the globe. The company is well-known because of the leadership and the fact that the current CEO is a hard working individual who strives to achieve the best. One of the features making Anthony an effective CEO is that he is an organized person. There are various departments in the organization, and Anthony has made sure that all the departments have leaders and effective ones for that matter. Running operations in an international company is not an easy task for one person. In this case, Tony chose to create a team of leaders who assist him to run the company. He made sure that all the members of the team have well-rounded knowledge and experience in the departments they are leading.

The other aspect contributing to the success of the company making Anthony one of the best CEOs is the fact that he is experienced. A Chief Executive Officer will only undertake the roles of a CEO well if there is an experience. It is not the first time for Anthony to be in a CEO position because he was once a Managing Director in Baker and McKenzie law firm. Before he was appointed as CEO of Nabors Industries, he worked for other companies where he was successful in undertaking his duties. Today Nabors Industries is known across the globe because of his effective leadership skills. Anthony has used the skills he acquired from school and experience to bring the best out of Nabors Industries.


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Lloyd Grove Daily Beast Article on Anthony Petrello

Lloyd Grove was a former classmate of Anthony Petrello. He is a writer of a publication referred to as Daily Beat. Lloyd has written about Anthony Petrello  and in recognizing him he has nothing but positive and good works to say about Anthony. A former classmate is an individual who knows Anthony well giving a clear impression that he has not only succeeded in his career but also in school. The fact that a former classmate knows him positively gives a clear impression that Tony was focused even when it comes to studies. He is known for his success, and the far he has come is not only because of his hard work after school but also the commitment he had when he was in school and to know more

In the written piece, Grove refers to Anthony as a smart person who had a passion for mathematics. He goes ahead to give a summary of the success Anthony Petrello has achieved over the years, and he congratulates him. The information contained in the article makes a reader come to a conclusion that Tony is a professional businessman and that he is up for more success in the future. Tony recognizes that he has done well in business and believes that he can do even more and achieve greater success. As the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd, Grove mentions that Tony can multitask successfully because he is an effective CEO and still has a partnership with other industries. According to Grove, Tony is a determined individual who does not and will not let anything come in between him and the success he intends to achieve.

White Shark Media Review to Help You Make an Informed Decision

The world of marketing has undergone a tremendous change with the advent of online marketing. Most of the companies today prefer online marketing over other conventional marketing techniques, especially because the results offered by online marketing are sustainable and comes at a price that is a fraction of what other marketing medium costs. However, to get the results you are looking for; it is imperative that you hire an online marketing firm that is well-reviewed and an expert in its niche. One of the companies that have been consistently delivering over the years since its inception in the field of internet marketing is White Shark Media.

White Shark Media offers PPC management, link building services, Google Adwords services, social media marketing, and more. The list of services provided by White Shark Media is comprehensive, and the best part is that it provides customized marketing services to its clients based on their current marketing position and their marketing goals and objectives. The company uses the advanced online marketing tools and draws from its years of experience to provide online marketing services to its clients. White Shark Media is considered an authority in the field of pay per click management, search engine optimization, web development, mobile marketing, and more.

As more and more customers are switching to the internet for shopping and buying a range of other services or for information, it is essential that online as well as offline businesses have their presence online. To strengthen the web presence, an effective SEO strategy needs to be made and carefully implemented, which is where the White Shark Media comes in. White Shark Media has a panel of SEO specialists and social media marketing experts, who would listen to the clients’ requirements and objectives carefully and custom tailor an SEO strategy that would help meet their online marketing goals.

White Shark Media continues to update its online marketing strategy regularly to stay in tune with the evolution that the online marketing world is going through. White Shark Media emphasizes on offering attentive customer service backed by visible results it provides through its services.

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Avaaz: An organization Reaching out to the world

There are many activist groups and organizations that focus specifically on one issue. There is nothing wrong with that because 100% concentration on a certain issue can get the job done in a fraction of the time – as opposed to spreading one’s concentration in many areas.

However, Avaaz has been doing a stellar joba in being able to help as many people who are suffering or are in need. And this speaks volumes about the leader and the organization. So if you are unaware of what Avaaz is, let us inform you a bit about what the organization is all about.

Avaaz was first founded by a man named Ricken Patel, who is a Canadian/ British man. As a young child he was always picked on and mistreated and as a result of this, from his own words, “he always understood the people who suffer.”

This truly speaks volume about the man and his character because it takes great strength to turn a negative situation and turn it into a force of positivity. Thanks to his bold actions on helping as many people as he can and really trying to change the world for the better he has been ranked as one of “the global leader of the online protest.”

The organization tackles many issues which include human trafficking, animal rights, poverty, governmental corruption, human rights, climate changes, and ongoing conflicts. The organization is truly a superpower in the realm of activism and is really making a difference for many people around the world.

Changing the world for the better because of negative events happening to you in the past is truly a power and a virtue that we must all cultivate.

Andrew Rolfe Director of WH Smith Plc

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund which recently hosted an Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner Last May. The function was attended by three hundred guests who were treated to tasty foods and great music. The Fund was looking forward to raising some money to benefit their campus in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. One of the projects that the planners were looking forward to supporting is the pediatric clinic that is part of the Campus projects. Its main objective is to take care of the underprivileged children in the locality. The entire campus is aimed at taking care of the young from their tender age until the time they can move on to pursue their career. The gala lasted for the full night, but the organizers were happy to reach their expected goal. The chairman of the Fund Mr. Andrew Rolfe was glad to welcome some two guests of the Gala that are beneficiaries of the Fund.

Among the guests who spoke was a moving Law student who came to the campus after her father made it impossible for her to stay at home because of his drinking habits. Through the school, she received counseling as well as formal education, and she was pursuing law. Her experience in learning law helped her persuade her mother to part ways with her abusive husband. She apportions the success to the Ubuntu Fund and the Campus. Many other beneficiaries moved the crowd with their speeches.

Andrew Rolfe was honored with the title of the President the Gap’s International Division where he was overseeing the overseas operations of the organization. He had previously proven his capability by heading several companies. One of them was the Prêt A Manager, where he was the CEO and the Chairman of the Company. As the CEO, Rolfe saw the company’s transformation into an international retailer. Before joining the Prêt A, he served as CEO of the booker food vice which is the leading contract in distribution and the UK catering Industry. He also led also oversaw the Operations Europe for PepsiCo.

Andrew is currently the Director of WH Smith Plc. He studied at the Oxford University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Politics, Economics, and philosophy. He also holds MBA Degree from Harvard Business School.

Eric Lefkofsky: CEO of Tempus and Known Philanthropist

Eric Lefkofsky is Co-Founder and CEO for Tempus; a company that helps patients in a clinical setting benefit from the treatment of others who came before them. As CEO of Tempus, Eric is helping to deliver personalized cancer care through interactive analytical and machine learning platform, which allows physicians to make real-time, data-driven decisions based on genomic sequencing and molecular analysis. Partnering with The University of Michigan; Tempus, is hoping to provide new solutions to people suffering from pancreatic cancer. Tempus also works to cure breast cancer and also hopes to begin building databases with information that can help people who suffer from all types of cancer eventually.

Before coming to Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky Co Founded Groupon, which connects millions of subscribers, worldwide, with local merchants by offering goods and services, travel, and activities in more than 28 countries. After leaving Groupon for other endeavors, Eric Co-Founded Lightbank, which specializes in making venture capital investments in what he terms “disruptive” technology companies in the U.S.A. Unlike many venture capitalist companies, Lightbank invests in companies all across the United States and not just those mainly found in Silicon Valley.

Eric Lefkofsky, a native of Chicago is a well-known philanthropist and has set up the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which advances high impact initiatives, programs, and research that improves the quality of human life. For human rights it supports Americans for Responsible Solutions.

The Homestretch, Human Rights Watch, The Jewish United Fund, Medical Missions, for Children, Newtown: A Documentary, Personal PAC, Planned Parenthood, The Representation Project, and the RFK Center. For education it supports AUSL (Academy for Urban School Leadership), After School Matters, Citizen Schools, The Success Project, Teach for America, Young Women’s Leadership Charter School, Young Chicago Authors and more. For arts and culture it supports the Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Art Institute of Chicago, Aspen Art Museum, The Aspen Institute, Chicago Ideas, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Science and Industry, Ravinia Festival, Steppenwolf Theater, and more. Eric and his wife also joined The Giving Pledge, which is is a campaign to encourage the wealthy people of the world to contribute their wealth to philanthropic causes to learn more: click here.