Matt Badiali accomplishes great things in his career

Entrepreneurs and investors around the world know Matt Badiali for being excellent when it comes to knowledge in various industries. Apart from being knowledgeable in agriculture and mining sector, he is also a writer who has helped many readers with his publications. He is also a professional who has attended some of the best educational institutions in the United States. Matt Badiali worked in the field for many years, and that has enabled him to gain the necessary skills. He is exceptional when it comes to an understanding the natural resources.

His knowledge and skills in the mining sector have enabled him to travel to many countries to offer expert advice on the subject of exploration of natural resources. He has also used the opportunity to learn because he wants to gain the knowledge so that he can help others to gain the same investment skills he has. He has enabled customers to make informed decisions when investing and they have experienced increased returns. The companies have also benefitted from his expert advice, and that is why he has attracted several investment companies to help them explore the natural resources found in their countries.

The mining industry is not like most of the industries whereby there is plenty of information on the internet. You have to seek authentic information from experienced experts like Matt Badiali. Mining is a professional business that requires that you work with individuals who know what they are doing. Matt is an excellent researcher who has gained a firm grasp of the industry. Through his knowledge and expertise, he has helped many companies to make high returns.

The only best way you can get accurate results is through use of people like Matt Badiali in the mining sector. They carry out an analysis and give you the information that you can use to make profits in the industry. That is why Matt Badiali has been in several countries to help companies explore the natural resources. His knowledge and experience have been of great help to these companies. He has also decided to be offering his advice through the Banyan Hill Publishing which has attracted a wide readership within a short time.

Betsy DeVos And The Government’s Use Of Neutral Funds For Educations

Betsy DeVos looks back through the decades to pinpoint a time when she was convinced that school choice was the way forward for America. She and her husband, both wealthy philanthropists from Michigan, visited the Potter’s House Christian School in their home state. The school was serving low-income families from the poorer, urban areas of the state. It was then that she knew that this would serve the rest of the country well.


She then began her career in local politics. She gained a reputation for being incredibly strong and intimidating. Betsy DeVos helped Michigan pass its first tax credit and voucher law back in 1993, and the current Secretary of Education even tried to change the state constitution to allow for tax credits and vouchers in education.


These tax credits and vouchers are designed to allow families to choose their child’s educational path. Federal, state and local governments would issue these tax credits and vouchers to each family to allow them to apply the monies to the schools of their choice. This would allow American families to give government money to religious schools. And that’s what opponents of Betsy DeVos are attacking.


They say that it violates the separation of church and state, but Betsy DeVos believes the money is being used neutrally. She says that the money is given to the families and that they decide what happens to it. The government does not decide.


So far, she’s been moderately successful as the representative of education in the Trump Administration. Over 40,000 new students have been able to access the tax credit and voucher system over the last year. The programs have extended to hundreds of thousands of students in 17 states. And she continues to promote her ideas by visiting charter schools all over the country including Pit Bull’s in Miami.


It is difficult to see how she has become so successful. She has been near clueless in regards to the media during her short time in the administration. But that all seems to be by design as she promotes her agenda while flying under the radar. After all, she has a reputation for being a strong politician on the local level. It can only be concluded that she wants to stay out of the limelight while the Trump Administration is embroiled in controversy so that she can promote her tax credit and voucher agenda without media interference.


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Jason Hope Is Excited About The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and avid writer. He has his own t-shirt company in Arizona called Jason Hope Tees. The company sells comical t-shirts on its website, but they will also be available on Amazon soon.

He writes extensively about the latest trends in the tech industry. On, he recently wrote about the advancements made possible by the Internet of Things. Many people trust his predictions for the industry’s future. The Internet of Things is a connected technology that syncs different devices. These include cars, electronic devices, kitchen appliances, and street lights. This will likely increase efficiency and decrease waste. For more info connect with Jason on linkedin

Jason Hope is optimistic about the great change this technology will bring to business operations and every day life. He considers it the biggest investment corporations around the world will make. Companies will be forced to compete with those that embrace the technology, leading to nearly every device in the world becoming connected. This type of technology is only used for its convenience now, but in the future it will be integral to society.

The connectivity will quickly go from just smartphones and computers to coffee making and turning lights on and off. Companies will compete to create apps that will become a part of people’s daily lives. The competition will depend on the utility the apps give consumers.

The Internet of Things and smart technology will make people’s daily lives much safer. They will also lead to improvements in public transportation, such as maintenance monitoring and real-time public bus route mapping to avoid dangerous road conditions. More people will choose public transportation as the roads become less congested. This will directly lead to less pollution and traffic accidents.

People in rural areas will gain benefits as well. These will include accurate GPS tracking for emergency response services and better accident location data for cars at all times. All these improvements have convinced Jason Hope that the Internet of Things will great for the world’s future.



Charlamagne Tha God Becomes Praised For Outspoken Personality

Charlamagne Tha God has become a very powerful force in the entertainment industry. He is one of the top interviewers when it comes to Good Morning Show circuit. He has also hosted shows on MTV, in addition to writing a book that landed him on the New York Times Bestsellers List.

There are people are fans of Charlamagne because he is someone that has managed to gain a lot of attention over the years. He has become the type of person that generates a lot of conversations about his interviews. On the air he has a “Donkey of the Day” segment for this radio show with Angela Yea and DJ Envy. The Breakfast Club Morning Show is dubbed the “Most Dangerous Morning Show” by Charlamagne and his crew. This has become what he has dubbed the show. It is a New York based show, by the syndication allows the show to circulate around the world.

Anyone that has access to YouTube can pull up the various interviews. A lot of fans of Charlamagne Tha God believe that he is the live wire that is moving the show forward. He has spoken about a plethora of different issues. Sometimes he is serious. At other times he is comical. This outspoken personality has also allowed him to connect with audiences on reality shows like “Catfish.” He also gained his own show on MTV called “Uncommon Sense.”

Charlamagne has been known to be a person that shoots form the hip. He is someone that continues to tell things like they are. He does not worry about filtering himself. He does not worry about who may be offended by what he says. This is where his fan base has grown from. This has allowed him to create a book where he has talked about his failures and how he managed to bring himself back when he got knocked down. Charlemagne has talked about being fired from a job before. He has talked about the things that most people would avoid mentioning in their lives, but that is what has made a legion of loyal fans gravitate towards the outspoken radio personality.

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Surf Air Teams Up With Luxury Travel Company to Enhance Their Experiences Package

In celebration of the company’s five year anniversary, Surf Air is teaming up with All Roads North, a company focused on high-end travel, to offer something unique to their customers. More specifically, Surf Air will supplement the already luxurious weekend packages to which Members already have access.

The Private Suite at LAX and Founders Card are both offering global benefits to Surf Air Members. The company wanted to use their fifth anniversary as a time to offer some dedicated gifts as a thank you to Members who have helped grow their business to the success it has today.

The Surf Air Experiences are weekend packages that are designed by the team for unique weekend getaways to available Surf Air destinations. Teaming up with All Roads North, Surf Air will now be incorporating special offers from this luxury travel company into their already amazing Surf Air Experiences.

All Roads North has been designing and carrying out the most luxurious road trips in the U.S. This strategic partnership will provide Surf Air Members with tremendous value as All Roads North have great relationships with some of the best hotels and other accommodation forms. This partnership represents another way in which Surf Air is seeking to provide more luxury and value to their already loyal Members.

Surf Air is a unique airline that offers an all-you-can-fly policy for a monthly price. Based in California, Surface Air was started in 2001 and only began flying to destinations within California. The company has since expanded and now offers flights in Texas and has recently offered flights in Europe.

Members of Surf Air pay a monthly fee and have access to the commuter airline anytime that they desire. The Surf Air Experience is a weekend package curated by the company as a unique offer to their customers.

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Diaspora Dreams: The Story of Dr. Saad Saad

The Israeli government forced a woman and her eight children from their home. The family believed that they would only be gone for a while, but they never saw their home again. They were told that now they would live in the West Bank. They could not go back for their belongings. All that belonged to them now were the clothes they happened to wear that day. This was Palestine in the late 1940s. It was just the start of Saad Saad’s life. He was one of those children, and it did not slow him down.

In the 1960’s while at work in a Kuwaiti construction site, Saad suffered a heat stoke and lost consciousness. Once he woke up, he knew what he had to do. Like his father told him he was a part of a diaspora with no country or system to back him up. If he were to succeeded in life he would have to pursued a high level of education, and find a career that kept him out of the heat.

Dr. Saad attended the University of Cairo and obtained a medical degree with honors. Then, he interned in the United Kingdom and moved to the United State where he became a board-certified pediatric surgeon. At one time he was the only board-certified pediatric surgeon in the country that spoke both English and Arabic. Perhaps this is why the royal family of Saudi Arabic saw fit to hire him as a personal surgeon.

But, Dr. Saad was not only a good surgeon. He was also an innovative one. He wanted to reduce the suffering that his patients went though. He developed many new techniques, but the one that really caught on involved the elimination of a second incision. He used this proceeded over two thousand times in his career. That’s two thousand less risky incisions into the bodies of children.

He is an amazing man. Now, after forty-seven year in his field, he is in retirement. A blogger asked what his secret was. How did he manage to do so much and have such and impact? Dr. Saad Saad’s answer was common sense to the point of clique and simple to the point of boredom, but it is worth mentioning and remembering: “You can be anything you want to be if you set your mind to it.” Learn more:



OSI Group Makes Headway In Australia

OSI Group International just announced its merger with Turi Food. The Australian division will now be known as Turosi Pty. Ltd. “We believe that shared ownership between companies with similar cultures will produce a world-class, dedicated team,” said Turi Foods Chairman Sam Cuteri. Based in Thomasville, Victoria, Turi Foods has outlets throughout the state. Turi foods is a longtime supplier of supermarkets, restaurants, chicken retailers, and butcher shops. They are also one of Australia’s largest poultry processors.Privately owned OSI International supplies food service markets, restaurants, and retailers throughout the Asia Pacific region.Both companies have built a strong reputation in their respective area.

OSI Group President David MacDonald says the merger has tremendous potential and more innovative ways to serve the public.OSI Group’s history can be traced back to 1909 when a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky opened a local meat market in a Chicago suburb. Chicago was a thriving city center and provided great opportunities for immigrants to gain a footing.The meat market continued to thrive through WWI, and by 1928, it was re-branded Otto & Sons.For many more decades, the meat market saw success. But a fateful meeting between a Otto & Sons and a little-known restaurateur named Ray Krok proved to be the biggest development in the company’s history.

Krok, who was in business with the McDonald brothers, opened the first McDonald’s Restaurant in 1955 Des Plaines, Illinois. He needed a supplier of fresh beef for his company. So with a handshake, Otto & Sons entered into an agreement that gave them the task of supplying McDonald’s Restaurants.Krok, a business genius in his own right, made McDonald’s into the blueprint of what fast-food restaurants should be. Needless-to-say, the company saw huge success.Otto & Son’s fortunes rose right along with McDonald’s. By the 1960s, the company was again re-branded. This time as OSI Group. They built a manufacturing plant to supply meats solely for McDonald’s Restaurants in the Midwest.Today, the OSI Group is worth an estimated $7.1 billion, according to Forbes Magazine.

Peter Briger on How Wall Street Got Into Bitcoin

Peter Briger, a principal in Fortress Investment Group, hosted a skiing trip in January 2013 in the Canadian Rockies. It was on that trip that an Argentinian startup whiz introduced Peter and his guests to the strange new world of Bitcoin — the world’s first cryptocurrency.

That Argentinian, Wences Casares, explained Bitcoin to Peter Briger and the financiers and entrepreneurs who were his guests. Although Bitcoin is conceptually simple and easy to use, understanding its implementations can be confusing. It’s helpful to have an experienced hand to explain the intricacies of Bitcoin’s implementation.

Peter Briger, a careful man, given to long pauses when considering new ideas, asked Casares pointed questions about the cryptocurrency, but it was clear he was warming to the idea of using Bitcoin to move money internationally. Briger’s interest was in its legitimate utility as a financial tool.

Peter Briger next did what smart men always do — he began picking the brains of other smart men with the goal of getting up to speed on Bitcoin. Arriving back in San Francisco he quickly set up an account at the infamous Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange, and soon established a small position in Bitcoin. He asked college friend and Goldman Sachs alumnus Dan Morehead to help Fortress explore the rapidly expanding varieties of cryptocurrencies. Morehead then set up a small office in Fortress’ San Francisco facility. Morehead hired traders to create a planned fund to help make Bitcoin available to big investors.

In the summer of 2013, Peter pitched the idea to Wells Fargo. They declined. Wells Fargo was nervous about the plan as the feds had seized the accounts of Mt. Gox traders who banked with Wells. But in the fall, in a Senate hearing on Bitcoin, some law enforcement officials opined that Bitcoin was a technology suited to legitimate purposes. Those hearings rekindled Wells Fargo’s interest in Bitcoin, and once again Wells and Fortress began to explore the possibilities. But alas, yet another Bitcoin-related scandal occurred, and both parties abandoned their plans. Dan Morehead subsequently moved his office out of Fortress Group’s San Francisco office.

Peter Briger earned his BA from Princeton University and his MBA from Wharton. Before coming to Fortress, Peter spent 15-years with Goldman Sachs where he became a partner in 1996. Peter is known for his expertise in Asian financial markets. In 2002 he founded and currently oversees Fortress Credit and its over 300 employees.


NGP VAN: Winning Votes-Door by Door

Campaigns in the past ten years have become digital battlegrounds! President Obama was known as the first digital president as his campaign utilized much of the internet to spread the message of change and hope. However, one old fashion yet effective tactic never changed.


Canvassing is one of the best ways a campaign can turn out the vote and reach people on a more personal level. It puts a face behind a candidate and allows undecided voters or non-voters to speak directly with supporters about any misinformation that the opposing candidate has spread or simply to inform them when the election will be taking place. NGP VAN has been the leader in campaign voter reach for many democratic campaigns such as President Obama’s campaign and Senator Warren’s victorious election. NGP VAN has integrated technology and traditional canvassing in order to lead the most effective voter outreach strategy possible.

NGP VAN has formulated specific tactics in order to have effective outcomes at every door. For example, the importance of writing a script that allows you to present the candidate’s beliefs and specific local topics are paramount. The fact of the matter is that NGP VAN is not a polling company, they are here to win votes or inform door by door and that should be the mindset of anyone canvassing.


With the inclusion of the LGBTQ community into NGP VAN software or the awareness to single mother households, the term of democracy has made me re-think what it really means. At it’s simplest definition form, democracy is the inclusion of everyone, yet for a long time that was anything but the truth. Today I am confident to say that there are still amazing companies out there such as NGP VAN who strive to stay true to their word in promoting a more progressive national direction.

Ara Chackerian and Mental Health Illness

Ara Chackerian is an investor who is located in San Francisco. He has been in the healthcare field for decades. Ara Chackerian has an excellent reputation in the philanthropic field as well as that of business. He has devoted his time to ensuring that healthcare services can work along with technology. Moreover, he enjoys taking care of the environment as well as supporting organizations that are promoting youth development. From a young age, his parents encouraged him to always come with ideas, and this is something that he has kept since then. Additionally, the environment in which he grew up promoted thinking hard about life and coming up with solutions. Currently, this is what Ara uses to bring ideas to life.

Ara Chackerian closely follows digital healthcare trends. Digitally assisted apps for healthcare as well as telemedicine can bring about remarkable value to the systems of healthcare. For instance, those individuals are into depression change their modes of communications well as the frequency. Algorithms can help detect such behaviors and help the providers as well as the patients to assess the improvement or deterioration of the behavioral health of an individual. According to Ara Chackerian, it is essential for one to be careful when it comes to choosing partners. In addition to this, one must make sure to appreciate what other people contribute. It is the nature of entrepreneurs to build a whole from many. Check out for more.

The month of mental health awareness is also called mental health month. This month is a significant time of the year because it recognizes individuals who have mental illness. Mental Health America Organization established this kind of awareness in 1949. Every year when this month arrives, several companies support different activities as well as events which are aimed at informing, educating, and helping the people and the public associated with the mental health community. According to Ara Chackerian, in 2016, 64,000 people died because of a drug overdose and a larger percentage of these people were suffering from mental health illness. It is crucial to help in offering professional help when one comes across a person who is suffering from this kind of illness.