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The Rise of The Chainsmokers in the Field of Music

Back in the year 2012, Alex Pall and Drew Taggert formed a band and called it The Chainsmokers. After releasing several hits, the band became popular worldwide, and musical experts are stating that the duo changed pop music forever. The Chainsmokers are releasing their hits through YouTube, and because of the fan base that they have created through the years, their single releases on YouTube accumulate hundreds of millions of views. After the release of their last major song, “Honest,” The Chainsmokers went into hiatus, and it took several months before they had the chance to release their newest single, entitled “Sick Boy.”

The song was written and recorded by The Chainsmokers, and it would be the lead single from their second album. It was initially teased on the duo’s social media accounts, and it was later released globally in January 2018. It was published on their YouTube channel on the date of its release, and as of the present, it has already garnered 165 million views. After the release of their new song, The Chainsmokers is now planning to hold their next musical tour. They never released any dates yet when it would happen, but they assured their fans that there would be an upcoming tour.

The Chainsmokers has come a long way. It all began when Alex Pall met his future manager inside a club in New York City. Drew Taggart, on the other hand, was a native of Maine and he met his manager when he performed as a DJ. Since being acquainted with each other, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart grew close with each other because of their passion for music. The two are dedicated to publishing their music, and they stated that the dup would continue making music for the years to come.

The Chainsmokers are also known for previous hits, like “Closer,” “Roses,” “Paris,” “Something Like This,” and so much more. People have tuned into their music because of its pop vibe, and they managed to get more fans and followers because of how they are engaging them in their social media accounts and other events where they meet their fan base.

Home Sweet Home: A Tour Of Kim Doa’s

Kim Dao is a popular YouTube creator whose channel gained popularity through her make-up and fashion tutorials. Along with her tutorials, Kim Doa is also an active vlogger, documenting her travels wherever she goes. Born in Australia, Kim Doa is a Vietnamese woman living in Japan. Upon her arrival to Japan she lived in a temporary apartment until she transitioned to her new one. The vlog “My JAPANESE APARTMENT TOUR” is a video documenting her home, items and lifestyle. With a running time of just over nine minutes, Kim Doa begins her tour, starting with a mailbox attached to her door. She then works her way to the shoe area, a place where residents and guests leave their shoes before entering the house. It is a standard part of Japanese culture to not wear shoes indoors. Making her way through the apartment, we are shown a very small bathroom filled with the usual toiletries. We are then brought to a kitchen with a year’s supply of ramen noodles from Indonesia as well as a My Neighbor Totoro towel she received as a gift form a host family. Humorously, all her personal freezer contains is a single box of ice cream. After the kitchen, we are brought to the bedroom that, along with drawers and a bed, is filled with numerous clothes, Pikachu dolls, and a large amount of make-up in her drawers. Kim Dao’s apartment is what you’d expect of a Japanese apartment. Small but very cozy.