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Joseph Bismark: Balancing Spirituality With Business


Is it possible to be a successful entrepreneur and also be a spiritual person? Businessman Joseph Bismark believes that it’s not only possible, but it’s the best way to live your life. And he’s devoted his entire career to showing people how they can help society while still becoming a financial success.

According to an article on the blog “Come On Valerie,” Bismark pursued this spiritual business philosophy from an early age. At age 9, the Filipino native became a monk and lived until age 17 at a quieter ashram in the mountains, He then became a guru and eventually became a trusted friend and associate of MLM (multi-level marketing) business phenomenon Vijay Eswaran. Together they formed the successful Q1 Group, which is devoted to spreading their business philosophy to the world.

Even though Bismark is a business success, he still devotes much of this time to helping others and mentoring young business professionals. His GOW (Gem-of-Wisdom) series of books has inspired many entrepreneurs and he has traveled the world speaking about his belief that it is possible to live a successful, centered life.

Bismark found his spiritual calling very early in life. But he also believes that spirituality helped him achieve great business success. And he says that is his primary goal in life. To show others that with hard work, they too can have the best of both worlds.