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Milan Kordestani: The Teenage Entrepreneur Taking Over the West Coast

Originally from California, Milan Kordestani is a determined young entrepreneur. He briefly lived in the United Kingdom before returning to Antheron, California to finish his schooling. During his high school career, Kordestani became more competitive in equestrian riding and began competing at a high level. He overcame adversity by choosing to literally hop back in the saddle after he was thrown from a horse as an adolescent and since then he has raced many winning horses in prestigious competitions such as the Worlds Championship Horse Show and the American Royal. His competitive drive has led him to measurable success both on and off the track, in fact, Kordestani founded Milan Farms when he was only in the 10th grade.

Founded in 2015, Milan Farms was created as a way to provide an alternative option for consumers that want transparency about where their food comes from and how it is produced. In 2016 the Milan Farms name and logo were trademarked under the tutelage of CEO Milan Kordestani. Presently there are three farms across California that provide organic free-range eggs regionally. Additionally, Milan Farms produces fresh mint and saffron. Traditionally saffron is grown in-ground, but Kordestani has innovated a new way of growing the flavorful spice. By using microfiber sponges and hydroponic irrigation he was able to create more plants that are healthier and consistently produce high-quality saffron. Milan Farms continues working to innovate better-growing practices.

Milan Farms was created by young entrepreneur Milan Kordestani. Since the farm began in 2015 they have been able to register their trademark and establish product offerings. The farm’s free-range organic eggs are distributed all over California thanks to the expansion of the company to three farms. The company’s initial success over the last three years has established a foundation for further expansion into more product offerings and farm locations in years to come.