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Learning the Ins and Outs of Wikipedia

As anyone who has ever gone on Wikipedia knows, this site is an open-source community. That means anyone has the power to create content as well as edit what already has been written. Thanks to this information found on Wikipedia is often updated in real-time. It’s super easy to edit this information too. All an individual has to do is go on the page they want to create content for. From there, the person just has to click the edit button and start writing. Of course, this information is monitored so false information will be taken down in a timely fashion.

Anyone can create content or edit an unprotected page. In some cases, though, there will be a lock icon on the top right of the page. Instead, there will be a view source tab on display. A person could still edit this page, but they will need to submit and “edit request”. This means that an editor will need to directly respond to your request so that the information you create or edit can appear on the Wikipedia page.

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With the way that Wikipedia is created, it can make creating and editing information tough. Thankfully, Get Your Wiki is here to make this whole process run as easy as possible.