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The Success Of French Wine Regions Is Shown By Its Labeling System States UKV PLC

Climate is not often considered by wine enthusiasts when they consider the different wine options open to them as they explore the different wines available from regions across the country. However, experts at the London wine merchant UKV PLC have recently been explaining just why the different regions provide such a range of tasting options, including the way the climate and soil conditions in specific regions affect the flavors and body of each wine produced.

Looking at the climate of France is a good way of seeking out the different flavors available from French wine producers; the Champagne region differs from the other major reasons as it is a cold climate where a different fermentation process is undertaken to produce a unique texture and flavor. The Loire region of France has a diverse number of wines and varieties produced that include more than 87 individual appellations registered to produce almost every variety of wine sold by UKV PLC.

The growing reputation of UKV PLC has been built on its independent nature that allows the vintners to recommend and purchase wine from a range of wineries and vineyards where the wines are reported to be the best. It is always a good idea to discuss the needs of any individual with the experts at UKV PLC who can look to provide some new ideas about the best wines available for drinking or collecting; UKV PLC works to provide the best possible expert advice for those who are buying and selling wines on the London and global wine markets.

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Invest In Wine Through UKV PLC

UPDATED May 11th, 2017 – UKV PLC was featured on the! Read the article “UKV PLC’s Guide to French Wine” to learn more about the wine regions in France.

A Quick Intro To Wine Investing

Investing money into luxury, limited production wines is an excellent investment option that is often overlooked by many investors. Research has shown that investment into luxury wines have steadily increased in value. This has led to good returns for the people that have invested funds into luxury wines.

The concept behind wine investing is simple. You buy rare, vintage wines that are only produced in a limited quantity or batch from a reputable vineyard. Due to the fact, that no more wine of that batch will ever be produced again, the stock of wine that you have should increase as it stock gets depleted through consumption.

The demand for luxury wines has also increased. This is yet another reason why wine investing is looking like an increasingly safe and smart investment option. A limited quantity item, combined with increasing demand around the world, is the perfect investment for those looking for strong returns in the future.

There are some important things to keep in mind with wine investing. Any luxury wines purchased must be properly stored. Ideally, the luxury wines should be stored in secure and climate controlled warehouse facilities. This is so the wine retains its integrity or quality. Wines should also be held in bonded trusts in the United Kingdom where duties can be avoided to further increase your investment return.


How UKV PLC Can Help You Invest In Luxury Wines

UKV PLC is a luxury wine broker that is based in the United Kingdom. The company has a team of wine experts that can help you decide on which wines are the best to invest in. UK PLC can also help you store the wine in a secure climate controlled warehouse that will be bonded, thus allowing you to avoid paying duties you would otherwise. You can also contact UKV PLC to set up evaluations of any wines you may already have in stock. If you are willing to sell, UKV PLC can also buy wines from you at fair market price. Contact UKV PLC by phone at 0207 4718030.

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Wine and dine with Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company, AWC, is a London based wine merchant that focuses in the finest and rarest wine. The company was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams and currently serves more than 20,000 clients distributed globally in 70 countries. Since its inception, AWC has focused in superbly fine wine and boasts over 10,000 bottles of the finest wine in the world in its vintage reserves. It has diverse services in the wine industry including private wine master classes, sourcing rare wines and cellar planning.

The company buys wine from suppliers all over Europe in order to ensure constant supply for its clients. This could come from private vendors, directly from wineries, and other sources all year round. Whilst determining the exact age of wine is extremely difficult for an individual buyer, our company has complex means in which we determine how old a wine is in order to offer the best to our clients.

Antique Wine Company has been so exceptional in the wine industry that they hold the record for the most prized bottle of white wine to have ever been sold in the world. It was an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem that was sold for an overwhelming price of £75,000. Stephen Williams attributes his success in the industry to determination and hard work saying he needed to change from selling the life insurance on commission to doing something that will see him receive constant customers. The determination has paid off as his company expects a turnover of more than £20m this year.

However though, The Antique Wine Company has different means in which a customer is advised to determine if a particular bottle of wine is aged or not. They also put emphasis on the fact that not all wine needs an ageing process to be fine.

Characteristically, a younger wine appears to have a purple-ish red appearance. This is a reflection of the color and types of fruits used to make the wine. Whenever you see a ruby or garnet colored red, this is a sign indicating the wine has aged significantly with the process likely having taken a couple of years and it represents the peak of maturity for any wine meaning the flavors are at their greatest.

In other cases, the wine may look red brown indicating it has already reached its maturity and probably it is starting to edge back. This does not always mean the flavor is lost or is unhealthy to drink; it only represents a period of time when the wine has already hit its peak in flavor representing the best aged wine when looking for the most aged.