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The Wine Tasting Company, Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a rapidly growing company that deals with trying and tasting different kinds of wines. They make feeling less stuffy and aim at having people love every bottle of wine that they open. Their guide books and sites are helpful in making someone enjoy wine while relaxing at their home without them having to strain to look for education from friends that can misguide them.

Traveling Vineyard gets to the communities and then share love and passion while building togetherness and unforgettable memories as they work with their clients. In their blogs, they discuss many exciting topics that are interactive the recent one being ‘How to Throw a Traveling Vineyard Wine Tasting Party in Your Home.’ among other news. On Twitter, their handle focuses on wine pictures and the fun that it brings encouraging people to drink wine. They post videos that teach in various ways to make money and how their organization work.

The Traveling Wine Guide recently gave an article about Napa Valley where it has a solid history of wine. It has an excellent terrain for growing grapes. Tourists and newcomers always go there to taste the wine and veer off the paved road exploring the scenic sights and sounds of Napa. There are places that Traveling Vineyard proposed when one is visiting Napa.

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Strolling in the Napa Art Walk. There is 3D art on the site where the art is exhibited. The event has creative work that a tourist will find enticing. Purchasing the artwork will go to funding charities.

Napa Valley Historical Society. When a person goes to this place, he/ she will know how the site came into being and the topography there. This Historical Site collects solid pieces that give the past of Napa.

Round Pond Estate. The fertile grounds also grow olive trees beside having quality grapes. Napa has the best Mediterranean olives that are of high quality producing oils with spices.

Cooking lessons at Silverado Cooking School. Wine and food go hand in hand, so there are perfect recipes in the Flavor Town. The School is excellent for polishing cuisine skills with famous chefs like Malcolm de Sieyes.

Other places to visit is the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park and Auberge Spa where you can go to relax and layback after a hectic day.

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