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NutriMost Uses Technology to Help People Lose Weight

The U.S. weight loss industry does around $60 billion per year, and there are dozens of diet plans, exercise programs and supplements one can choose from. NutriMost is one of the more recent diet programs to hit the market, and Nutrimost franchises are opening up throughout the nation. The doctors who are opening up these franchises are helping people with their weight loss goals through computer-based technology.

NutriMost Resonant Frequency Technology according to is used by the doctors to determine what the body needs in order to facilitate weight loss. The NRF sends messages to the body and waits for the body’s response so that the NRF system can determine the areas where the body is weak or has an imbalance. Based on this information, the doctor can determine what is going on with their client and develop a customized nutritional program that is unique to the client’s needs.

Dr. Rob Vasquez of San Antonio not only has a NutriMost office, he has also used the NRF technology for himself. He was able to create his own personalized diet program and lost 35 pounds in 40 days and over 60 pounds total. Dr. Vasquez points out that everybody loses weight differently, and two people can eat the same thing, but one person will lose weight and the other one will not. NutriMost and the Nutrimost Recipes technology has allowed him and his office staff to help everyone become healthy and lose weight.

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