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Locations for George Street Photo and Video

One of the more interesting and dynamic photography and video companies is the George Street company. Formed roughly 10 years ago be 3 enthusiastic and talented young men, the George Street photo and Video Locations today has many locations. Specializing in wedding photography, their blend of photography talent and organization skills have made them one of the most sought after establishments for one of the most important events of a lifetime.

The way George Street Photographers work is on a collaborative basis. The team is put together with local professional photographer and choreographic people who team up together to make your event the best it can be.

As far as the location goes it boils down to everywhere. On their Facebook page, they have a booking link, and you just put in your zip code with the result showing the photographers who are nearest to your location. You will have several choices, for the most part, so ask questions and determine who you like the best.