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New, Comprehensive Technology at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Any cancer diagnosis is devastatingly difficult to hear and accept. And in today’s world, the disease is so rampant and has touched so many lives that it just can’t be ignored. Cancer Treatment Centers of America touts they treat patients as uniquely as each patient looks and feels.

What is Different About Cancer Treatment Centers of America?
At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, you are assigned a doctor who is an expert at the type of cancer you are fighting. At the same time, you are assigned a full team of professionals that are qualified to help you with the side effects of treatments, maintaining a positive tone, keeping your energy and strength levels up during your treatment period.

Your full team is under one roof and they all partner together with you to understand the terms and progression of your cancer and how it is impacting you and your family every day. They are also known for employing the most current technological advances to seek an accurate diagnosis, the best treatment course of action and then delivering that treatment.

Press Release
In a February press release, Cancer Treatment Centers of America announced a new partnership with both Allscripts and NantHealth, plus their technology platforms to collectively kick off a custom, comprehensive treatment stage for the treatment of cancer. What does that mean exactly? It means that nationwide oncologists have helped to compile a collection of statistics surrounding cancer care information. The data collection will provide the doctor with all the most recent facts about your cancer and how different treatment methods have previously interacted with their patients. The integration of these systems will enable your doctor to:
• Customize your treatment for your unique needs
• Compare the results of different treatments
• Assess the delivery expense associated with each treatment
• Review each option with the patient to best understand the treatment impacts and quality of life.
• The database will remain in a current state as oncology doctors, and nurses will be maintaining and updating the information as we continue to gain more experience with this disease, which still seems to be smart about the way it infiltrates our bodies.

Having this incredible and complete information source at the fingertips of those who know best how to put it to effective use is an excellent thing as we continue to make strides towards defeating this enemy.

James Dondero revolutionizing the financial industry

James Dondero has become one of Texas’ leading wealthiest residents. Jim Dondero specializes in investing, starting out investing in collateralized loan obligations, which he turned into a massive $15 billion powerhouse, later to be known as Highland Capital Management, which he founded in 1993. James Dondero has made some risky calls on industries such as American Airlines to nations like Argentina. Dondero even made money on a bankrupt Texas energy company, that cost Warren Buffett money.

James Dondero is not your average Texas based big shot. He identified as an INTP on the Myers-Briggs personality test. He’s been identified as a introvert and thinker. James Dondero rarely talks about himself. The 54-year-old is one of Texas’ leading portfolio managers. He has become a natural “puzzle solver.” He can work through complex corporate debt deals, identify emerging trends and turnarounds.

James Dondero’s Highland Management provides mutual fund investors cheap access to some of the top investment ideas provided through James Dondero. The fund started by James Dondero is currently at the $894 million and is continuing to grow. The fund only holds 200 securities ranging from a dozen companies from the same sector. Some of the companies include Vistra Energy and partnerships and deals with Argentina. James Dondero’s portfolio has produced some strong performance swings and has been ranked at the top in 2014 and is currently at the top.

James Dondero was born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey. James Dondero earned a degree in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. Just five years after graduating, James Dondero was managing $1 billion in assets for American Express. Dondero launched Highland Capital Management with his partner mark Okada. James Dondero relocated the firm from Los Angeles to Dallas, Texas. James Dondero and his firm became interested in Argentina in 2012, when the country began facing a debt crisis. James Dondero is very passionate about philanthropy and has supported many nonprofits including Reasoning Mind, which creates tech driven math courses for those in pre-kindergarten through seventh grade. James Dondero was also a major factor in the Dallas Zoo bringing back their beloved hippos.

Why Talos Energy Shines in the Energy Business

Talos Energy is a private company dealing with acquisition and exploitation of gases and oil in Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast. The Company started in 2011 by Tim Duncan and other partners with capital worth $600 million received from equity. The Firm has its headquarters in Huston, with Duncan operating as the president and the CEO of the enterprise. Talos Energy has worked in collaboration with affiliates belonging to Apollo Global Management and River stone holding which supported them since 2012 by providing them with equity despite having a financial crisis.
Although Talos started small, WorkplaceDynamics named it to be the best among the small businesses. The CEO Duncan said the success is out of hard work. The private company enjoys its leadership that allows any employee with an idea to come out and present it thus its sudden growth. The company acquired a subsidiary from Helix Energy Solution at $20 million performing excellently in the market. Talos has also done exceptionally well since buying the Energy Resource Technology by showing excellent performance in Wang exploitation. The Wang exploitation was 100 feet deep with massive amounts of crude oil. From the exploration, Talos gets a high amount of cash flowing; oil weighted assets and talented professional who work together for the expansion of the firm. With the current position of winning a contract in the Mexican energy business alongside other two partners, Talos hopes in building E&P Firm in Mexico.
Talos and two more companies based in London have set a record in history to be the first private companies to explore in the Mexican Waters since 1938.The Petroleos Mexicanos Company has for more than 80 years monopolized the oil industry services in the country until 2015 when Mexico allowed private firms into the business. Talos Energy LLC acts as the operator of the Zama-1 well and has 35% of shares in the project. Other companies include Premier Oil Plc which has shares worth25% and Mexico Sierra oil & Gas which has 40% shares. The Well which started on May 21 in the Sureste basin will incur the three companies $16 million and 90 days to complete and is estimated to produce 100 to 600 million barrels of crude oil. Elaine Reynolds, one of the research analysts in London said that the project shows a lot of success due to its structure in the basin.

Highland Capital Invest in Healthcare Sector in Asia

Highland Capital Management in Korea has an affiliate of Dallas company recently developed a healthcare private equity fund for $147 million. The National Pension Service in Korea is the primary investor. Those investing have specific objectives related to heathcare and getting a return on their investments. The fund strives to meet these objectives in Korea, China, and the US.

Highland in Asia is working with Stonebridge Capital a Korean based private equity and venture capital fund for managing this fund. This is Highland’s first private equity fund in relating to healthcare in Asia. Many Asian investors have shown interest in the healthcare sector over the last few years. Highland has many years of experience in the healthcare sector.

Their successful 15 year track record involves investing heavily in healthcare companies. This fund targets middle management health care companies in North America and Asia. The US healthcare market faces a number of disruptive forces that affect middle management according to Matt Jameson, managing director of the fund.

He says the aging of America and increased access to healthcare services in Asia is has generated more consumer and government demand in this sector. This creates a big opportunity for the healthcare investor. Highland Capital develops credit strategies for clients like credit hedge funds, long only funds, special private equity funds,s and alternative investing.

Highland Captial Management invests in the communities they serve. They invest in volunteers, advisory board involvement, and donations to local and national community group and organizations. They have invested over $10 million to organization around the world since 2005.

Avaaz are Leaders in the Making

Avaaz is a civic group that started in 2007, and the organization focuses the many global issues that impact the world. Avaaz focuses on subject matters such as poverty, conflict, corruption, animal rights, human rights and climate change. Avaaz is considered to be a the top when it comes down to global topics around the world. Avaaz is derived from the Persian word Avaz which means voice. Avaaz was founded by the Res Publica, but its co-founders include Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Jeremy Heimans, and Andrea Woodhouse. Avaaz believes in empowering people to see the effects of global issues. The empowerment is to encourage individuals to go out there fighting for the world by tackling these matters. The actions of Avaaz comes in many forms such as forming petitions, protesting, emails, calling, and creating campaigns. Avaaz has supported many causes. Avaaz gave support to the revolt of the Syrian Civil War. They helped the protesters by equipping them with communications with the internet. At the same time, Avaaz gave Syria some medical equipment. Avaaz helps aid the removal of the photographer Paul Conroy. Avaaz gave their support to the no-fly zone in Libya. Recently Avaaz was against the Trump Administration during the 2016 Presidential election campaign. Avaaz still takes the time to tour the no-fly zones. Avaaz is the organization that wants to see the world be better, by having people treat it better. Avaaz believes in not limiting ourselves to what we can do to make this world a better place.

For further information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Is The Perception Of Cancer Treatment In The US False?

Childhood cancer can be treated nowadays in an very high ratio of cancer cases. Often the beginning moments are intense, with fast-growing tumors that develop in just days. For example, some leukemia and cancers of the lymphatic system. But they are likewise those quickly enlarging tumors that are better responsive to chemotherapy, showing improvement as quickly as they emerged.

Regrettably, these themes are sometimes less likely. There are childhood tumors that are tolerant to treatments, and become aggravated, resulting in the reverse, so that children occasionally die of cancer. It is in these imperative situations where the urge to do anything, originates in the parent. If you truly need a second perspective I would recommend the providers of pediatric oncology in the best cancer treatment hospitals in the world, which consequently are all in the US.

If there is the least likelihood of real treatment elsewhere, despite however remote it is, no doubt that these teams will not only recommend them to you, but will provide any contact. So be sure to take your speculation to the best cancer physicians in the world. Many times, and with the best intentions, grievous errors are made because of a wrong approach. One thing is to ask for a second opinion , which can be a great help, and quite another to assume that there is only one site or a handful of places in the world where there is a solution. Almost as if it were a well kept secret, and that the life of a person depends on it to find that site or the ‘super specialist’ able to get a treatment that is unlikely for the rest.

I suppose that a significant reason for that feeling is several hospitals, usually American Hospitals, have achieved much reputation following cases of celebrities who have come to be in them. It is ok to think that if persons with money and many contacts do so, in confidence. In fact, the reason here is supported, the rich have inevitably made the right decisions. Usually, however, they are well – advised individuals who are in a position to decide more accurately.

Avaaz: An organization Reaching out to the world

There are many activist groups and organizations that focus specifically on one issue. There is nothing wrong with that because 100% concentration on a certain issue can get the job done in a fraction of the time – as opposed to spreading one’s concentration in many areas.

However, Avaaz has been doing a stellar joba in being able to help as many people who are suffering or are in need. And this speaks volumes about the leader and the organization. So if you are unaware of what Avaaz is, let us inform you a bit about what the organization is all about.

Avaaz was first founded by a man named Ricken Patel, who is a Canadian/ British man. As a young child he was always picked on and mistreated and as a result of this, from his own words, “he always understood the people who suffer.”

This truly speaks volume about the man and his character because it takes great strength to turn a negative situation and turn it into a force of positivity. Thanks to his bold actions on helping as many people as he can and really trying to change the world for the better he has been ranked as one of “the global leader of the online protest.”

The organization tackles many issues which include human trafficking, animal rights, poverty, governmental corruption, human rights, climate changes, and ongoing conflicts. The organization is truly a superpower in the realm of activism and is really making a difference for many people around the world.

Changing the world for the better because of negative events happening to you in the past is truly a power and a virtue that we must all cultivate.

Former Drummer, Cassio Audi, Comes Out as a Remarkable Entrepreneur

Metal music started in the early 1960’s, and it quickly grew to become a genre in rock music with a unique identity of heavy music. Most of the hard rock music was greatly rooted across the US and the UK in the early 1970’s, and this is where the tempo and rhythm were developed. In the Brazilian heavy metal music, drummers play a very critical role in exemplifying the music, and Cassio Audi was a drummer in the legendary band, Viper, which was highly praised. He played a vital role in helping and consolidating the Brazil’s iconic heavy metal group.

Currently, most people know Cassio Audi as a professional businessman and a financial expert and also as a capitalist guru who was recognized by Sao Paulo University for opening up the Latin America market. However, across the globe, Cassio Audi is known as the heavy metal drummer from the Viper band. The Viper band consisted of Felipe Machad, Andre Matos, Pit Passarell, and Yves Passarell. Together they raised the flag of band high especially after their first album ‘Soldiers of Sunrise.’

However, before their first album, the band had pioneered to demos that integrated British heavy metal of the 1970’s and 1980’s and this took heavy metal music to another level. The media in Brazil was impressed with their songs. Their first album sold over 10,000 copies in Brazil and the band was invited to be the opening-act for Motorhead in Brazil. Cassio Audi started playing drums since he was a teenager. His journey in music career was remarkable and he is still a celebrated musician in Brazil to date. He left music to venture into a career in finance where he embraced the same spirit. However, his role as a drummer is anchored in the hall of fame.

See more Cassio Audi and Viper on YouTube.

Join the Cloud with NuoDB

NuoDB: Introduces exciting new technology, the Elastic SQL Database

NuoDB features exceptional customer service from dedicated employees who will deliver the best available database. This database will command your business and support your cloud programs for your business.

Mixing What Matters

The database that NUODB promises to deliver is intellectually superior to its competing counterparts. The main goal is to zero in on an individual goal, which into having a database that will adapt to change.
NuoDB has extensive connections in the database creation, providing the necessary tool for cloud based applications.

Have the functionality of a classic SQL database be the flexibility of an elastic SQL database.

NuoDB continues to mesh together simple, flexible and convenient cloud application. These applications are often referred to as hybrid applications.

About the Founders

Jim Starkey, a database architect and inventor first got the idea for NuoDB in 2008. Two years later in 2010, he partnered with Barry Morris who is a well sought after software executive and the company was officially born.

Investors who support the company include; Dassault Systems and Robert Sippl, the former CEO of Informix. With legendary executives backing the company, customers can be reassured that the brightest and the best are working on the innovative elastic SQL.

Talos Energy and Mexico Oil Reform

According to the article release on, it is the first time a private company set up a new offshore well in the Mexican waters after 80 years. It is the latest step that has been taken by Mexico to allow foreign companies back to its energy markets. The drilling of the well was a joint venture between three companies, which are Talos Energy LLC, Premier Oil PLC, and Sierra Oil & Gas.
Also, the Zama-1 well, which is located in the Sureste Basin of Tobasco State holds crude oil estimated to be 500 million barrels. The drilling process is estimated to take 90 days upon completion. The cost of drilling is also approximated to be $16 million. The companies won the prospective rights to the project in 2015. This happened after Mexico accepted to open the ailing oil industries to private investors. Furthermore, the structure of Sureste Basin has high geological chances for success. This opportunity was realized when Mexico was experiencing some implications in its energy markets. In that case, Zama will be one of the most interesting oil wells in Mexico.
About Talos Energy
Talos Energy is a gas and oil firm focused on offshore exploration and production. It has a team of experts who have experience in acquiring assets around Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico regions. The technical and management teams of Talos Energy has spent most of their careers in the lower Gulf of Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico region. The technical teams operate with high emphasis when it comes asset exploitation, exploration, and optimization.
Talos Energy understands that oil and gas are the fundamental source of energy and will continue to be so for the next generation to come. The company is committed to innovative solutions when it comes to exploration and production of valuable resources. Talos Energy is strategically planning to acquire, explore, and exploit the Gulf Coast region and the Gulf of Mexico by using a sizable seismic database. The operations of Talos Energy are also aided by deep geological and geophysical experience and proprietary reprocessing techniques.

For more information on Talos Energy follow them on Facebook.