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Dr. Jennifer Walden: a Review of the Texas Super Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been recognized throughout America as one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. Additionally, she has been touted as the top female plastic surgeon. It is a fact that the field of plastic surgery is comprised of over ninety percent men. She is one of less than two hundred female plastic surgeons and one of just a handful of Board Certified plastic surgeons in Texas. Due to this fact, she has a reputation for always going above and beyond to inspire other women who are interested in entering the field of plastic surgery.

Her practice is located in Austin, Texas, with another satellite location in Texas. After a highly successful career at the prestigious Manhattan Ear, Eye and Throat hospital, she decided to relocate back to her home state of Texas after having twin boys. Needless to say, people travel from great distances to undergo plastic surgery and laser surgery with Dr. Jennifer Walden.

In addition to performing surgery to help her patients gain self-confidence and have an overall healthier lifestyle, one of Dr. Jennifer Walden’s biggest passion is to share her knowledge with others so that people everywhere can better comprehend various aspects of health and plastic surgery. She is a regular contributor to Austin’s news scene, where she discusses various health and beauty news and provides her expert opinion on varying trends in the industry. She has also been featured in a vast variety of print media outlets sharing her comments as an industry expert. These include top names in the health and beauty publications, including Cosmopolitan, Shape, Self, the Bridal Guide, Vogue and In addition to health and beauty, she also has been featured as a industry expert on a wide variety of news outlets, including ABC News, FOX News, the New York Times and New York Magazine. She was even proudly honored to make the list of Texas Super Doctors for several consecutive years.

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Austin’s Female Plastic Surgeon; Dr. Jennifer Walden

Brought up in Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon, one of the few women in that profession. The (ASAPS) American Board of Plastic Surgery-certified surgeon focuses mainly on breast augmentation, nose jobs, face lift and eyelid lifts. She also performs suctions around abdomen areas, thighs and even on the arms. She has eight years of experience in this field of work. Before she moved her practice to Austin, Texas, she worked in New York at the Manhattan Ear, Nose and throat hospital. She started her work there as a fellow, learning and getting mentored by great experts in aesthetic plastic surgery. During this time, she acquired some tactics and techniques for cosmetic surgery. She then acted as a program director at the Hospital.

While in New York, she worked at Langone, A New York based medical center as a clinical instructor of plastic surgery. She also had her private practice. The Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center based in New York. She moved her practice from New York to Austin Texas for family reasons. Walden is a member of several American plastic surgery associations. ASAPS being one of them and the other, among others, is the America College of Surgeons. She is also part of the board of ASAPS.

Having been raised in Texas, Walden had most of her education around the area. She had her first degree from Texan University, based in Austin. She graduated with Bachelor in Arts Biology. She progressed with her studies and earned Medical Doctorate highest honors Salutatorian in Texas. This was presented to her by Honor Medical Society. From there she started her externship; she joined the Miami plastic surgery association.

The experienced surgeon for cosmetic operations has received numerous awards to show for her magnificent achievements. She received an award from Kelsey-Seybold Foundation (Houston), an Excellence in Medicine Award which included a scholarship. She also earned the Glasgow Memorial Award that was presented to her by the American association for women in medicine in 1998. She also gained an award for the best scientific display, to name just but a few.


Greg Finch: a Devoted Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic surgery deals with conditions of the skeletons and muscles in the human body. This procedure can also be done through non-surgical approaches. It helps to restore and preserve the functionality of the spine including joint treatment, spinal disorders, and bone diseases. Greg Finch is a talented orthopedic surgeon from Sunshine Coast Hospital. He is popular for his specialty in cervical spine surgery and invasive spine surgery.

The Types of Orthopedic Procedures

First, total joint replacement is used to treat patients with joints that have an injury, disease, or arthritis. The joint can be in the knee, hip, ankle, or shoulder. The procedure involves removing the affected joint and replacing it with an artificial joint. The patient will gain mobility after physical therapy.

The spine surgery treats patients with an increased back pain, which hinders their daily functionality. In this procedure, a surgeon joins the vertebra, the spinal bones. Total shoulder replacement is another orthopedic procedure that helps to treat patients with an injured shoulder. The process involves interchanging the damaged cartilage and bone with a plastic or metal implant to improve mobility at the shoulder.

Greg Finch

Gregory “Greg” Finch is an orthopedic surgeon who has training in spinal surgery. He has a unique specialty in adult deformity, invasive spine surgery, and cervical spine surgery. Greg was a student of the University of Auckland where he obtained his degree in Medicine and a master’s degree in surgery.

Greg began his career at Shriners Hospital for Children where he was a pediatric orthopedic and a spine surgeon. He later went to work for Royal Orthopedic Hospital as a spine surgeon. Greg Finch proceeded to work at Royal Perth Hospital as an orthopedic spine surgeon. He also served as an orthopedic spine surgeon at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital for six years. Greg Finch has been an orthopedic spine surgeon in different hospitals including New Zealand Orthopedic Association and, currently, Sunshine Coast Hospital.