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Dr. Mark Holterman Continues Great Career.

Being able to provide your children with great medical care is extremely important. For those that live in the Chicago area, one great pediatric surgeon and pediatrician has continued to be Dr. Mark Holterman. This pediatric surgeon has a very long and successful history in helping children with a wide variety of serious ailments. Over the course of his career, Dr. Mark Holterman has been very involved in a variety of professional organizations and has helped to grow his practice and the industry as a whole.

Overall, Dr. Mark Holterman has more than 20 years of experience as a pediatric surgeon. He went to the University of Virginia for medical school and has been in practice ever since. Today, he is one of the most accommodating pediatric surgeons in the Chicagoland area. While he works out of his hospital in the western suburbs, he has the ability to travel to other locations to provide services as well. Dr. Mark Holterman also accepts a variety of different insurances and can work out additional types of services that do not have enough insurance in place.

Another benefit of going to see Dr. Mark Holterman is that he is fluent in both English and Spanish. This can make it easy for anyone in the Chicago area to get a clear understand of their children’s medical issues and what the recovery and treatment plan will be. This goes a long way towards the ultimate recovery of a patient (

Today, Dr. Holterman has full certification from the American Board of Surgery and the State of Illinois. Ever since he has gotten out of school, he has also been given a number of awards and has continued to be recognized publicly for the great service that he is providing to the medical community. In 2013 and 2014 he was named as one of the top doctors in the world and today is an ACS Fellow. He has received these accolades because of the work and effort that he has put in as well as the success that he has had helping to save lives of his young patients.