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Handy: The Rising Service

Rarely do acquaintances ask each other who is their cleaner. Surprisingly you would find that many are already getting it done effectively and at a low cost! If you really haven’t been using Handy then you have been working too hard. Handy is a revolutionary new on-demand service based out of New York that connects you with thousands of home cleaning professionals that are always ready to promptly provide the buyer with an excellent service. Handy opened its virtual doors in 2012 under the name Handy Book. Within two years of it’s inception it drove bookings to over 1 million dollars a week. Since then Handy has grown to over 25 cities in North America and even providing services in London, a respectful accomplishment. Aside from cleaning Handy offers plumbing services, movers, handyman work, and has since launched Handy Delivery, a furniture delivery service offering to deliver assemble furniture. Of course with a flexible schedule and great pay it’s also attracting hundreds of freelancers aspiring to work for Handy.

Handy destroys someones idea of convenience. With an app for smartphones Handy lets you purchase services, effectively tearing down the perceived notion that its difficult to purchase and trust a cleaner. Handy has background checked over ten thousand freelancers to provide the customer with security that them and their homes are in good hands. In addition to background checks Handy also will further screen potential cleaners with references and in-person interviews to solidify its commitment to providing security throughout the process. Further than this, Handy also offers a money back guarantee in the event the customer is not satisfied and will even cover the costs if something is damaged.

The success of Handy is apparent, and the expansion into Handy Delivery is overwhelming. The goal: to make customers happy. Handy reports that Handy Delivery helps pamper the customer into the Handy community, as a large majority of their profits come from repeat customers. It’s no surprise either that Handy Delivery has raised a large sum of investor funds quickly after its launch. Many people stubbornly argue that larger corporations will follow suit and attempt to enter the market and usurp Handy however it’s apparent that Handy has really solidified its place in the industry with its purchasing of a rival company and the complete eradication of its predecessor. Time will tell what happens with Handy, but only a fool would never bet against them.