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The Kabbalah Centre: An Immersive Experience

A group of ideologists reformed the Kabbalah Centre in 1984 to teach the Zohar and Kabbalistic doctrines to students around the world. From a traditionalist perspective, it is a preservation of ancient traditions of Judaism. All readings are replicas of original texts, and when it comes to practicality, Berg has updated the curriculum to modern standards. Instructors are of the highest caliber with Kabbalah certifications from international sects themselves. In online classrooms, groups use state of the art technology to share photos, videos, and text for educational purposes. At the actual Kabbalah Centre, representatives explain the philosophy to visitors and encourage them to tour the grounds for true immersion.

In 1965, Rav Phillip Berg and Rav Yehuda TzviBrandwein founded the original Kabbalah Centre in order to spread information about the society. By using concepts such as Klippot and the light of God, they were able to convince others to live life in a healthy manner. A survey of 200 participants reported that the majority felt a significant improvement in their activities and nearly all thoroughly enjoyed the Kabbalah Centre’s offerings. To further back this evidence up, celebrities such as Demi Moore, Ariana Grande, and Ashton Kutcher are active members. They post positive feedback about the center and how it affect their perception on fame. With an incredible number of learners in over twenty countries, this is a unique, life-changing experience. As a non profit organization, the Kabbalah Centre makes every effort to donate proceeds to charities that coincide their endeavors. This strong relationship with the community reciprocates and allows them to support more teachers and pupils. Kabbalah Centre International is a phenomenal resource for both individuals and groups alike.

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