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Rodrigo Terpins and his success in Brazil Rallying.

Rodrigo Terpins is a rally driver in Brazil. He is the son of the basketball legend Jack Terpins who played in the professional category in the 70’s he was a very successful player and was able to achieve a lot both on the field and after he left.  He is now a successful businessman who has also ventured into real estate. In 1991 due to his success on the court and his business acumen he was elected by the president to chair sports in the country. His various other accomplishments include becoming Sports Department Director at 42 which made him the youngest president of the institution holding this position until 1993.He was also President of Hebraica specifically the Sao Paulo Board in the year 1997. President of the Jewish Confederation of Brazil, Vice-president Ashkenazi Jewish Organization, in 2002 he was Elected Volunteer of the Year by Ten Yad as well as his contribution to the Beth Chabad the Itaim Synagogue. For a man this successful he had already set the bar high for his sons and so it came as no surprise when they joined rallying. During the 22 second edition of the Sertões Rally, the team from São Paulo Bull dos Sertões closed the successful participation in the category Prototypes T1. According to, the pair comprised of Rodrigo Terpins and Fabrício Bianchini they came in third place and won the 8th position overall. That edition was a bit different it was held in two states, Goiás and Minas Gerais. There were more than 2,600 kilometers on the course which cut through the 7 host cities the starting point was at Goiânia and with the expected end of the circuit in Belo Horizonte between August 23rd and 30th. The competition was well enrolled as it had about 200 competitors in the different categories that included Cars, Motorcycles, Quadricycles, Trucks and UTV’s. Rodrigo continues to participate in other competitions but still views the T1 prototype category as his most important event. He has continuously talked about the need for him to continued advancing and getting better results and will ensure that he does whatever it takes for him to reach the top.For him, he is just getting started.