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Robert Deignan attained his first degree in Business Management at the University of Purdue University. He had the passion for doing business and being a successful entrepreneur. After he graduated, he gathered experience in the field on how to conduct a profitable business. After some years, Deignan was able to start his own company named as fanlink. He was curious to find out what it takes to have a profitable business. Deignan, generally he had the love for the technology and offering customers with outstanding services. These two factors that are love for technology and giving customers best services, the digital technology solutions executive was born. He was optimistic that his early work experience would be of importance in future as he advances in his work.

Deignan worked with fanlink for three years, later he joined is3 Inc. a software-based company that offers a variety of technology services. The services provided by this software company include computer optimization, new technology security, and personal technical support. The main aim of Deignan is to improve his skills in technology. He spent most of his time in exploring new technology services.

Deignan invested heavily in exploring the business world, and this was the main reason why he founded ATS Digital Services, LLC. His effort was seen in ATS Digital services, and he helped in creating a type of company that could handle every kind of technical issue. ATS is a place where all the problems get solved, some of these technological problems include storage of the digital data, repairing mobile devices, installing home networks and troubleshooting all computer problems. Deignan trained his employees, and they were able to do every job in the right way.ATS provides a vast of services which make the company be successful and incredible.

The ATS Company has many experts in activation of machines, repairs and cellular repairs. Another feature that make ATS company outstanding is that they can access and repair your computer or laptop remotely without the physically coming to your home. Although, they can send somebody to assist in home when the service being offered requires physical work. Deignan always ensures that customers receive the quality services, this makes the customer remain confidence with the service being provided by the company.

ATS Company under the leadership of Deignan have the best tools, the most experienced employees to attend to any customer problems without any delay or failure.

OneLogin Prevents Ghosts of Ex-Employees from Lurking in the Company’s Shadows

Most businesses worldwide work tirelessly to ensure daily success by recruiting highly qualified employees, implementing modernized innovations, and providing correctly balanced accounts. Most neglect the issue of one leaving an institution. Ideally, if an employee leaves the firm, the business looks for an eligible candidate that replaces the other one, and the company completes any unfulfilled project. The organization also throws a leaving celebration to ascertain that the employee parts in the best terms. However, the real business world is not ideal, and the departure of an employee can lead to unresolved issues even months after them leaving.

Not all the employees who leave a company are friends to the institution. Ex-employees can inflict a lot of damage to their former organization. Organizations should, therefore, ensure that soon-to-be-ex employees leave the system without access to the firm’s data. OneLogin reports research findings that indicate more than half of ex-employees continue to have unrestricted access to their former corporate network. Also, almost 25 percent of companies undergo data security breaches because of their previous staff members. 28% of ex-employees’ accounts continue to be active for more than a month.

Instances of data breaches include a former employee of OFCOM downloading the company’s data and presenting it to its competitor, as well as a former employee of Marriott Hotels cost the firm 50,000 dollars by slashing down the room rates. Many organizations continue to report breaching cases due to ex-employees. OneLogin reveals that only a few companies revoke digital access of ex-employees on their departure.

OneLogin, Inc. is a provider of access and identity management and is cloud-based. The company sells to other enterprises. OneLogin provides systems that can secure external partner, customer, and employee access to the enterprise’s information. The policies offered are secure to use, scalable, and simple in design. The firm aims at reducing the IT departments’ time spent on monitoring user off boarding and onboarding, secure access to apps and devices, and increase the productivity of end users.

The products from OneLogin include cloud directory, virtual LDAP, desktop authentication, user provisioning, single sign-on, adaptive authentication, multi-factor authentication, cloud RADIUS, and much more. OneLogin serves numerous customers through an array of industries such as education, financial services, technology, media, health, life sciences, and retail.