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Keeping A Good Internet Presence in Social Media

Social media is a popular way to keep friends and family connected. It is also being successfully utilized by the corporate world to increase their presence on the Internet. There are cases where social media sights like Facebook my be counterproductive on the job, says author Robin Madell. Her recent online article on US News and World outlines some of the pitfalls of surfing your home page while at work.

According to Madell’s article, several studies have concluded that people often have a feeling of loss if they are not checking their Facebook account periodically. Somehow, they feel like they need to read about an event in someone’s life the minute it is posted. Most companies have corporate policies that forbid employees to surf social media on company times. Proprietary networks often block employees from even accessing the sites. Many people have lost their jobs or have lost job opportunities because they abused their privileges on the company’s computers, says the article.

Madell creates a check list in her article for readers to see if readers can judge whether they are misusing social media or not. She cites several professional recommendations that people should keep their private and professional lives separate. This means that we should have two different accounts. An employee’s image can directly reflect on the company, says the article.

This article also reminds us that no matter how many privacy settings we have, we cannot assume that all of our online comments are private. It is quite easy for an employer to check out employee Facebook accounts to see what they are saying about the company and how they are acting in their personal lives. Employees who make controversial comments and use crude language are going to be viewed in a different light by their bosses, opines Madell. This is why people should always be responsible with their social media accounts.

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