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Jason Hope, Arizona Futurist

Jason Hope ScottsdaleJason Hope is known for his advocacy, and part of Scottsdale as a philanthropist and entrepreneur. The internet sensation has been giving to Scottsdale causes for many years, and part of his passion is the education of young folks, especially in science and technology. He has given to the Boys and Girls Club as part of this regard, and he continues to impress. His latest donation, though, is stellar in its own way.

Jason Hope, internet entrepreneur, has partnered with the SENS Foundation, and has given half a million dollars to go towards the curing of disease. The SENS Foundation works on curing age-related illnesses, so things like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and hypertension are on their list of diseases that need a cure, or at least a palliative.

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Jason Hope’s donation, according to the SENS Foundation, will be put toward the curing of hypertension, which is an age-related illness that they seek to find a cure for. Hope is happy about the new prospect of having a cure for this disease, for this heart-related illness affects so many older people, and it can often be a cause of death.

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So, Hope has given to this organization, and he is now known for his futurist views. He especially like to give to organizations that want to use biotechnology to cure disease, and SENS is known for this. They have been, easily, pioneers in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other illnesses that plague the aging generation.

So, by the time you get to be older, you may have Jason Hope to thank for your cure for a disease. Jason Hope, together with the SENS Foundation, can change the world, truly, and we will be but witnesses of this change. Yet, awesome as this is, we’ll also be participants in the great future that Hope and his contributions will provide.

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