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How Rick Smith has succeeded in Growing Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is an entrepreneur and Securus Technologies’ boss. He has been working for this company for over a decade. Smith is a graduate of the University of Rochester. Rick Smith is also an engineer with a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the State University of New York.

Rick Smith’s roles at Securus Technologies

Smith is based in Dallas at the company’s headquarters. He oversees the administrative functions of Securus Technologies, a company that provides safety solutions and telecommunication services to correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. This company was formed in 1986 as a prison technology company. Securus Technologies was led by Richard Falcone until Rick took over in 2008. This company has offices in different parts of the United States, including Atlanta, Georgia, Texas, Carrollton, and Allen. Securus Technologies serves a broad range of clientele in Central and North America. Among the services provided by this facility include biometric analysis, public information, inmate self-service, investigation, incident management, communication, and monitoring products and services. Under Rick’s management, Securus Technologies has been able to achieve significant milestones.

Rick Smith hires a new sales executive

Recently, Securus Technologies hired a sales executive with the aim of the expanding the company’s portfolio while aiding in the development of a software-based sales team. John Bell became the senior vice president of sales in 2015, and he has since enabled the company to increases its revenue by a significant percentage. Securus Technologies thought it wise to hire a sales executive, following an investment strategy that saw the company spend over $600 million in safety and security products. According to Rick, the vice president of sales would be tasked with the duty of building the sales team to increase the number of products sold.

John Bell is an experienced professional with an excellent track record in enhancing performance and growth of organizations. Bell has been a sales and operations leader for more than three decades and has worked as a senior executive at IBM. John Bell is a graduate of Holy Cross and the Wharton School of Business. He also majored in management at the Kellog School of Management. John Bell has worked at various companies, including Verizon, NTT Verio, Time Warner, and AT&T. Based on Rick’s statement, John Bell is expected to take the lead while the junior officers, such as Josh Conklin, are supposed to report to him. Additionally, John Bell would be expected to accomplish goals such as:

  • Set up a sales associate training program
  • Compare and contrast the company’s best performing products
  • Prepare hundreds of product presentations for customers
  • Present the company’s product portfolio to customers
  • Interact with customers on a face-to-face platform on monthly basis
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