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FreedomPop Gives People A Chance To Save Real Money on Cellular Service

iPhone 6 was just released this past year and sales went through the roof. It seems these days’ people are willing to pay the same for the phone as my parents did for their first car. The phone is so big and has such power that I never thought I would see in a cell phone. My mom can barely use the thing. It’s sure she won’t lose it, and if she needs a flashlight on a dark night it can act as one of those too. She paid $700 for the phone and swears it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I have never hopped on the Apple Cell phone frenzy; I prefer my refurbished phone that I paid $60 from eBay for.

However, I recently switched to Straight Talk because I was tired of paying all the big prices for cell phones. When I left Sprint, my program where I got a free phone every year was discontinued. I was asked to pay a monthly premium each month for my phone. I had 4 phones at nearly $20 a month and you do the math. Just for the phones it was $80. I had to add on the service plan. The plan included things like unlimited talk, text and data. My cell phones were costing me nearly $275 per month and I was replacing them quicker than I could count. Straight Talk is one of those companies that allow you to have everything for one low price. Now, I pay $45 per month per line. So the savings is drastic each month.

There are many people who don’t need an unlimited data, texting and minutes plan. My father’s phone only uses maybe 150 minutes per month. He calls my mom on his way home and for a pizza on occasion. I was excited reading about FreedomPop and their new expansion plan that will give service all over the country. Currently, they offer 200 free minutes per month. They give users texting too. A plan like this is perfect for my dad. He doesn’t need to pay even the flat rate fee of $45 a month, he just doesn’t use it.

FreedomPop doesn’t have to pay for lines and have a ton of overhead. I was afraid that they would lack in quality. Actually, they use all the big carriers’ lines. He won’t have to worry about cruddy service and cheap phones. He can bring his phone from Sprint right along with him. Though this company is only been around for a year and a half, I believe there are big things for their future. They just signed a $30 million dollar deal to branch out. For people like me who use a great deal of cell phone service each month, they do offer the ability to buy extra minutes as an affordable price. I will be one of the ones watching for when FreedomPop makes the leap out of the West and over to the East Coast.

Folks in England have received word that this company is heading in their direction. They are just as excited about the savings as we are here in the States.