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The Beginning Of The End For Roaming Charges

Roaming charges might become a thing of the past thanks to the new EU (European Council) decision to ban them starting in 2017. In my opinion this is a great idea seeing as it takes no more effort on the providers end to send a text message or make a phone call from somewhere in the “roaming” area than it does in the non-roaming areas. The only difference is they have found a way to charge you just a little bit extra and get away with the hidden fees. However, in July of 2017 the EU will be ending roaming charges for all carriers in Europe. The roaming charges are already being lowered as of 2016, but a decision has been made to abolish them completely as of 2017. They have also stated here in a press release they will be safeguarding internet access for all of Europe. Their plans are to move away from ridiculous charges from cell phone providers and to allow for stable and affordable internet access all throughout Europe in such a manner as to remain fair to all parties involved. This example should be reviewed and potentially put into action for the American providers as well, but we will see in the near future. Many would say it would help the American customers quite a bit, however the cell phone and internet providers may not allow for it so easily.

Thanks to Dr. Daniel Amen for showing me this.