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Pizza Hut Introduces Box With Movie Projector Tie In To Smart Phone

Pizza Hut is experimenting with a pizza box design which enables the consumer to enjoy a movie while they enjoy their pizza. Pizza Hut Places Film Projection Device In Pizza Boxes While some consider the device a gimmick, many believe that it is actually fun and harken back to the days when real toys were placed in cereal boxes and prizes were placed in Cracker Jack Boxes.

The Pizza box is a normal sized pizza box, with the exception that it has a punch out hole on the side and a lens that can be inserted into the hole. The consumer can use their smart phone to scan a code on the side of the box, which enables a movie to be played on their smart phone that can be projected through the lens on the side of the pizza box.

In the crowded fast food pizza business, any thing that will give a company an edge is worthwhile and could produce increased market share. The movie projector pizza box is first being tried in select Pizza Hut chains but could spread to the entire chain if deemed a success. The content of the movies that can be played on the projector are not limited to what is available from the scanned box. Gianfrancesco Genoso and his law firm note that any movie or video than can be played from a smart phone can play through the projector and be enjoyed by the consumer.