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George Soros Expresses his Opinions on the Current Times in the World

George Soros is a prominent billionaire investor. He has continued to create a reputation for himself in the public limelight through his large donations and blatant opinions. Early this year before the presidential inauguration, the billionaire maintained his stand that Donald Trump is not only a con man but also an imposter who would become a dictator.

At the recent World Economic Forum held in Davos, Soros claimed without reasonable doubt that the Trump administration on Snopes would fail. He reiterated that Trump stands for a form of government that is contrary to an open society. In fact, he described that form of government as a mafia state or dictatorship. Nonetheless, Soros maintained that would only happen if Trump would get away with it since the institutions in the United States would stop that situation from happening. Additionally, he said that Trump is guided by ideas that innately self-contradictory whereby his advisers bear the contradictions.

In another article posted on the BusinessWire on January 24,2017, Soros claimed that he sent holiday greetings to his friends , which cited the current times were different and troubled. After Donald Trump was sworn in, he cited that he felt the urge to share a similar message with the rest of the globe. According to Soros, the current times are characterized by an increased rise of mafia states, dictatorships, closed societies and troubled open societies on Biography. He attributed these situations to the elected leaders who had failed to honor their pledges to their electorates. As a result, the voters had become dissatisfied with the existing versions of capitalism and democracy.

George Soros

George Soros stands out as one of the prominent billionaires in the United States. He has maintained a strong presence on many platforms due to his outspoken nature about political and economic issues in the world. Away from being the chairperson of the Soros Management LLC, Soros made an impressive mark in the philanthropy circles. He embarked on his philanthropic initiatives in 1979 after deciding that he had accumulated enough money.As such , he embarked on building open societies in locations that were experiencing authoritarian governance on His first philanthropic initiative was funding scholarships in South Africa for the black students.

For more than 30 years of his life, George Soros has maintained his philanthropic support for democratic causes and ideals through the Open Society Foundations. Towards the end of last year, Soros made headlines again for his massive contribution pledges after pledging to donate $10 million in a bid to fight hate crimes. This was after identifying the rise in hate crimes against the immigrants in the US. George Soros attributed the hate crimes against Mexicans, Muslims and many others to campaigns statements made by Trump and his supporters.