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An Insight on Cosmetics Surgery with Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Walden spent roughly a decade in medical school practicing plastic surgery. She attended New York University for her medicine course. Jennifer had dedicated eight years working in New York until she decided to go back to her home town in Austin to be closer to her sons. She had evaluated that Dallas, Manhattan, and Huston had their own decent cosmetic surgery institution except for Austin. Before moving, she thought of setting up a facility. But her ideas and expectations did not materialize since no single client attempted to contact her. It had just been an experimental project yet things had turned out worse than she assumed. Later on, she had two clients booking an appointment after her arrival, and that was when her career sprout up. Interesting to note, it had been her passion.

Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews explains that there was a time when having a woman pursuing and practicing a medicine course was close to impossible according to culture. For a woman, practicing a medicine course meant putting on a huge part of her life on hold for a long time, and it was unacceptable. Luckily today, women are not conformed to such decisions. However, there are few numbers of women in the field. Walden sometimes needs to prove herself to the team which mostly consists of masculine figures, but she doesn’t mind it. Click here to know more.

Walden believes that she is privileged to be in this department of cosmetic surgery as most patients are women. This means that they can comfortably talk to her about their problems in details. She feels like she could relate to their problems and would know the services they are seeking. Instagram Photos.

Other than that, Walden attended Manhattan Eye, Ear, and throat as well as Lenox Hill hospital for more practice and insight. She one of the few accredited cosmetics surgeons in the USA and Walden believes in what she does to be of positive influence.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes a Move Back to Texas

People in Austin, TX that are patients of Dr. Jennifer Walden may be glad that she decided to move back to Texas. Her former patients in New York, by contrast, are probably sad that she decided to move back to Texas because this meant that she was leaving New York. Her desire to return home was largely based on her family. As a single mother she wanted the support system from family.


Dr. Jennifer Walden spent a large amount of her time building her practice. She did not have any desire to get married in her early thirties because she was focused on her career. As time passed she did have the desire to become a mother. It was during this time that she would make a decision to try in-vitro fertilization. This would be successful for her, but it would prove to be quite challenging as a single mom in a big city like New York. That is why she made the decision to make the move to her hometown of Austin. She knew that she could depend on her parents and family members in Austin to help her build a better environment for caring for her kids.


She is enjoying Austin, and this has been quite vocal about different procedures when she appears on local television. There is a lot of buzz about vaginal rejuvenation, and she has spoken on this. Dr. Walden has also talked about hair loss and the treatments that are entailed for restoring hair. Her ability to perform plastic surgery makes her one of the most highly regarded doctors in Austin, TX.


Her time in Manhattan was enjoyed, but Dr. Jennifer Walden has referenced the birth of her twins as a game changing moment that had to be addressed. She knew that she needed to provide them with a secure environment of family and friends that could help her out. She had to gain the trust of new clients and build her name in Austin. It was a challenge to start a new business all over again from the ground up, but she was determined.


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