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Shiraz Boghani – Caring Philanthropist and World Class Hotelier

Shiraz Boghani is a highly successful businessman and leader in two different fields of business. Mr. Boghani is the Founder and current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Splendid Hospitality Group. He is also a Partner at Sussex Healthcare. Quite different business endeavors, the first is one of the top hotel companies in the United Kingdom (UK). The later is one of the top residential care providers for the elderly in the UK. Connect with Shiraz Boghani by visiting his linkedin account

With dozens of hotel properties under its management, Splendid Hospitality Group is one of the most respected and rapidly growing hotel management companies in the UK. The consortium of premier properties includes the City Continental Kensington, Hilton London Barkside and the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel. The properties that Shiraz Boghani manages as CEO of Splendid Hospitality Group extend into Scotland. The properties in Scotland include the Piries Hotel and the Hotel Indigo Edinburgh among others. The renown of Shiraz Boghani as a world class hotlier has been recognized. The news source “Bloomberg” notes that Mr. Boghani is a Fellow of the prestigious Institute of Chartered Accountants in both England and Wales. Furthermore, Bloomberg notes, Shiraz Boghani has developed superb relationships with some of Europe’s largest financiers. Even outside of Europe, Mr. Boghani’s business expertise has been recognized. His over thirty years as a major player in the hotel industry was rewarded by being named Hotelier of the Year at the prestigious Asian Business Awards 2016.

As mentioned earlier, however, Mr. Boghani’s drive and passion in life extends beyond being a preeminent hotelier. Taking care of people, obviously, is a skill that is a must in the premiere hotel industry. He has taken this skill and this passion over with him in his role as a Partner in Sussex Healthcare. Shiraz Boghani is also involved in a number of philanthropic endeavors. He works with Aga Khan University as a resource developer. Mr. Boghani has also donated monies to the Aga Khan Foundation and Aga Khan Development.



Pro-Israel Philanthropist Adam Milstein: “Jewish Diaspora Will Produce Future Leaders”

Real estate investor and pro-Israel philanthropist Adam Milstein has released a blog post on the Times of Israel blog discussing the capacity of the international Jewish diaspora to produce leaders critical to the continued viability of Israel as a state.

In his post, Milstein used individuals such as Israel’s founder and first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first female prime minister Golda Meir and leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Rebellion, Mordechai Anielewicz, to highlight the contribution of the diaspora to Jewish history.

“The Jewish American community needs to identify, encourage and support heroes of our time… We need leaders who will ensure the Jewish future in America by engaging and inspiring the next generation to be courageous Zionist leaders, fight antisemitism and support the Jewish people in America and the Jewish homeland, which will always be in Israel,” the post read.

Adam Milstein discussed his meeting of teenage and young adult Jewish activists in groups such as the Israeli-American Council, of which Milstein is National Chairman, and affirmed his belief that it was figures such as these who would contribute to the future of Israel as a state.

Read the full blog entry here.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel, and served in the 1973 Yom Kippur War as a conscript of the Israel Defense Force. Milstein moved to the United States in 1981 with his wife Gila, where he subsequently earned a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Southern California. He had previously earned a Bachelor of Science in business and economics from the Technion in Haifa.

Milstein launched a career in real estate as a sales agent and managing partner at property management and investment firm Hager Pacific Properties. His 50% stake in the company, which currently manages more $1 billion in assets, made him a multi-millionaire and allowed him to devote resources to pro-Israel ventures.

As the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, Adam Milstein supports pro-Israel organizations such as the Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs and the Israeli-American Council.

Anthony Petrello Committed To Neurological Disorders Medication Research

Tony Petrello is a prominent business leader in the country. He is the President and CEO of oil and natural gas drilling company called Nabors Industries. Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 and is still working for the company. He has held some senior managerial positions in the company.

His first duty was that of the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Tony Petrello takes credit for being the person behind the transformation seen in the company recently. Since he joined the company, he has come up with innovative ideas which have made the company expand its business activities to many locations around the world. The company already has a presence in 25 countries on various continents.

Tony Petrello may be popular for his business prowess, but there is another side of him which is making him even more popular especially in Texas. Petrello is actively involved in philanthropic donations and other charitable activities. He is doing this together with his family. Together with his wife, he has so far made an initial contribution of $5 million to the Neurological Research Institute located at the Texas Children’s Hospital. Petrello and his wife have also promised to add $2 million to the cause.


The Neurological Research Institute is researching medication of neurological disorders in children. They have recruited top doctors and surgeons to assist in the development of top-notch treatment methods. The research center is hoping to come up with a solution that will alleviate suffering from children suffering from various neurological disorders.

Anthony Petrello holds the neurological research work close to his heart as he is one of those affected by the lack of treatment for this medical condition. Petrello has a daughter who is suffering from a neurological disorder. His daughter is called Carena. She was born prematurely a factor which made her develop a condition known as periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). This condition led to the development of another condition called cerebral palsy. This is a condition that hampers blood flow to the brain. As a result, Carena has been unable to pick up natural body functions that children normally learn naturally. Carena has to be trained on some basic functions such as eating and walking.

Tony Petrello has committed his life to get the best medication for his daughter. He has been to numerous hospitals around the world, but none of them has a solution for his daughter’s condition. His daughter’s plight has changed the way he views life. He is now concerned with helping the helpless in the society than before.


The Charitable Entrepreneur Perry Mandera

The works of Perry Mandera are the greatest example of a great combination of business and charity. His entrepreneur expertise has created a successful company and career in transportation. His kind generous acts lands him the rightful title of philanthropist.

Perry Mandera is from Chicago, Illinois. In 1975, he graduated from high school. After high school, he ventured into the United States Marine Corps. While in the Marine Corps, he was assigned the motor pool where he learned about driving trucks. This experience would change the course of his life forever. After finishing working with the Marine Corps and receiving an Honorable Discharge, the young man began his career in transportation. After working for a host of transportation companies, the twenty three year old man stepped out and began his own business.

Perry Mandera started The Custom Companies. His Northlake, Illinois headquartered company has several offices and agents stretching across the United States working tirelessly to create a full service transportation experience for customers. Perry’s company meets the needs of their customers by offering a range of technologies. The Custom Company offers Cheetah Dispatch, a software to assist with delivery and drop off times, Warehouse Management System to track inventory and Dock Management System, a paperless management tool to oversee shipments. Although the company’s CEO, Perry does handle sales operation and business development. He is not aloof or detached but remains grounded within his business.

Perry Mandera is an entrepreneur with a conscience. He is committed to working with charities that help children. During the wintertime, he donates thousands of coats to Chicago children. He provides gifts and meals to families during the holiday season. He aids those affected by natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Illinois residents affected by tornado damage. He sponsors his time and money to helping young athletes in the metro Chicago area (

As a community leader and businessman, Perry Mandera focuses on giving his customer’s the best transportation experience and focuses on giving his community the things they need to survive. Being a transportation pioneer and humanitarian, Perry is a class act entrepreneur and person.



Forex trading has been a much good business to focus in, for many of the business people out here in the world of today. It is an advisable idea for the individuals who are currently involved in different kinds of businesses and even fellows who are willing to venture into business.

According to Mr. Secker in the previous interview, he pointed out beneficial ways by which people could venture into the forex business. Greg Secker noted out that Forex trade is the kind of business whereby individuals involved in the firm carry out trading services by exchanging the international currencies in twenty-four hours per day. Forex trade has kind of a centralized exchange, and everything handled through the computer networks.

Engagement in the Forex trade has been out for some years, and businessmen like Greg are the founder members who had been involved in the business. Greg has a vast kind of experience in participating in the Forex trade as he shared his knowledge. In his previous advice to people on the better tips of successful trading, Mr. Secker outlined that trading is kind of lifestyle activity which purely involves and centered around making investments and trading of the current scenarios in the market world. Some of the key things pointed out were having a Firm Grasp on the Basics; thus having better ideas in the starting of the business, for instance, the Forex trade, Being realistic, keeping of emotions out of your trade and being in a position to define your goals suitably.

Greg Secker being a successful businessman having a plethora of excellent ideas in the world of business and highly in the Forex Trade. Due to his enormous skills in business, he came up with his Foundation whose main aim in coming up with the foundation was to promote the education and life skills of people as far as engaging in business is the concern.

Since the beginning of his foundation in two thousand and ten Greg’s Foundation has made better improvements. Greg Secker was born on February eighteenth nineteen seventy-five. He has been an outgoing entrepreneur and a master trader. He was the founder of The Knowledge to Actions Group of Two thousand and three.

All this is idea began as he started working with the Thomas Cook Financial Services and has moved on as he went ahead and became the president of Mellon Financial Corporation. His latest achievement is the launch of Smart chart, Capital index and the Forex money.

The philanthropic legacy of George Soros

George Soros is one well-known philanthropist in the world, having donated more the $12 billion. His financial support has helped many people and groups across the world who are less privileged in the society. George Soro’s donation is always focused on the individuals who are discriminated in the society for who they are, whereby he has offered financial help to groups that represent the Europe’s Roma people. He has also supported the groups that are pushed to the edge of a mainstream community like drug addicts, sex workers, and the LGBT community.George Soros had gone through an intolerance life when he was growing. George Soros born in Hungary in 1930 and lived through the Nazi occupation of 1944-1945, that triggered the massacre of more than 500000 Jews. However, his Jewish household survived by forging their identity documents, hiding their background while helping other people do the same.

Once the communities acquired power his country after the war, George Soros relocated to London in 1947. He worked on a part-time basis as a railway porter and as a waiter in a night club to pay for his education at the London school of economics. He relocated to the US and ventured into the world of finance and investment where he was destined to make his fortune.In 1970, George Soros founded a Soros fund management, a hedge fund that helped him become one of the wealthiest capitalists in the United States. He later used his wealth to build the Open Society Foundations, which is a network of organizations, partners, and projects in over 100 states. Its brand name and role imitates the influence of George’s thought of the philosophy of scientist Karl Popper which he encountered when learning at London school of economics.

Soros started his philanthropic work in 1979 when he gave a scholarship to black children who were affected by apartheid in South Africa. In the 1980s, he supported the open exchange of concepts in the Communist Eastern Bloc by giving out free photocopy equipment to reprint the banned texts. After the collapse of the Berlin Wall, George single handled built the Central European University as a place to foster critical thinking. He offered financial aid to cultural exchanges between eastern European and the west that played a vital role in assisting the Soviet Society.In his 80s, Soros plays a pivotal role in the work of open society foundations by touring the world to support its work while advocating for positive policy transformation with global leaders both in public and private sector. However, all through his philanthropic legacy, determination to fighting the world’s most intractable issues have remained constant. Indeed, the majority of the things that Soros has been taking on are the kind of issues that a complete solution might not be found. You can also follow him on twitter :

The Philanthropy And Open Society Goals Of George Soros

George Soros is best known as a generous investor. His political donation of $27 million was to defeat George W. Bush and he is one of the top funders in Democratic politics. He donated an additional $25 million for Democratic candidates including Hilary Clinton. His $24.9 billion fortune was established with risky trades and he only recently returned to active trading. George Soros is Hungarian and was born in New York. He supports religious tolerance, criminal justice reform, and immigration reform. He pledged his support to Immigrant Voters Win, a super PAC trying to increase the Hispanic vote with a $3 million donation. Another $5 million supported a non-profit organization fighting efforts to restrict voting. His donations have helped change political history and support Planned Parenthood and abortion rights. George Soros has donated $13 billion in philanthropic efforts for human rights, democracy in Eastern Europe, and United States and Worldwide healthcare. Learn more on about George Soros.

George Soros believes the free market should decide the type of society in existence. He understands the economy is global and based on the freedom of services, goods, capital, ideas, and services. He has seen acceleration in the financial markets and feels the economy is a global capitalist system. He sees benefits in international labor, economic innovations, and freedom of choice. He does not believe the excesses in the global market have the ability to correct themselves. George Soros has different classifications for the global capitalist system. This includes the financial systems instability, values and social cohesion, the threat of global monopolies, and the role of the state.

George Soros has defined open society as the description of democracy. The characterizations are law, minorities, human rights, the market economy and the division of power. The idea of an open society has been rejected due to different values in countries across the globe. He believes as long as universal values, concern for others, the right to a fair trial, and universal values are respected an open society would work. An open society would recognize various roles in market society and the benefits of a market mechanism. He believes the instability in the financial markets, issues with taxing capital, and the asymmetry in between periphery and center must be resolved for an open society to function. He wants to see the enforcement of fair practices for labor, the protection of human rights, and the containment of corruption. George Soros feels the global capitalist system is expanding and causing countries to be penalized. He firmly believes if the flaws in the system are recognized and improved a global open society can be achieved. Read his profile at Forbes.

How Eric Pulier is Redefining Tech

A Prodigy Is Born

The life of Eric Pulier starts out similar to other giants of the software industry. Like Mark Zuckerberg an Bill Gates, Pulier was a gifted child who showed promise at an early age. He wrote his first code before he was 10 and he founded his first software company before he had even finished high school. Like any other young and gifted student, Pulier eventually enrolled in classes at Harvard University. After shining as a star academic, Pulier finally graduated and entered the tech industry as an entrepreneur.

The Midas Touch Is Real

The most amazing thing about Eric Pulier is just about everything he touches seems to turn to gold. When he creates a startup it quickly generates revenue and leaves the competition in the dust. It isn’t surprise when you consider the numerous patents he has to his name. Just about every year Pulier manages to release an entirely new invention to the world. One year he releases a remote desktop application, but the next year he might give us some breakthrough in telecommunications. That level of talent is a rare find no matter how far someone makes it in the tech industry.

Giving Back To The World

Although he has amassed a large fortune and proven himself as an inventor, Eric Pulier continues to place charity as an important value. Whenever there is a charity in need of his services, Pulier is there to give them. The Starbright Foundation needed to build a social network for their young patients. Not only did Pulier deliver what was expected, he also gave the Starbright Foundation the world’s first private social network. It is important to understand that Eric Pulier is a man raising 4 children. He wants to make sure he gives those children the best world he can.