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Banker’s Bank

Nexbank has a home office located in Dallas, Texas, and is one of the largest banks in the State of Texas, with nearly $4.6 billion in assets. There are three branches in Dallas, each with its own specialty, but all of them serve the public as well. Checking accounts and ATM cards, mortgage loans and auto loans are available.

Nexbank could be called a banker’s bank; their most likely customer would be an institution or commercial real estate development company, or someone of that nature.

They offer extensive commercial banking accounts and loans, mortgage banking, and other services to financial institutions. They serve financila institutions and meet the banking and commercial needs of large corporations and other such financial endeavors.

Specializing in institutional loans, corporations and businesses go to Nexbank for loans and other financial services.

Nexbank provide government and Small Business Administration loans as well. Nexbank lends to institutions, commercial real estate companies and developers as well. They can provide funding for operations that one would expect from a much larger institution.

They also operate banks in other states, such as College Bank in New Jersey, which generally specializes in college savings and loans for students.

Chartered in 1922, Nexbank specializes in Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Investment Banking.