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Raising a Dog from Pup to Healthy Maturity With Beneful Foods

Available since 2001, Beneful has provided delicious nourishment to millions of dogs in recent years. Whether the concern is feeding a puppy, an adult dog or a dog that could lose a few pounds, Beneful has a line of food that is appropriate for their needs.
Feeding a Puppy
Beneful produces excellent puppy food, known as its Healthy Puppy option This dry food is made with a specific formula, that in appropriate servings, meets all of the nutritional needs for young dogs. That is true whether the puppy is a toy breed or will be a giant in just a year. Specifically, calcium and DHA, both necessary for growth and brain development, are found in Beneful’s Healthy Puppy line.
When the Puppy Is An Adult
One popular example of Beneful that many adult dogs enjoy is the Playful Life line. It provides nutrition containing the protein that adult dogs need, which is made from real beef and egg. In order for an adult dog to have the muscles needed to have a good quality of life, it needs the right diet…and the dry food Playful Life formula provides that.
Maintaining (or Returning) an Adult Dog to a Healthy Weight
Recent statistics on Twitter suggest that in the United States, some dogs are loved a little too much and not walked quite enough. Just over 52% of dogs were considered to be overweight or obese in 2014. In that instance, one option is the Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food. It reduces the calories that a chubby dog needs without skimping on the nutrition or taste of the food itself.
When Portion Size Is Important
It is not unusual for many dogs to carry extra weight, simply because they love the Beneful line of products so much. One solution is to choose a pre-portioned wet food, available in several varieties. Whether the dog needs 3 ounces, 10 ounces, chopped or big chunks, Beneful’s line of wet dog food from Purina Store makes it easy to give them exactly what they need in a tasty formula…without accidentally giving them too much.