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Swimwear and Fabletics

It has been reported in Elite Daily that actress Kate Hudson’s fitness brand Fabletics will be launching a swimwear collection. As of April 12th customers will be able to show off their new swimwear on the beaches and in pools. Hudson admits that summer is her favorite season. This gave her much excitement to be able to launch not just swimwear but also a new dress collection. Not only are the suites stylish and sexy but more importantly they are geared for comfort.

Founded in 2013, Fabletics, had been designed as a competitor for other brands such as Nike and Lululemon. Mostly a digital service consumers of these fashions are able to join a type of clothing buying membership. A newcomer to this is able to buy an entire outfit consisting of either a top and bottom or sweatshirt-bra and shorts combination for only $25.00. After the first purchase the consumer is billed $50.00 a month for the outfit of their choice. Consumers are also given the option to skip that month.

Obviously the customer cant exactly be Kate Hudson but they surely can dress like her. Offering styles for every type of body shape there is a whole world of fashion created by the actress. Convenience of shopping online is just one of the luxuries of Fabletics – you can get more:

Many different colors and patterns are offered while comfort stays at the top of the list. In addition to the outfits that are able to be chosen Kate Hudson also shows her customers her favorite outfits each and every month. This may help those that are not exactly sure what they are looking for.

How this works is once logged on a quiz is taken. This will help Fabletics to create a personalized recommendation for that particular user. Once this is done thousands of styles will show for that person to browse through. Afterwards the final process is to check out. The growing clothing company gives their customers the option to either check out as a guest or a VIP member. Sweet and simple, Fabletics helps to ensure a wonderful shopping experience for their customers.

Organic Gold and Ganoderma

Nowadays, people are on the hunt for healthier diets and more active lifestyles. The folks at Organic Gold have it their mission to offer only the best in premium gourmet beverages blended with powerful herbs. Living better does not just mean eating better. That’s why they carry their special blend of nutraceuticals and top-notch personal care products, fit for everyone. All these products work together to give you a sense of well-being that you before never thought possible.

Since the start, Organic Gold has worked hard to bring the gift of relatively unknown Chinese remedies to the public. The CEO and founder, Bernardo Chua, created the company in the hope that the knowledge of these guarded eastern traditions will enrich the lives of people around the world. It has proven itself to be a wildly successful concept. Through his venture, millions of people in various countries now live a more balanced life. His dream of using ganoderma to help the world has been made a reality.

The Chinese name for ganoderma is lingzhi. This translates to “spiritual potency. The Japanese name, reishi, means “king of herbs”. Ganoderma is a mushroom that grows out of the wood of large trees. Brightly colored orange caps give it remarkable aesthetic appeal. Organic Gold uses gamoderma grown only on logs in the Chines region of Fuzhou, making sure it retains its potency. It is a substance that can reduce the likelihood of cancer and strengthen the immune system. It also has several antioxidant benefits. It has also proven effective in treating:

Hair Loss
Weight Loss
Allergies suggests that they also produce a number of organic coffees and teas infused with ganoderma. Tea has been getting more attention lately because of its healthy properties. The three varieties offered are black, green, and red.

Anyone who suffers from other common ailments will improve their quality of life by using ganoderma. Generations of use in the eastern world have proven its effectiveness. For over five years now, Organic Gold has helped to garner popularity of this miraculous herb. Take advantage of this opportunity.

A Strange Planet That Looks More Like a Comet Has Been Found

The search for exoplanets has yielded yet another first in planetary observations. Scientists have found a planet that looks more like a comet in the sense that it is trailing a long tail behind it. The planet is over 20 times bigger than the earth, and it is a gaseous world. The tail is considered to be a portion of the planet’s atmosphere that is continuously burning off at a rate of about a tenth of a percent every billion years. This rate is too slow to deplete its atmosphere but must make for one beautiful show with a big plume that astronomers estimate to be a few million miles long. It’s burning off because this planet is even closer to its star than Mercury is to our own sun.

Astronomers have confirmed about 1,000 exoplanets so far and the search continues. As our telescopes and instruments get better, we are able to learn more about these worlds in other solar systems. They give astronomers and planetary scientists far more to study than just the planets in our own solar system to enable an explosive increase in our understanding of planets and their interactions with stars. These discoveries have also confirmed for the first time in human history how relatively common solar systems are in the cosmos. While we have not found an “Earth 2” yet, at the rate the search is going and with more telescopes coming over the next decade, it is only a matter of time. We will just have to wait and see how it all plays out, just like those at Qnet. They check out Health Magazine on a regular basis for general information.

Keep an Eye on the Eggs

The American Midwest is currently struggling to get out of the worst bird flu outbreak in history. The bird flu, or avian flu, has been responsible for almost 50 million deaths of egg producing chickens. Chickens are not the only birds affected by this outbreak. Turkeys on turkey producing farms have also been killed thanks to this particular outbreak. While the death of the turkeys have not hit the turkey production market too hard, the same cannot be said for eggs and egg production. This bird flu has completely crippled the egg production market. Over the next few months, the cost of eggs are expected to skyrocket. Some states have already seen a rise in prices, even though they are slight. The Department of Agriculture expects for the price in eggs to rise anywhere from $0.37 to $0.57 per package.


This will also affect foods that are processed and packaged but require eggs for their production. However, certain forms of eggs will be more expensive than others. Egg beaters, liquid eggs, and liquid egg whites are among some of the products that are expected to rise in price the highest. Grocers, wholefood stores, and markets across the country have already warned their customers like Jim Dondero of the possibility of rising egg prices. Before this current avian flu outbreak, a national eggs shortage seemed to be a roués. Unfortunately, it is a likely possibility now more than ever.

San Fran Takes a Stand

San Francisco is one of the most populated cities in the United States. With numerous sites to see and activities to engage in, it’s no wonder that living in San Francisco can be so expensive. The median range for rent is just around $4000. Even with such a high median for rent, it is still less expensive to house homeless people as opposed to leaving them on the street. The Economic Round Table is a report that analyzes years upon years of data when it comes to specific aspects of a city. For the last 6 years, the Economic Round Table has compiled the data of a homeless housing initiative in a San Francisco neighborhood. The numbers coming out of Santa Clara varied in each groups financial needs. Out of the participating groups, the average cost for allowing a homeless citizen to stay homeless was $62,473. It was after these numbers were compiled that these homeless people were given housing.


After they were placed in stable home, the $62,473 dropped to a resounding $19,767. Those numbers represent a 68% difference since the beginning of the initiative. The initial rate would go into the hospital visits, emergency room visits, rehab stints, and legal fees for homeless people who got tied up in the law. The $19,767 covers housing while the rest of the money goes to social services to make sure individuals can get any rehabilitation they need. This idea is called Housing First, and Steve Murray is reading more about it. While the creator of the method is very proud of his work, his idea is almost two decades old. The Greece born innovator had the idea back in the nineties what people thought he was crazy. After extremely generous Kickstarters, it seems as though Housing First is finally getting the credit that it deserves.

Riding the Nintendo Game

There are some people who grew up playing Nintendo games that will be happy to know that there could be a new amusement park based on beloved characters. Universal Studios has partnered with Nintendo in order to create the park. This partnership will mean that the parks will begin seeing rides and attractions with characters like Mario, Luigi and the Princess. Some of the Nintendo games will also be fuel for thought when it comes to what is created.


This is possibly the best news for those like Dr Jennifer Walden who used to sit in front of their game systems for hours playing Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. and other fun games on a square gray video platform. There hasn’t been a date released as to when construction will begin on Wikipedia, but this is sure to be a project that will create a lot of news in the gaming world.

Drones Instead of Waiters

The Singapore restaurants owners had a very high-tech inspired idea to replace waiters. The job will be done by drones instead. The devices are strong enough to fly around a pizza and some pints of beer without dropping them and without complaining of legs aches. The drone selling company said that there won’t be problems with the drones hitting customers, as the sensors function perfectly. That will not exclude totally the human factor, as someone needs to guide the drone.

Not only that, but the drones will land on a table in the region of the orderer and a waiter assigned to it will still help serve the meal stated Ivan Ong. The waiters will spend less time running around and instead, their duty will be to watch the drones and make people attentive in front of eventual collisions, as well as engaging the people at the tables around them in marketing-oriented conversations.

A set of eight waiter-drones will cost $40,000-$80,000. You can see a prototype drone in action at a restaurant

and the customers’ reactions to the new way of being served. Nobody will be to blame for a dropped glass. The only problem that still attracts attention is the possibility of still collide with a drone by accident.

Bruce Levenson retains his ties to the Washington DC area

Throughout his life Bruce Levenson has retained strong links to the place of his birth, Washington DC. Levenson appears to have always remembered the strong role the city of Washington DC has played in his career and personal life, in recent years he has spent a large amount of time looking to improve the lives of the residents with his philanthropic attempts to create a better city. Amongst the programs he and wife Karen have taken part in are the construction of the US Holocaust Museum and the creation of the School for Philanthropy and Non Profit leadership at the University of Maryland.

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington DC and lived throughout his childhood in nearby Chevy Chase, Maryland. After completing a BA he returned to Washington DC and enrolled for a law degree at the American University, whilst studying for his degree in law he embarked on a career as a journalist with the Washington Star. It was during this time that Levenson became interested in the possibilities offered by newsletters designed to provide data and news for the oil and gas industries.

In recent years, Brice and Karen Levenson have become increasingly active in the world of philanthropy and social change in and around the Washington DC area. AS the owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise Levenson became involved in the Hoop Dreams and I Have a Dream foundations that have close ties to the NBA. Both Bruce and Karen have been instrumental in ensuring the completion of the US Holocaust Museum, which has a place of special interest for both as Karen’s mother is a Holocaust survivor. he US Holocaust Museum is playing playing an important role bringing awareness of the Holocaust to people across the US who may not be aware of the atrocities of World War II. Through their link up with the University of Maryland, Bruce and Karen Levenson have decided to assist young people interested in social change by helping them learn the skills associated with philanthropy to ensure the future of the Washington DC area and the rest of the world remains in good hands.

Google Translate Saves Baby

As if giving birth were not scary enough, a Congolese woman recently had to do it in the back of a parked ambulance. To top it all off, she could not understand a word her Irish paramedics were saying to her. With some quick thinking and a smartphone, one of her rescuers was able to make communication a bit easier.

Paramedic Gerry McCann and his partner Shane Mulcahy had to pull over when the woman they were tranporting started giving birth said Imaging Advantage. The Cork University Maternity Hospital was too far away. They had to help her deliver instead.

The patient and her improvised doctors were having communication issues. She could only speak Swahili and a small amount of broken English.

So McCann took out his smartphone and looked up the Google translator website. He used it to convert his instructions into Swahili before relaying them to the woman. McCann told the soon to be mother when to kushinikiza- her word for “push.” With Google’s help, he and Mulcahy were able to deliver a healthy baby girl early Monday morning.

McCann, who has over 14 years of experience with near misses in his ambulance, describes this latest as the most magical birth he has ever been a part of. He says those translated words will be remembered for a long time.

Skout: The New Way to Date and Meet New People

Are you tired of the same old way people are approaching online dating? It can get tiring very fast and it seems as though there is no happy ending for the majority of individuals who use various popular websites. Maybe this is because the approach is outdated and rarely successful. Lucky for you, you are not the only one who feels this way on the subject. A revolution in the world of online dating is necessary and Skout may be just that.

Skout is not just a dating app and website, which is what makes it different and successful. Skout is used by people not only looking for a partner, but also looking for people to meet and hang out with. It is revolutionary because it does not put immense pressure on simply finding love.

As one of the most active social platforms on mobile devices, you are sure to find people in your area worth meeting. You can make a profile for yourself and then interact with others in your area as well as all over the world. A cool way to meet someone random is by using their shake to chat feature. Because there are so many users, they added this feature to encourage meeting new people on a whim. The way it works is if you want to chat with someone random, you can shake your device. You are then connected with someone else in the world who is doing the same thing. You may meet someone amazing or someone who is boring. However, there is no doubt that the feature is addicting and will keep you coming back for more.

Skout was founded in 2007 and has taken off since then. It is the first to utilize user location as a way of matching people up through the service. Skout has been using acquiring various apps like Fuse, a group chat messaging app. Recently, the app acquired the Nightlife app Nixter. This is a new way that the app will incorporate online interaction with offline interaction. The app is growing like crazy and shows no sign of slowing down. The goal is not to fall in love with someone else, but to fall in love with the world. Skout encourages exploration and broadening of the mind. Get out there and meet some new people, have some new experiences, and have fun.