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Microsoft to Release Cortana Assistant on Android and iOS

It’s official; Microsoft is planning to bring their coveted Cortana digital assistant to the Android and iOS platforms. Soon iPhone and Android users will be able to use Cortana outside of the Windows 10 environment.

Microsoft has provided a preview of the applications they will be releasing for the mobile phone platforms. They claim that Cortana will function in much the same way whether you make queries from Windows 10, iOS or Android.

You can expect to see the application release for Cortana on Android devices as early as June of this year according to Homejoy. The application for iOS will be released later this year according to sources close to Microsoft.

The integration of Cortana on Android and iOS won’t be exactly the same as Windows 10. However, the apps will still come with full notification support. Cortana will be able to provide you with updates regarding news, sports, weather and more on your mobile device.

Microsoft plans to bring other Windows 10 applications to mobile platforms as well. Applications are planned to take advantage of OneNote, OneDrive and more.