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Yeonmi Park’s Gripping Memoirs of Escaping North Korea Are Now Available

Yeonmi Park’s memoir “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” has been released and available for purchase in hardcover, paperback or digitally via In her memoirs, Park goes into more detail than she ever has about the oppression that the people of North Korea face every day in their country. She details on The Reason TV interview what freedom meant to her living under the rule of dictator Kim Jong Il and how her family fought to obtain that freedom. Her story is one of courage and resilience- and shows that the human spirit cannot be broken even in the most darkest times.

The author Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea where starvation was reality and freedom was an abstract idea. When she was young, her father was caught trading on the black market. He was imprisoned and tortured. Her father knew that he had to get his family out of North Korea. Park was only 13-years-old when she escaped from North Korea with her mother. The two were smuggled into China where the journey to freedom was just beginning. The mother and daughter spent years in China, where they had to bargain with smugglers and human traffickers for their freedom. Eventually the two managed to make it to Seoul, South Korea where they were reunited with Park’s older sister. Unfortunately, her father did not survive the journey.

Yeonmi is now in her early twenties and living in New York. In addition to being a published author, she is also a human rights activist determined to shed light on what is really happening to the citizens of North Korea.