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Potential Health Benefits of Waiakea Water

The fact that Waiakea Water possesses high amounts of magnesium, potassium, and calcium helps it to occupy a position which is a cut above other bottled water companies, offering consumers a significant value. Magnesium presents the opportunity for someone who consumes it in moderation to experience an increase in energy, a degree of calmness with regard to anxiety, and also assistance with regard to digestion. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

The benefits with regard to heart health are also apparent for those who consume magnesium, as well as a decreased likelihood of experiencing headaches and migraines. This adds up to both a potential increase in the quality of one’s health, in addition to a decrease in terms of the need to take medications (over the counter or prescribed). While there are no guaranteed benefits with regard to consuming magnesium or other supplements, the correlations do exist potentially.

Potassium acts as a diuretic, and often helps to relieve pressure on the kidneys by way of cleaning the fluid which enters them, thereby allowing for the opportunity to avoid overworking to eliminate toxins.

The kidneys act as filters within the body to remove toxins within the bloodstream, and these can enter the body through digestion, smoking, consuming alcohol, and other vectors. The consumption of potassium also helps to purify the blood entering into the heart, thus decreasing the amount of stress placed upon the heart.

The Waiakea Springs naturally add potassium to the water sold by Waiakea, because the water flows through underground areas in which volcanic rock is gradually worn away, thus increasing the content of these minerals within the water gathered there.

With regard to calcium, the benefits for women are immediately obvious regarding the decreased likelihood that osteoporosis will occur, and if it does, consuming calcium may decreases the severity of the illness.

The benefits of calcium exist for both men and women, allowing for the opportunity to increase the functionality of one’s heart, muscles, and nerves, regardless of being a man or a woman. The functional assistance provided via a consistent, reasonable consumption of calcium helps the body in both regulating and repairing itself.

According to Crunchbase, the benefits surrounding the consumption of the aforementioned minerals are tremendous, and given that they are paired with water in a natural form, this allows those who consume Waiakea water to enjoy numerous potential benefits. It would not be a stretch for some to say that this is super water.