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A Comforting Presence in the Midst of Chaos: Therapy Via Text with Talkspace

There are times in everyone’s life that they need to know that they matter. The recent therapy application called Talkspace provides that support. Alicia Winkle, a licensed professional counselor based out of Alabama likes the fact that she can work remotely with patients suffering from anxiety disorders. She knows from her experience as a professional counselor that many of her patients have difficulty getting out of bed. This application gives these patients opportunities they wouldn’t normally have. The benefits that she sees from the text therapy sessions are noticeable. Dr. Winkle appreciates being able to celebrate the milestones with her patients.

One of the many ways that Talkspace helps patients form connections is by being that comforting presence. It is important for those patients that are suffering from Borderline Personality Disorders (BPD) to have someone they can connect with at any given time. The therapists at Talkspace provide support for people who need to know that they are worthy. Coping with BPD isn’t easy because someone with this disorder tends to “run hot and cold” depending on the situation.

Talkspace can be used as an addition to traditional therapists or as a “stand alone” therapist. This text therapist application matches you with the therapist that meets your needs. All of the therapists connected with the application are licensed professionals. The benefits of this therapy are:


  • Cost
  • Anonymity
  • Convenience
  • Shareability

It is important to note that this type of therapy shouldn’t replace the traditional face-to-face therapy. This is however beneficial for people that are too busy to schedule an appointment or need emergency counseling. Someone who is uncomfortable sharing personal information online or in a text message wouldn’t benefit at all from this type of therapy. It does provide comfort in the midst of chaos.