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Preventing online abuse tips for parents with Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman recently wrote about how parents could protect their children from online predators in today’s technological world. Herman made a point that when a young child who is often naive in online situations, it is easier for them to be sexually abused. Two things are known, the child did not realize he was being abused or taken advantage and unknowingly permitted the abuse or the child felt it was their fault, feeling guilty, they allow the abuse to continue. The latter can cause a spectrum of problems for the child, family, and even community. Jeff warns parents to watch out for a few key signs such as any adults that want to spend personal time with your child, who make inappropriate remarks or suggestions, or who are too touchy and give gifts.

These individuals are trying to earn your child trust in hopes of controlling them after an abuse encounter. Jeff Herman is an attorney and promoter for survivors of rape and sexual abuse who offers advice to parents on how speaking to their children about sex crimes and the predators that commit them can help them recognize the signs of abuse. A way to prevent the abuse of your child is to have an open line of communication, being actively involved in their life and listening. Having them understand that everyday situations can don’t have to result in abuse as long as boundaries are set and they understand. Parents should make it known to their children that nobody has the right to touch them or create an uncomfortable feeling. Adults or even individuals that are close in age to a parent’s child could be the same ones that will contact them online. Parents should have access to their kids’ accounts online, on a cellular device or electronic device. Educating oneself about how to speak to your children about sex crimes and predators can lower the chances of your child being a target. Regardless of age, parents should let their children know that if any makes them feel uncomfortable they have the right to say “no.”

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