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Technology and the future from the perspective of JASON HOPE

Jason Hope is a man who wears many hats but most prominent is his input into the world of technology. He is an outstanding contributor and believer of the Internet Of Things (IoT)and generally how technology affects our lives today and tomorrow. The article, Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things underlines Jason Hope’s believe in the Internet of Things, observing that large global corporations will probably be investing heavily in it over the next couple of years. Agreeably, virtually all sectors in world are making and embracing mega technological developments presented by the Internet of Things, thus affecting organizations’ general mode of operation now and in the future

Jason foresees a future when smart technology will be the only way to make life easier and more comfortable while eliminating a lot of waste in between. According to Jason, tasks such as coffee fixing are likely to be embedded into the technological living for the future man and become part of daily routine.

Jason is a holder of a finance degree from the Arizona State University and has an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. He is well known for his philanthropy and community support. He donated to the SENS Foundation $500 000 to aid in research work for age-related diseases observing that SENS is indeed making effort to ensure that humanity lives a longer more fulfilling life.

The Scottsdale-based entrepreneur is a futurist who believes in support for education systems and continuous research especially in the prevention of diseases. He is openly excited about the future of technology citing the development of gadgets able to adjust lighting and room temperature or monitor fitness and biometrics, such as the Under Armour Gemini 2 shoes, as just drops of a great technological future. Through his Mobile Technology company, Jason has developed several applications, software and gaming platforms to great success.

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Smart Technology – the Only Way into the Future as Explained by Jason Hope

Jason Hope has been an entrepreneur and a commentator in the latest technology trends. He is also a writer. In his recent writing, Hope termed internet of things like the new way of advancement. His articles talk and advise on the latest technology. Internet of things is the connected technology where several electronic devices can sync.

According to Jason Hope, internet of things can change the mode of operating businesses and is one big advancement in the technology industry. He further posited that the internet of things was the biggest investment that a company could have.

With the current technology trends, Hope explained that every company was to embrace the internet of things where all electronic devices would connect with each other. Hope has seen smart technology as the only way in future. He has predicted that the smart technology will not only be working with phones and computers but also in operations in our houses such as making coffee, turning on lights and other advancements. He predicts of a day when companies will be competing to manufacture smart gadgets that satisfy the technology needs of people and read full article.

Hope gave the advantage of embracing smart technology as its power to eliminate excess waste and making our lives safe. Hope explained that the Internet of things was not only benefiting urban areas, but also rural areas through GPS tracking, Emergency response, and in data collection and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur in the mobile technology since 2004. He is also a futurist who loves giving back to the society. After attending Arizona State University, he earned a degree in Finance and later an MBA from College’s W.P Carey School of business. Mr. Hope is the Director of Arizona Science Center and learn more about Jason.

Hope’s entry into the business world started off when he created a mobile communications company. He is also a bio-technologist that loves giving back to the society. He has been mentoring students in Scottsdale as well as spending time in developing grant programs to boost future entrepreneurs. Jason has interests in politics as well and his Website.

Due to his passion for technology, Jason Hope has several entrepreneurial pursuits in technology, and computer information systems industries.

The Life and Career of John Goullet

John Goullet is the current principal of a company known as DIVERSANT. Before being involved with this firm, he was the chief executive officer of another company called Info Technologies. This is a firm that he had established in the year 1994 shortly after college. Before he established this company, he used to work as a computer consultant. During the period that he has been involved with the company, he has managed to grow the company to a Fortune 500 company. Over the year, he has won several awards for the good work in the IT staffing industry.

He decided to venture into IT staffing 24 years ago having identified the industry as a low-barriers –to-entry business. He was encouraged by the fact that many people who came before him had succeeded. On a typical day, his day starts at the gym at 6 am and spends one-hour exercising. He enters the office at 8 am and leaves at 6 pm. However, with a dinner appointment, he is forced to leave earlier. John Goullet says that he brings his ideas to life through reading and observation of trends in the labor industry. John Goullet says that the United States has a shortage of IT professionals and then decides which IT Skills will be on demand most.

He says that the one thing that excites him most is the use of technology in business as it enhances productivity. Productive paranoia is the one habit that makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. The worst job that John Goullet has ever held is working for a local manufacturer. It’s at this point that he learned the importance of being his boss. John Goullet says that if he was to start all over again, he would establish an IT staffing company sooner than he did with the previous one.

John Goullet says that the one strategy that has helped him grow is hiring the best people in the market and giving key employees a piece of his firm. He also believes in hiring as many trainees as possible. John Goullet loves to read and his favorite book at the moment is Defeating Jihad by Sebastian Gorka.

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