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Ted Bauman On Time Management And Helping People Thrive

Ted Bauman is a financial advisor, entrepreneur, and writer. He was born in Washington D.C. and lived in different countries during his lifetime. During his career Mr. Bauman has helped people achieve a sense of financial freedom through resources they would use to keep their assets safe. Ted Bauman traveled to Cape Town, South Africa as a young adult and would have a fulfilling career there. He also attend college at the University of Cape Town and would study history and economics. Although he would not get a degree there, Ted went to universities in the United States to get his degrees. Read more about Ted Bauman at Ideamensch.

Mr. Bauman earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and then Master of Business Administration in Finance at Georgia State University. Getting a degree in business and in finance would be the perfect precursor to his career. Now he works as a part-time editor and writer at Banyan Hill Publishing writing his newsletter, The Bauman Letter. Each newsletter give subscribers unique tips and investment advice on the financial world so they can gain, keep, and thrive with their finances. Ted Bauman always dreamed of helping others and can now do so with The Bauman Letter. A big part of his work is helping people protect their assets from corporate greed and government oversight.


Ted started making money in his career when he talked to his dad and went into financial writing, just like his father had. This would be a career shift after working at a non-profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia. With his background and education in economics, Ted Bauman would use it in his career and it would surely pay off. He also stays on top of his game by being in the forefront of his industry and finding the most up to date financial information, news, and data when it comes out on the market. Mr. Bauman also uses smart time management to get the things he needs to get done each day. This was a struggle for him in his early career so now he makes it a focus in the current day. Follow Ted Bauman on