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Jed McCaleb is Improving Stellars Future

Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim came together and cofounded Stellar Development Foundation, in 2014. The foundation was created after the two had realized exactly how broken the world’s financial infrastructure had turned. Due to these results, there were plenty of people that were being left without having the resources they needed. The thing that Jed McCaleb had stated that he especially liked about Stellar, is that he was given the opportunity to spend countless hours with some of the world’s smartest people.


Prior to McCaleb working at Stellar, he found eDonkey2000. This was among one of the first peer to peer file sharing networks. This was Jed McCaleb’s first big accomplishment. It was this that allowed him to be able to later come up with the idea for Stellar.


Jed McCaleb is no stranger when it comes to the cryptocurrency world. For many years now, he has been working on ideas to help improve cryptocurrency’s. In the years to come he hopes that there will be many developments made in global payments, stock markets and also fundraising. Due to all of his experience, McCaleb has been able to work with some of the world’s biggest crypto organizations, one of these organizations is Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange.


Currently, McCaleb holds his role as being the chief technology officer at Stellar. He stated that he hopes there will be a universal payments network in the near future that will be able to benefit individuals. Coincidentally, at the moment Stellar is working hard at the moment to make just that happen. Though the company is not certain on how long it will take to hit their goals, they do know that they are going to continue doing all they can to make it possible in the near future. A better digital future will remain to be Stellars main goal.

How Companies Find Financing Solutions With Southridge Capital

The lifeblood of any company is the ability to raise capital. In challenging times, finding the money a company needs can be a problem. However, some businesses are able to thrive in all market conditions thanks to the help of one financing solutions company. That company, Southridge Capital, has become the secret weapon in finding much-needed capital in any market condition.

So who is Southridge Capital? Based in Connecticut, Southridge Capital provides a wide range of finance solutions for any sized company. Using a diversity of services, Southridge Capital is able to help find money for businesses in a way that will be easy for the client to service.

So what kind of services does Southridge Capital offer? One of the most popular financing services available is the company’s securitization service. Southridge is able to find creative ways to monetize a company’s assets as well as create loans against a company’s shares or the company’s capital assets. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Another service offered is credit enhancing. This service allows companies to enhance their creditworthiness to make themselves more attractive for a wider pool of lenders. Some of the creative services provided by Southridge Capital help their client pay off outstanding debt with company shares. This service can be provided while minimizing the company’s market impact.

In addition to securitization and credit-enhancing, Southridge Capital can also provide custom tailored solutions to a company’s capital challenges. For instance, the company can help provide loans against a company’s common stock, convertible preferred stock or convertible debentures.

Beyond bringing capital raising solutions to hundreds of clients, Southridge Capital is also active in the community. The company promotes volunteer work as well as provides community leadership on various social initiatives. Additionally, Southridge Capital founder Stephen Hicks, along with his wife Mary, have created the Daystar Foundation to help as many charities and causes as possible. You can visit LinkedIn to see more.

From financial solutions to social responsibility, Southridge Capital works to help both businesses as well as the community. As the markets continue to provide various opportunities and challenges for businesses, Southridge Capital will be ready to help their clients get the capital they need to thrive.

Impressionable facts about SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi has always put success at the forefront in all his business operations, and his recent venture into the new Kerrisdale co investment has seen him get a lot of attention from remarkable entrepreneurs worldwide. The renowned investor recently saw the company raise over one hundred million dollars against a single stock, which was of a great impression on many. His unique strategy saw the firm help an anonymous company short its stock and Sahim looks forward to developing more strategies to help other businesses deal with their capital issues. Though his NewYork based small business has not fully grown, the successful investor plans to bring more solutions to capital stricken firms to help them deal with their monetary issues with ease.

Sahim`s partnership with the company which is worth billions has seen him receive a massive appraisal from many individuals and he insists that the target of the venture is to transform the firm into one of the best ones in the market. The company is now buying stocks to see it have a great name from the anonymous business as well as strengthen its bonds with the latter.

Sahim started his career as an analyst at Deutsche Hedge Fund through which he helped the company cater for the capital distressed firm in the area. The renowned entrepreneur successfully served in the multi-billion dollar company and received a high accreditation from various individuals including media personnels. He was later named a guru in hedge fund investment by the New York Magazine, and since then, he has never turned back. His involvement with Chinese company shorts has seen his operations attract massive funds of about two hundred and fifty million.

Adrangi`s success has also impressed many individuals due to his relatively young age, and he has also been of great inspiration to many. His activeness in media platforms like twitter has also seen him attract a huge attention from many and he successfully offers education and gives investment tips to his fans. Adrangi always uses unique approaches to carry out his operations and its large commitment to his work has seen him enjoy the fruits of his labor.

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Lloyd Grove Daily Beast Article on Anthony Petrello

Lloyd Grove was a former classmate of Anthony Petrello. He is a writer of a publication referred to as Daily Beat. Lloyd has written about Anthony Petrello  and in recognizing him he has nothing but positive and good works to say about Anthony. A former classmate is an individual who knows Anthony well giving a clear impression that he has not only succeeded in his career but also in school. The fact that a former classmate knows him positively gives a clear impression that Tony was focused even when it comes to studies. He is known for his success, and the far he has come is not only because of his hard work after school but also the commitment he had when he was in school and to know more

In the written piece, Grove refers to Anthony as a smart person who had a passion for mathematics. He goes ahead to give a summary of the success Anthony Petrello has achieved over the years, and he congratulates him. The information contained in the article makes a reader come to a conclusion that Tony is a professional businessman and that he is up for more success in the future. Tony recognizes that he has done well in business and believes that he can do even more and achieve greater success. As the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd, Grove mentions that Tony can multitask successfully because he is an effective CEO and still has a partnership with other industries. According to Grove, Tony is a determined individual who does not and will not let anything come in between him and the success he intends to achieve.

Equities First ZA Exists to Help You in Reaching Your Goals

There are a myriad of reasons why one may want to acquire capital through a loan. However, it’s highly recommended for whoever that may be seeking a loan to ensure that they’re obtaining one from a lender that is truly reliable and honest in its transactions. One of the best ways to know whether your lender is one that you can depend on to provide you with the best deals that they possibly could is by seeing the reviews, feedback and ratings that they’ve received from providing such services.

Equities First Holdings is a lender that has certainly received several positive remarks and ratings from those who have been able to obtain loans from them in the past. They offer some of the best loans in pertinence to interest rates with fair rules of collateral. One cannot deny that they are indeed an organization that exists to help people in their lives for anything that they may need.

High net-worth individuals may also be a group of people who may be wanting to attain a loan, however, some have found it difficult to attain a loan for an amount that they may specifically be wanting. Equities First Holdings offers them solutions of obtaining loans that they may have not necessarily been able to come upon from anyone else. They’re a lending organization that believes in helping everybody, not just a select group. Meaning, high net-worth individuals are not excluded from the list of people who may be able to obtain a loan from them. If you are wanting to see what you can do about obtaining a loan, please do not hesitate to contact one of the lending professionals of Equities First Holdings today and they will be more than glad to assist you on building capital for your goals.

A Glimpse of the Future of Investment Banking

Five decades ago, investment banking sector was mostly composed of private partnerships specializing in certain market niches. Things slowly changed and investment banks began to transform into publicly traded ventures people now see today. The forces behind these transformations are once again shaping the investment banking industry. Trading is fast-shifting to hedge funds. Machines are taking over the back office jobs, and soon they will move to front office.
Funding and allocation are slowly becoming popular with huge asset managers and pension funds. Pressure on margins is increasing, and investment companies have abandoned offerings because of this. Also, the path to sustainable profits and other forms of double-digit returns are expected to undergo drastic changes. Some people even fear that the investment banks may shrink and pave the way for large-scale hedge funds.

Such changes will have a revolutionary impact on how people view and trade in investment banking industry. Leaders such as Martin Lustgarten also agree that the changes will create a new industry characterized by improved services.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin is an investment expert who lives in Miami, Florida. He is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Investment, a company that offers investment solutions to thousands of clients across the country. His in-depth knowledge of investment banking and possible prospects has made him a darling to many retirees who find it difficult to get an investment platform for their huge pensions. Before he came to the United States, he was a chief financial adviser in Venezuela, Hong Kong and Singapore. His dual citizenship has enabled him to expand his business territory in the US, Venezuela and Austria.

His impeccable performance has cemented his position as a top role model for upcoming investors. Even in his early 50s, he is still an iconic figure among young investors mainly because he started investing at a young age. His investment portfolios are widely recognized in the corporate hierarchy. Like any other human being, Martin finds time to break from his busy schedule to enjoy himself. He loves skating and collecting ancient forms of art. He is also a juggler and a watch trader.

Madison Street Capital Presents Unique Approach to M&A Advisory Services

You can count on Madison Street Capital to provide you with the unique analysis your specific business demands. Founded in 2005, the company “understands that every client is unique and demands careful analysis and precise recommendations.” A middle-market investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital “provides a variety of financial services including corporate advisory, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting, and financial opinions for middle-market companies.” Madison Street Capital is a privately-held company incorporated in Illinois.

In particular, Madison Street Capital is strong in the area of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Stating on that it “strives to provide it’s clients with the best mergers and acquisitions advisory services available,” Madison Street Capital helps clients understand the “true value of their company.” According to Madison Street Capital, “this is essential to the process and provides an accurate picture of the company and current state and future opportunities.”

Madison Street Capital’s approach to mergers and acquisitions is summed up in a Youtube video clip, which you can see here:

In the video on, a human hand is seen drawing on the screen. The hand, we learn, draws and writes on the screen to educate us about Madison Street Capital’s approach to mergers and acquisitions. We learn that Madison Street Capital focuses on buy side and sell side advisory services “to asset managers seeking to strategically enhance the overall value of their organizations.” The hand writes that “we understand that people are the most vital assets our clients manage.” We also learn that Madison Street Capital “believe[s] the greatest success is realized by aligning leadership, investment strategy, growth initiatives, [and] both short-term & long-term objectives.”

The video is serves as a creative way to introduce Madison Street Capital’s top-notch mergers and acquisitions advisory services. Set to a hip musical number, the viewer comes away with a sense of the services they can expect to receive when employing Madison Street Capital’s fine mergers and acquisitions advisory buy side and sell side advisory services. If only more companies could think of such creative and fun ways to make their case as to why we should take advantage of their services, we’d be a happier set of consumers.

CCMP Capital’s Great Leader

In 2006 Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, a Private Equity firm was established. Before becoming CCMP Capital, it was referred to as JP Morgan Chase and it was meant to continue with the successful investment strategy that the firm’s predecessors developed and implemented. Their advisors, LLC, have invested an amount of not less that sixteen billion dollars since its inception in 1984. The investment has been in buyout and equity transactions. CCMP Capital has its headquarters in New York City.

CCMP Capital has a competitive advantage over other Private Equity Firms due to its proprietary operating resources as well as industry expertise. Using this combined strength, the firm invests in numerous profitable fields including the energy sector, healthcare, industrial sector, consumer industries and retail industries.

The firm has over the years spread their wings to global scale. This is proven by the fact that they have managed portfolios of huge companies in the United States as well as North America. The firm has obtained a spectacular resume from its worker’s professionalism and team work. Therefore, the management portfolio team works together to help companies make thorough and informed decisions about their investments. The consequent result is that the companies are able to reach their set goals. Their advices involve on the place to invest whether domestically or internationally and the funds needed for purchase. The firm also examines the performance of investments so as to advice on the best way to balance risks.

CCMP Capital owes a good percentage of its success to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital who joined the firm since 1989. At that time, he was the head of the buy-out business in JP Morgan and he held this position until the completion of the spin-off in 2006. After the spin-off of JP Morgan Partners, he founded CCMP Capital where he was later appointed as the CEO. He has been able to be a positive component of the firm owing to the fact that he graduated with a B.A from Boston College in addition to an MBA from Columbia Business School. This is proven by the fact that CCMP Capital made two more multibillion dollar funds with him as the CEO. His exceptional leadership skills were also witnessed in other areas. He served on several platforms on the Board of Directors. These include AMC Entertainment, Ararmark and Pinnacle Foods. His death in March 2015 was a great loss to the CCMP Capital family. May he rest in peace.