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Andrew Rolfe Director of WH Smith Plc

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund which recently hosted an Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner Last May. The function was attended by three hundred guests who were treated to tasty foods and great music. The Fund was looking forward to raising some money to benefit their campus in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. One of the projects that the planners were looking forward to supporting is the pediatric clinic that is part of the Campus projects. Its main objective is to take care of the underprivileged children in the locality. The entire campus is aimed at taking care of the young from their tender age until the time they can move on to pursue their career. The gala lasted for the full night, but the organizers were happy to reach their expected goal. The chairman of the Fund Mr. Andrew Rolfe was glad to welcome some two guests of the Gala that are beneficiaries of the Fund.

Among the guests who spoke was a moving Law student who came to the campus after her father made it impossible for her to stay at home because of his drinking habits. Through the school, she received counseling as well as formal education, and she was pursuing law. Her experience in learning law helped her persuade her mother to part ways with her abusive husband. She apportions the success to the Ubuntu Fund and the Campus. Many other beneficiaries moved the crowd with their speeches.

Andrew Rolfe was honored with the title of the President the Gap’s International Division where he was overseeing the overseas operations of the organization. He had previously proven his capability by heading several companies. One of them was the Prêt A Manager, where he was the CEO and the Chairman of the Company. As the CEO, Rolfe saw the company’s transformation into an international retailer. Before joining the Prêt A, he served as CEO of the booker food vice which is the leading contract in distribution and the UK catering Industry. He also led also oversaw the Operations Europe for PepsiCo.

Andrew is currently the Director of WH Smith Plc. He studied at the Oxford University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Politics, Economics, and philosophy. He also holds MBA Degree from Harvard Business School.