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Eric Pulier is a Trailblazer in the Philanthropic Community

Eric Pulier does a little bit of everything. He is an entrepreneur with a work ethic few have been able to match let alone surpass. The man has founded more than a dozen successful businesses and counting, in his career. He had yet to graduate from high school when he founded his first business, a database computer company. There’s no question the man has a keen instinct for business. An instinct many people only dream about being born with.

Although Pulier currently resides in Los Angeles, California, he was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. After graduating from high school he enrolled in Harvard University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with his B.A. Staying true to his passion of technology he also studied at MIT. Pulier attributes much of success to his technical background. His technological know how and knack for build a business from the ground up make for a deadly combination.

Pulier is also an avid philanthropist and supporter of non-profit organizations. He has been involved with numerous philanthropic endeavors where technology is prevalent as a potential problem solver. For years now, Pulier has shown people how beneficial technology can be for various causes. He is considered to be a pioneer when it comes to using technology in this way. His technical innovation is revolutionary to say the least.

His work as a philanthropist hasn’t gone unnoticed either. The US Doctors for Africa benefit event in New York City recognized Pulier as the top-billed honoree in 2010.

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New York Shared Office Space: More Than Just A Fad

People are hearing more about co-working spaces as the days go on. Some may think that co-working spaces are just a fad that will soon go away. However, given the contrast between co-working spaces and traditional workplaces, it is likely that co-working spaces are here to stay. Also, changes in the economy throughout recent years have forced some people to look for other ways to make money besides the traditional office. As a result, people have found themselves leaving the cubicle in order to find something that is more collaborative. People have gravitated to one of the many co-working spaces that have opened up around the world.

With the many issues that have brought a lot of misery towards people, they are looking for something that could inspire. For one thing, regular offices have done the opposite of that for the most part. People have a need to stimulate their own creativity and not have to be told what to think, and follow the established procedure. On top of that issue within the regular workforce, people are also having to deal with working long hours, waking up early, and a lot of negativity in the workplace because of the politics that they have to go through. With co-working spaces, workers get the opposite effect.

In contrast to the traditional workplace is coworking space Workville NYC. This is one of the co-working spaces that is filled with contingent workers, freelancers, solopreneurs as well as entrepreneurs and contractors. Given the wide variety of people that are working in co-working spaces, it is no wonder that people are more likely to relax and get things done in the co-working space as opposed to traditional workplaces where the only people that work there are employers and employees. There is also much less competition. As a result, people are working more in harmony with each other.

The reason that co-working spaces like Workville are actually not fads is because they have come as a result of a change in the climate. The economic has experienced a permanent change as many people have given up on looking for jobs and have sought instead to find other means of income which include starting their own business or working as a freelancer.

Advances in Data Analytical Tool Put Securus on Top

Get the better and more advanced services with Securus Technologies
Dallas, Jan 14, 2016: Securus Technologies, the top technology solution provider specializing in the public protection, illegal integrity, civic righteousness, inmate communication monitoring, inmate well-being, and corrections, today has declared that it has advanced the big data technology, the company’s data analytical tool.

Securus Technologies has fully redesigned, advanced, and integrated the big data tool, patenting their progress. While doing so, the company has utilized the modern web technologies, as it has upgraded the software to HTML5. Kelly Solid, the General Manager of Business Management for Securus Technologies, said, “The company, in a short time, has developed and patented a technology tool that needs minimum training, but the software can offer focused leads as well as actionable intelligence to the investigators.” That’s the absolute truth.

The technological advancement would allow the company to create integration between different Securus products like their inmate phone calls monitoring system and the video visitation technology. Solid said, “The new system would help investigators in using a more proactive approach efficiently and effectively. That approach will assist them with their inquiries.”

The purpose of advancing big data technology is to offer the better services and to enhance the user experience. The redesign would assist the company in providing the better services to its customers. This change would result in better system performance, easier website navigation, and quicker website page loading.

Solid said, “We updated the user interface, removed the needless system arrangements, and improved loading of website pages, website navigation, and the search function. And the result is better system performance as well as value-added user experience.”

In short, the updated software would help the company in offering the modern technology solutions for its customers. Meanwhile, the software would assist in enhancing the user experience with Securus website: . For instance, the users now enjoy the instant page loading, easy site navigation, and quick online customer service on the website.

FreedomPop Took A Risk And It Paid Off

There are a lot of companies that offer mobile services, and when FreedomPop decided to go out there and do the same, they wanted to do something different. They wanted to set their company apart from the others, and in order for them to do that, they had to think of something unique to do with their company. So they decided to start offering free mobile services.

That might sound like a crazy idea, and like a plan that would quickly fail, but FreedomPop has been doing well in the services that they provide. They are moving up quickly in the mobile world, and they have been gaining quite a bit of support. They have recently received $30 million from some eager investors. People are happy with what they are doing, and they are wanting to get in on the action, themselves.

FreedomPop is doing so well, in fact, that they even had offers from some bigger companies to buy them out. They weren’t ready to sell out the company that is just getting started doing so well, and they refused the offers. It wasn’t in vain, though. They received all of their funding after that, and now they can keep at it doing what they are doing.

And, not just doing what they are currently doing, but FreedomPop has the funds that it needs to expand out even more. They are excited by all of the new ideas and plans that they have for the company, and they are eager to get started on them. FreedomPop might have taken a risk when they first started out, but it has really paid off for them. They are quickly gaining popularity, and with all of the new things that they plan to start doing, they will be sure to get even more customers and supporters in the future.

Apple Pay Headed to Canada

Apple Pay is reportedly headed to Canada this fall. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently in talks with six major banks in Canada to bring the mobile payment solution to the country. The major issue for banks right now is that Apple wants to take a small cut of every transaction that is processed through Apple Pay. The cut comes out of the profit those banks would typically make every time you make a purchase with your card While it may just be a portion of a penny with every transaction, if lots of people start using Apple Pay then those fees could add up pretty quickly.

Apple Pay, of course, streamlines the process of making purchases by allowing customers to simply tap their phone on the register rather than pull out and swipe a plastic card. Rather than use the traditional card number, cards added to someone’s mobile wallet using Apple Pay are given their own unique “token” for purchases, making it less likely that the cards will be able to be used fraudulently. Those cards numbers also only work when a phone is present. Mark Ahn ( knows that if Apple is successful with its negotiations, then Canada will be the first place outside the United States to support Apple Pay.

Australia’s Use of Wave Power to Generate Electricity

The Australian government has, as of February 18, been using the power of ocean waves to generate electricity. The CETO 5 project makes use of a system of buoys which are submerged underwater, though tethered to the sea floor. As explained in this video, the buoys harness the vertical modulations of the waves, and send high-pressure water through the interconnected pipes on the ocean floor, back to the CETO plant on land. Once the water reaches the plant, it is able to propel a hydroelectric turbine, which in turn can produce clean electric power, and is also transferred to a desalinization tank, which could provide clean drinking water for Australians.

This innovative method of producing electricity begs the question if ocean wave power is a more reliable and efficient energy source than wind or solar power. The innate advantage is that the CETO buoys remain submerged underwater, Paul Mathieson suggests that will keep them safe from wind or storm damage. Additionally, this system could be replicated on varying scales and configurations, dependent on the terrain as well as the volume of power needed. Whether or not this technology will emerge as the leading method of harnessing renewable energy is indeterminate at the moment, though the future is bright for the current CETO project in addition to future installments. By providing drinking water and zero-emission energy simultaneously, the Australians may have killed two public utility birds with one technological stone.

BRL Trust: Write An Article About This Company

In 2005 BRL Trust was founded with an endeavor of providing a wide variety of services which create positive monetary results for its growing client base. It was founded in the metropolis of Sao Paulo, known as an investment capital world wide. BRL Trust over time has created a group of business contacts which help meet investor needs and purposes.

Many companies have mad BRL Trust an integral part of their long term business strategic plan of success. The company began with their active involvement in private loans; by the end of their first year they were involved and managed over 100 loans. This serves as to the trust and reliance companies placed on BRL Trust to manage their portfolios in their time in business.

Among the services BRL Trust offers are:

. Asset management
. Funds administration
. Fiduciary services
. Underwriting of company capital
. Custody of funds

Among the brightest financial minds in Brazil and the world were the founding fathers. Mauricio Ribero was the sole original founder. Individuals like Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes and Rodrigo Cavalcante serve as director and partner-director, respectively. Their extensive experience and knowledge on financial matters have helped BRL Trust be the successful company it is today.

With their professionalism and their skilled expertise, clients have seen incremental increases in their investments and overall capital as a result. Honesty, trust, and integrity are the hallmarks upon BRL Trust is based. An important aspect of the company is that they develop personalized relationships with investors and the client base. These relationships help effectively monitor the performance of the various monetary investments for maximum results. A great selling point is that the team will always act on the best interests of their clients, proactively searching for the best investment options available, considering company strategies.

The plethora of innovative and creative services BRL Trust provides offer comfort and peace of mind because companies know their money is in good hands, as BRL Trust has done for over a decade.

Ultron Toy Brings Curiosity and Menace

Are you counting down the days until the summer release of Avengers: Age of Ultron? You may be counting down those days because you are curious as to what the on-screen version of Ultron is going to look like. You no longer have the teaser trailer to solely go on. New Toys from the upcoming Avengers movie will soon be hitting store shelves. Yes, the evil, superemly powerful villain Ultron is one of them.

You could say, based on the glimpse of the toy released in photos, Ultron is a sort of evil looking Iron Man. That makes sense. After all, Tony Stark was one of the people who helped create Ultron. He does regret his decision sinceUltron turns out to be one of the bad guys.

Kids have a lot more leeway with how Ultron and the heroes play things out. They can create their own adventures with the toys. Adults can invest in collecting the toys and this could prove to be a lot fun, too. In fact, Sergio Andrade Gutierrez love the creativity it allows kids. Read up on Sergio on Sergioandradeandradegutierrez.

Is this toy really indicative of what Ultron looks like though?

Toys are not always 100% accurate in terms of matching the look of a character to the finished doll that shows up on toy shelves. (The toy rendition of famously obese wrestler Dusty Rhodes featured six-pack abdominals) You do get a solid insight into what the character looks like since the toy version of the character is not exactly going to be too far removed from the real thing. Or in this case, the CGI thing.

Skout: The App That Does it All

Though Skout has been around since 2007, I discovered it approximately four years ago. Before that time I experienced frustration with other dating websites and apps. Once I found Skout, I did not feel the need to try any other service. Skout has kept my attention for several reasons. First, it is very easy to locate people nearby, in your city, or in your state. Of course, you can even search in broader terms, virtually travelling to other locations in order to accumulate the experience of talking with people of another culture and learning about how and where they live. There are literally no limits with Skout. However, though you can easily see who is nearby, the locations are not so specific that you can be found if you do not want to be. Other apps do this, but Skout provides general location information in order to protect the privacy of its users. Therefore, you are in control at all times with how and when you communicate with someone.

Both the app and website are extremely user-friendly. You can send virtual gifts, notes, and pictures to people you are in contact with, and in some cases, use points acquired to unlock hidden photos users may post. If you want to get noticed more quickly, Skout even has a “Feature Me” option where your profile is showcased to your community. This is a great way to get people’s attention and a full inbox!

Another feature that comes in handy is the “Shake to Chat” option. All you have to do is give your smartphone a quick shake and you will instantly be connected to a random user to chat with. This is a great way to break out of your comfort zone and engage with individuals from various communities around the world. It is a bit like playing the lottery. There is no longer a need to use Omegle. Skout combines everything you need in one app.

In addition to being a dating site, Skout is also a great place to make new friends and discover potential business partners. On your profile you have the opportunity to state exactly what you are looking for so there is no confusion when people message you. This eliminates awkward chats where one individual is looking for a date and the other a friend, and it takes twenty minutes of idle conversation before discovering that they are not on the same page. This way, you can instantly meet people who have the same interests, goals, and hobbies that you do.

Personally, I have had nothing but positive experiences on Skout. I met the first love of my life on there and we dated for two and a half years. Even though it did not work out in the end, she will always have a special place in my heart. If it were not for Skout I would not have those precious memories to cherish. Plus, it turned out she lived only several minutes away from me!

The last cool thing about this website and application I would like to mention is that it has two distinct communities for teens and adults. Instead of piling everyone into one group, Skout has already taken the extra time to meet and serve individual needs and interests. This is the only site I have found that can boast so many great features and also maintain consistent user-friendliness, and they have cool apps for Android and iPhone via the iTunes store.

Detecting Government Spyware

As computer users and internet “junkies” we all should know that high quality internet security is a must. We must keep a close watch on possible viruses coming from other countries and from people who have nothing better to do than to vandalize computer systems.

Malware is the biggest threat.  Most name brand internet security software protects us from these threats, but do they protect us from malware that is installed from government sources? It isn’t likely.

Whether it is United States government, Chinese government, or any other government malware program, Detekt catches and quarantines it.

It is sad and frightening, but for many years governments have spied on activists, reporters, and others who may be a threat to government “sleight of hand.”, from what Ben Shaoul reports.

We can now have protection from this malware. Thumbs up for Detekt.