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Porfirio Sanchez Galindo; Broadcast Industry Leader

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has risen very fast in his career at such a young age. He started by getting his education at ITAM, where he earned a BS in Applied Mathematics. He attended Stanford Graduate School of Business for Executive Education in the Stanford Executive Program. He later attended Carnegie Mellon University, in the Institute for Software Research.

While attending ITAM, Porfirio was already getting his career jump started by becoming the Minister’s Chief of Staff for the Mexican Finance Ministry. He was in the midst of starting another job after six years with the Mexican Finance Ministry, when he was asked to come join the group at Televisa. He has been with Televisa for over a decade in various positions such as Chief Economist, then Chief of Staff Corporate Vice President (of which he is still doing) and CEO of Editorial Televisa, which is a relatively new branch of Televisa. Porfirio is in charge of special projects and economic analysis, deciding on telecommunications and marketing for Televisa.

Porfirio’s experience and education have made him the perfect candidate for his work at Televisa. He not only has the impressive education, but the work he did with the Mexican Finance Ministry have given him experience in dealing with how corporations can be affected by government policies and decisions in addition to knowing how economics work and traversing the economic environment. Televisa’s goal is to become the leader in the industry of Spanish-language media and content globally and in open television audiences in Mexico. Because of the company’s goal, Porfirio is best able to recognize any opportunities and pitfalls that may occur.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo’s career can only continue to rise, as he has over 20 years in the broadcast industry. He accepts challenges and does the best he can, which has been nothing but successful. Even though some of his education was received in the U.S., Porfirio returned to his home of Mexico and has made a name for himself.