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FreedomPop’s Independent Venture

FreedomPop, one of the world’s most innovative mobile carriers has decided to become an independent company after long deliberation. The company had decided to transform itself into an independent company after it received 30 million dollars worth of funds. The company FreedomPop is currently being funding by multiple European companies. In addition, this mobile carrier will also continue its continuous partnership such as DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital. A strategic investor, though not named yet, will also be involved with the company.

The venture to go solo started when CEO Stephen Stokols stated that at first, he was deciding whether or not to sell FreedomPop. Stephen Stokols finally reached the conclusion that it was too early to sell his beloved company. As Stokols states, FreedomPop is a unique company that is set apart from all the other mobile carriers. The business model that is combined with the provided services, are unique to any other company specializing in mobile carriers.

The FreedomPop mobile carrier has set themselves apart by offering a certain amount of voice, texting, and data that are all free. This offered service has been created with the intention of not over charging customers. Instead this service shows customers that the company values their membership and not their money.

Stokols on track to sell his company until he realized that his company could be kept with the help of international investors. Stokol’s decision was much inspired by HBO’s “Silicon Valley”. The stars of this show, like Stokols held a multi-billion dollar company in their pocket with the option to sell the product to anyone. His new decision to move forward with his company may quadruple the value of his company. Thanks to the international investors that are now involved, mobile carrier customers can now purchase a carrier that is geared more towards the customer and not the money.